QuickBooks Pro 2018: New & Improved Features in Desktop Pro

Want to know QuickBooks Pro 2018 new & improved features in Desktop Pro? So, you are in right place,  Here, we will focus mainly on the major improvements over the existing ones and also how to get the best out of them. Read the complete article and know the features of QB Pro 2018, benefits, and comparison along with a definition of several technical terms. For more info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Now let’s talk about QuickBooks Pro 2018.

Well, QuickBooks Pro is nothing but a GST-ready cloud accounting software where you can store both the software and data online. You can use it for security purposes. And, hence you can save the data as well as back up your information. This is the finest small business accounting software. You can complete everyday tasks faster with simplified customer forms.

New Features in QuickBooks Pro 2018

You can use it on a Mobile phone. And also it is included with your subscription to QuickBooks Online. So you can access information from your tablet or smartphone.

Merge Vendor Records

This feature is available with Accountant 2018 and Enterprise 18.0 and also all versions of Enterprise when signed in as the Admin or External Accountant User.

The new Merge Vendor Feature gives a consolidated window to efficiently identify and merge duplicate vendor records. Search and sort for both active and / or inactive vendors to merge duplicated records. Select up to four individual vendor records, designate one as the master record, and merge them. Alternatively, update the vendor record field on the master record before the merger

QuickBooks Pro 2018 with Multi-monitor support:

QuickBooks allows 7 users to access at the same time for one subscription. Control your books with robust roles & permissions. Invite your accountant to access your books for seamless collaboration.

Multi monitor
  • Multi-monitor is usually known as multi-display and multi-head and is basically in the use of multiple physical display devices, such as monitors, televisions, and projectors, in order to increase the area available for computer programs and also use to improve the features of the computer and to increase its reliability.

The benefit of multi-monitor:

  • You can review two or more reports side-by-side.
  • Also, you can create a payment on one screen while reviewing a bill on another.
  • You can use the browser tabs, you can open multiple windows in QBO at the same time.

Past Due stamp:

Past Due stamp:

Well, this is a great option for you by QuickBooks pro-2008 for putting a past. Due Stamp on the invoice and display the message on the viewing copy.

QuickBooks Pro 2018 has made the work easier because we can be putting a past Due Stamp automatically on the outstanding invoice and you can easily know about them.

If your invoice is past due to the post then the due date on that time will be a Past Due Stamp where you can be notified when the invoice is due to be received.

This is the best idea so that we can count how many Past Due customers and invoices are there So, you’ll have a better idea of how many Past Due customers and invoices are there and you can track the payment.

If you want to add the total current and whole balance for the invoice on the job then edit the invoice templates by other tab and you can inform the client regarding the present status of his account and add the whole balance to his current invoice.

Search Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Pro 2018:

If you are using the desktop version then CRTL+A is the shortcut key to Chart of Accounts.

Search Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Pro 2018

The Chart of Accounts is the main part of the accounting system because in this chart you can categorize the chart of account regarding financial, profit loss and Income.

You would usually complete the data during the import of client data from QuickBooks pro into the Accountant’s Assistant. You’ll be able to modify the data by selecting the Setup Chart of Accounts Assignment from the Accountant’s Assistant main window after the data has been retrieved.

Cash/accrual toggle:

Cash/accrual toggle:

As we have selected the accounting basis of our QuickBooks financial reports, we had to open the customize report or set a reporting preference for cash or accrual. With QuickBooks Pro 2018, just by clicking on the new toggle button you can set the highest left your reports so that you can change between cash and accrual basis report.

Payroll liability reminder in QB Pro 2018:

Payroll liability reminder:

The pay payroll liabilities feature should be unable to properly designate the payroll things that are being paid. It makes sure you and your client are reminded of upcoming payroll liability payments. On the Home page, QuickBooks displays a red reminder badge seven days prior to the scheduled payment due date. Also, this reminder prominently displays on the Home Page, serving to extend the peace of mind. That future payroll liabilities payments don’t seem to be lost.

What is the procedure to adjust payroll liabilities in QuickBooks?

  1. Go to Employees at the top menu bar > Payroll Taxes and Liabilities > Adjust Payroll Liabilities.
  2. Then go to the Previous Adjustment button until you find the adjustment affecting the report.
  3. Go to the Accounts Affected button.
  4. You can Choose Affect liability and expense accounts > click OK.

