Point of Sale Integration with QuickBooks

Before we start, It is very important to know QuickBooks and its different Solutions. QuickBooks is accounting software which handles all small and medium-sized business. Today QuickBooks is one of the most popular software for accounting. Almost 91% of users are happy with this software. This accounting software provides users best features.

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QuickBooks offers three different accounting solutions i.e. QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Mac. Call Our QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number and get more information about Point of Sale Integration with QuickBooks.

Why Do You Need POS Integration With Accounting Software?

Some POS systems provide basic, integrals accountancy and bookkeeping tools, however as your business expands, it’s necessary to invest in software that actually specializes in accounting. Keeping accurate books and tax information is clearly important for all businesses, but it is especially typical when growth occurs.

There is really no replacement for the software that specializes in accounting. Integrating with specialized software optimizes your business abilities by combining the best of everything available.

Benefits of Integrating POS with QuickBooks for Your Business

POS integration with QuickBooks can increase your business efficiency so fast. It will also save your time because after integration all work will automatically doing by accounting software. Now it’s time to ensure that you are using the data to your favorite.

For example, based on the purchase data recorded by your POS, you could modify costs throughout a slower day of the week or establish a recurring sale throughout that interval. Review accounting information, later on, to see how these variables affect your financial as an entire.

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As another example, if your accounting data shows you’re losing cash on shipping prices, use POS figures to decipher that things need less stock thus you’ll be able to consolidate shipping processes. Use POS and accounting data to see how efforts, like staying open an additional hour or raising costs, affect your company’s. POS data gives you the information you need to keep a pulse on your business numbers and customer buying preferences, permitting you to leverage that data to drive sales.

Point of Sale Integration

A process to Set up Integration between Point of Sale and QuickBooks

Follow given steps and Integrate POS ( It is only for version 10-12)

  1. Open your Point of sale and Select File> Preference >
  2. Select Financial preference, do a check mark on Use with QuickBooks Financial Software and click on Set Up QuickBooks Connection Now.
  3. Now, Ensure that the QuickBooks file on the mapped network has been selected.
  4. Click Next then Finish.

Hope this blog helps you to understand Integration of POS with QuickBooks. If you have queries or have any question related to QuickBooks Call QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number +1 (855) 441-4417. Our executives are always ready to help user so feel free and call us.

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