QuickBooks Online vs Desktop vs Hosting – Which Is Best In 2021

QuickBooks are basically the bookkeeping and accounting software with dozens of features making it adore by a worldwide small business firm to manage their finance. QuickBooks has different versions and usability factors favorable according to the need of accountants of any company for its accounting process. Thus QuickBooks even has multiple platforms, from where their user can avail it by installing it. So, these are versions of QuickBooks with different usage and features, go through the complete article and understand the difference and similarities. For More Info. contact us toll-free: +1-818-295-3510

These installations of QuickBooks software is majorly 3 methods of access:

  1. QuickBooks Online
  2. QuickBooks Desktop
  3. QuickBooks Hosting

And consumers of QuickBooks usually get confused that what should they use QB Online or QB Desktop or QB hosting?

First, let us get to know what are these separately.

QuickBooks Desktop

QB’s Desktop is a one-time investment. When you purchase this product of QB, you have to install it in your system after which you don’t have to worry about fitting it again. It doesn’t need to connect your system with the internet to manage your data from QB. Though u have to manually enter the data and transaction details of your company.

Every desktop version of QuickBooks provides ridiculous accounting tools and extraordinary features, with expense tracking, budget and job costs, 200 integrations, and positive customer reviews. It is worth noting that the QuickBooks desktop is only available on the Windows operating system. Mac users will have to watch QuickBooks for Mac for a locally installed Mac-based QuickBooks option.

These are some features of QB’s Desktop:

  1. Keep an eye on sales taxes and inventories
  2. Manage payables
  3. Get you to notify the forecasting by analysis
  4. Check is secure and auto filed by QB
  5. The intent of your business is understood and work accordingly
  6. Accept all way of money transactions and payments

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online cloud-based accounting software which can be accessed remotely. QB’s Online is a very great version of QB by which you can access it any time of the day to know how is your company’s accounting going.

QuickBooks Online is specially designed for small businesses; But, the new QuickBooks Online Advanced Plan offers the software scalable even for large businesses. The software provides a robust feature set, robust accounting, online payroll, attractive invoicing, 650+ integration, and a unique lending facility.

As all the data has been managed online, it is easy for any small business firm to put their eye over his/her business all the time they want.

If you talk about its features or benefits:

  1. Online sharable data with an accountant and other employees
  2. As online no need check for upgrades and updates
  3. Business reports are created automatically
  4. Check over the inventories on the basis of FIFO
  5. Inexpensive and no need to install
  6. By new features, issues are been fixed in every fortnight
  7. Before buying, you can take a trial period

QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting is a server-based tool but with the desktop version. In short, it has all the features of the QB desktop but will be managed over a server platform. QuickBooks Hosting allows you to install QuickBooks Desktop Edition on a hosting network, hosted by a third-party cloud provider on the Internet to give access to data or files via a web browser from anywhere.

In easy words, all information, data, and files hosted on the cloud can be accessed by verified users from any place, you do not need to install it on the local machine.

Its no need for updation whereas it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime which will ultimately save your time.

These are some of the additional features:

  1. Access to Multi-users. 
  2. Track over any changes in real-time. 
  3. The sharing of the file becomes easy to multiple users.
  4. Features can be customized.
  5. Manage IT works.
  6. Better add-on integration.
  7. Good backup in case of losing any data.

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop vs Hosting

FeaturesQB OnlineQB DesktopQB Hosting
AccessibilityWeb browserOne fix desktop iconAny desktop icon
Technical supportSupport available for a fixed time3rd party support for 24*7
User interface and customizationFeatures different from the other two versions of the platformA different interface from QB OnlineAlmost the same features as QB desktop
Supported versionsQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, POS and EnterpriseSame as QuickBooks Desktop
Pricing structureFixed PriceVariable change in priceVariable change in price
Free Trial Period30 days free periodonly for 30 days installation time7 days free trial period
Manage and pay billsNot with the basic planyesyes
Number of users who can access QuickBooks simultaneouslyIn a basic plan – 1 userIn higher plan – max 25 usersPremier plan- 5 usersEnterprise plan- more than 30 usersAs many users as the admin wants, but depends on the support version
User permission controlNot come with a basic planYes, by making duplicate roleYes same as QB desktop
Shipping managernoyesyes
Payroll functionVia Add-onautomaticallyVia Add-on feature
Inventory managementDo not manage with a basic planWith the Enterprise plan, yesYes do 
Processing speedslowHigh Higher than both
Backup and disaster recoveryLimited but yesYes Yes 


In the end, it is not easy to make clear that what to choose and what not to, cause every user has his/her own demands while doing accounting for any company’s finance.

As we can see, nowadays everything is going online, it’s not very far that QuickBook will complete shift them online, but there are some features in QB’s Desktop which are very much adored by many accountants.

At last, there are many features and factors which will be important to many and which may not be a major thing for others. Any other further assistance, please feel free to contact our ProAdvisor or dial directly our toll-free +1-818-295-3510

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