How to add a Pay Now button to an Invoice

How to add a Pay Now button to an Invoice

QuickBooks Online helps you get paid average two times faster than other also it is quite easy. If you are interested in creating, emailing and adding a pay now button to an invoice than this blog is for you.  You just need to follow the points mentioned in this blog.

If you want your customers to pay online, You will need to activate your merchant service. Without activation of merchant service, you can not add a Pay Now Button to your invoice. You can set QuickBooks payment by clicking on “Online Payment Get set up” which is available at the top of the invoice. After activation of your merchant service, your customer can see the option to Pay online.  Follow below steps and add Pay Now button. If need help, You can contact QuickBooks Customer service team.

Important: Visit Intuit Merchant to sign in or more information.

Steps to add a pay now button to an invoice

QuickBooks Online users know invoicing with QuickBooks Online helps users get paid two times faster and it is very easy to do just follow below steps for creating and emailing invoices from the QuickBooks dashboard.

  1. Click on Quick create > Select Invoice
  2. Pick an already added customer or add a new one
  3. Now enter the whole invoice with the product or services and the price that you are selling.How to add a Pay Now button to an invoice
  4. Make sure that the Online Payment option is On then click Save and Send.
  5. After Save and Send QuickBooks will show you a preview of the invoice.In this preview, you have to Select payment methods.
  6. When everything is done just Click Send and Close to email your invoice.How to add a Pay Now button to an invoice
  7. Your Client or customer will get an email with a link and the invoice.
  8. Click  View Invoice now
  9. In the Invoice, you will see a Pay Now button, Click it.How to add a Pay Now button to an invoice
  10. Next, fill out credit card or bank account detail.You and your customer will get a confirmation email for the transaction.

Your e-books will update and display Payment status Paid after updateHow to add a Pay Now button to an invoice

  • When the funds have settled( It’ll take approx 2 days), Your money will be marked as deposited in your linked bank.

Watch this video to learn about adding a Pay Now Button to e invoices in QuickBooks Online

If you face any issues please reach out to our QuickBooks Payroll Support team dialing 1(855)441-4417. Whatever your biggest frustration is in QuickBooks our experts will help you overcome your problems or issues.

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