How To Change Password In QuickBooks Desktop(Admin & User Password)

Accessing all your data requires a QuickBooks administrator password in which a user has stored all your data in QuickBooks files. By having a strong password it protects all your business from unauthorized access to the most important information of the public or their personal details which are hidden.

Though, the need to enter a password will also prevent you from accessing information if you lose your password. If another user in your QuickBooks has encountered an administrator password issue, read this blog carefully. We have shared some steps that you should do to reset/recover your QuickBooks password.

When you are logged in to QuickBooks accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop automatically creates the Admin user. But what if you forget QuickBooks password? This article is all about how to reset or change QuickBook’s admin password, and user password for Windows and Mac users. Read the complete article to follow the instructions. You can also talk to a Certified ProAdvisor by dialing our QuickBooks support number +1-855-441-4417 to save your time and effort.

Key points to consider before you change QuickBooks password

  • The password should not contain spaces. Re-enter the password without spaces.
  • Always create a complex password. You can follow some instructions: at least 7 characters (letters, numbers, special characters), at least 1 number, at least one uppercase letter etc.
  • Your keyboard might not be functioning correctly.
  • You may be seeing an incorrect login screen. A login screen that asks for a password but does not ask for a username is the administrator’s login screen and you have a non-admin login, close QuickBooks, and then reopen it.
  • The password may actually be blank. Some users choose to leave the Admin password to their data file empty, or blank.

Note: Intuit does not recommend this practice, for security reasons. Then press OK in the login screen without entering a password.

Steps to Reset QuickBooks Admin password and User Password For Windows Users

These are the steps you need to perform if you forgot your password for QuickBooks Desktop on a Windows computer. Read all the steps carefully and perform sequentially.

Step 1: Recognise the kind of password you want to reset(its admin or user password)

For the Admin password:

You require to reset the admin password if:

  • You do not have to insert a username. When you require to log in, you only need to enter a password.
  • Your User Name will be “Admin” or other admin user names that you created at the time of creating an admin user.
reset change QuickBooks admin password

For User password:

If you do not have admin rights or you are local user, then in case your QuickBooks admin will reset your password. You have to contact your admin and have them follow the steps in the “Reset a user password” section below.

how to change quickbooks password

Step 2: Follow the Steps According to Your Password Type

Now once you know which type of password you need to reset, then follow the steps accordingly:

Important: If you want to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2020 then be sure to reset your password first to your earlier version of QuickBooks.

Steps to Reset the admin password

If you remember your administrator password and simply need to change for security purpose, then follow the steps to change your user password in the “Reset User Password” section below.

If you require to reset your administrator password because you do not recognize it, then you will need to verify some data as a security action. If you do not memorize the information, we will explain to you how to get it.

Steps for QuickBooks 2020

  • First login to the Company Login window, and choose I forgot my password.
  • In the dropdown list, Choose an email then click on Next. A token will be emailed to reset your password. Note: If you are able to see your email address, then choose don’t see your email in the list above? And go with all the on-screen instructions given.
  • Insert the token that you received in your email address. If you are getting email in your inbox then once search in Spam or junk folder.

Steps For QuickBooks 2019 and earlier

  • Start QuickBooks Desktop. Go to the login page, choose I forgot my password.
how to change password in quickbooks
  • Enter all the information in the form.
    • The license number of QuickBooks version that you are using. To know the license no of your product Press F2 key from the keyboard from the login window to see your license number.
    • You need to fil accurate name, email address, phone number, and ZIP code you formerly used at the time of purchasing the product. Note: You can also easily find all the information by signing in to your Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS). If in case you are facing some 
  • If the information you recorded is accurate, you will receive a code on the original email listed in your CAMPS. Email from intuit sometimes may be marked as spam. If you don’t see your code in your inbox, check your spam folder.
  • QuickBooks will then guide you to create a new administrator password.

If your reset password doesn’t work, follow these steps:

  • Cross-check all the information you listed. Review for any type and verify the information matches with your info you registered in CAMPS.
  • Try the Automated Password Reset tool, If you received an error or still want help resetting your password,
  • If you still need assistance, choose Search for something else, enter the password, and choose Search when you contact us.

Steps To Reset Admin Password QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2019

change QuickBooks admin password

For this, you need your QuickBooks license number to reset the admin password and also require an email address, phone number, zip code, and the name that you use to purchase and register the product. All this information is accessible on the CAMPS official website.

  • Go to your login page and choose Forgot Password
  • Enter all the information on the form and choose OK.
  • You will get a password reset code or link on your registered email ID. Insert the code, then click on OK.
  • QuickBooks will then guide you through creating a new admin password.
  • QuickBooks will then guide you to create a new administrator password.

Steps to Reset Admin Password QuickBooks Desktop Mac (2020)

If you have the admin rights then only follow these steps:

  • Choose the lock icon from the Password field. You will notice a pop-up menu listing recovery email addresses.
  • Select an email address that you have access to and click on  OK.
  • You will receive an email from QuickBooks within a short span of time that will help you to create a new admin password.

Steps to reset a non-admin password:

Follow these steps for users passwords for mac users

  • First, you need to sign in to the company file with administration permissions.
  • Choose Users and Passwords from the Company menu,
  • Choose the user you want to change the password then choose Edit.
  • Choose the lock icon, then insert the new password.
  • Choose Save.

We hope, you well understood how to reset the password in QuickBooks. Also, read this article to learn simple steps to crack QuickBooks Password. If you are still facing any trouble regarding reset password for QuickBooks you can contact our technical support team by dialling our toll-free number +1-855-441-4417.

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