Comparison b/w the advanced features (QB Pro 2018) of QuickBooks Desktop Pro with other QuickBooks products:

Feature List by Version Year2018201720162015
New! Get your work done significantly faster with windows open across multiple monitors.   
New! Save time with a new searchable Chart of Accounts.   
New! Compare business performance on a cash or accrual basis with one click.
Automated reports let you know that your reports are on time and accurate based on the data provided, automatically generated and emailed to you when you schedule them.1
New! Help deliver your payroll taxes on time with a payroll liability reminder on the home screen.10
A smart search is a personalized autocomplete feature that helps you search for names, account numbers, and transaction amounts quickly.   
Reports filters are now easily viewable and can be applied to multiple reports and viewed on one screen.    
Bill Tracker lets you see the status of your bills, print or close purchase orders, and more, making it easier than ever to manage payables.    
 Manage forms in a single step—unclutter your “send forms” queue in a single click.    
 Advanced reporting features include a “this year to last month” filter.    
 Easily ship packages to the US and international destinations with integrated shipping through UPS, FedEx or USPS. 
 Get the full picture of your business performance — see your profit and loss, income and expenses, and top customers instantly on the new Homepage Insights. 
 Find all reminders and notifications in one single window – overdue items, to-do tasks, system notifications, and notes from accountants.    
 View and pin important notes about customers, vendors, and employees.    
 Add multiple attachments, customize email templates to include customer or job info, and see prior email conversations with powerful email capabilities.
 See all your income-producing transactions in one spot, including overdue invoices so you can remind customers to pay up with new Income Tracker.    
 Pull in all your banking transactions from multiple banks and accounts so you can view and categorize them for tax time.    
 Track bounced checks and see key reports with just one click.    
 See your invoices, billing, and other important tasks in a Calendar View    
 Attach and store documents in the Document Center.    
 Access industry-specific report templates created by other QuickBooks users.    
 See all your key customer information at a glance with the Customer Snapshot.    
 Set up Memorized Transactions for recurring billing, invoices, and estimates.    
 Create professional looking invoices and forms.    
 Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments.    
 Send invoices and estimates right from your business Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail account4.    
 Track inventory, set reorder points, and create purchase orders.    
 Create and print deposit slips.    
 Easily print checks, pay bills, and track expenses.    
 Allow up to 3 users to work in QuickBooks at the same time5.    
 Set individual user permissions to control access to sensitive information.    
 Create a copy of your company files for your accountant.    
 Import data from Excel, Quicken, and prior QuickBooks versions7    
Download bank and credit card transactions directly into QuickBooks2,8    

QuickBooks Support phone number to help troubleshoot and get the lost out of it. Dial +1-844-405-0904.

System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018:

  • Operating systems supported:
  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed.
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1), all editions including 64-bit, natively installed.
  • All editions including 64-bit, natively installed in Windows 7 SP1.
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • And Windows Server  2011 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Database Servers

Windows:  Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2011 R2, and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (update 1) or Windows 7 SP1 (Enterprise and Professional editions only), natively installed

Important: Windows Server 2011 R2 is only supported with QuickBooks Desktop 2017 R4 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17.0 R4.

Linux: When using QuickBooks Database Server manager-only installation OpenSuse 42.2, Fedora 25, Red Hat 7 (Update 3)

Browser Requirement

Hardware and Operating system requirements :

Processor=2.4 GHz minimum


  • 4GB minimum, 8GB Recommended
Server RAM Requirements
  • 1-5 Users: 8GB RAM
  • 10 Users: 12GB RAM
  • 15 Users: 16GB RAM
  • 20 Users: 20+GB RAM

Disk space:

  • 5GB of disk space (additional required for data files)
  • Additional software: 60MB for Microsoft .NET 4.6 Runtime, provided on the QuickBooks CD
  • Additional requirements for Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks Connected Services offerings (applies to the US only)
  • Require minimum 4.0GB RAM

Twice the size of the largest file set to back up + 100MB or twice the size to restore the backup. Space is only required from the work folder. And the folder is LocalApplicationData+”Intuit\Intuit Data Protect


  • US version of Windows (if using US QuickBooks software), the Canadian version of Windows (if using Canadian QuickBooks software)
  • Regional settings are supported when set to English (the United States/Canada) with keyboard setting to the US/CA only
  • Administrator rights required for the server computer when hosting Multi-User access
  • Natively installed – means it was installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for. This also means it doesn’t need to run in a virtual environment or emulation software.

Optical Drive:

  • 4X DVD-ROM drive required for CD installations (unless QuickBooks is downloaded from Intuit server)

Screen Resolution:

  • Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 Extended monitors
  • Best optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.

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