How To Fix QuickBooks Error code 6123, 0- Problem Connecting To Server

Facing the QuickBooks error code 6123,0 while upgrading or accessing a company file? Want to take the next step to troubleshoot the issue? Read this article, here we will discuss everything about the QuickBooks error 6123. Like, what is 6123, 0 error in QuickBooks, why the error occurs, and what are the solutions to fix the error code. In the meantime, you can dial the toll-free number+1-844-405-0904 for instant service.

What is QuickBooks Error 6123 0

According to Intuit, QuickBooks Error code -6123,0 “Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost” occurs when you are trying your company files in multi-user environments or while upgrading your company file to a newer version.

This error code pops up without any prior prompting and interrupts the company’s file activities. Sometimes, it appears with an error message of ‘ Problem connecting to server’, when the user opens the file directly from the network or restores the backup.

Error 6123, 0 causes

Journal of QuickBooks Error 6123, 0

QuickBooks Error 6123 0 Message
QuickBooks Error 6123 0 Message

Why the 6123, QuickBooks Error Code Occurs

This error code can appear for different reasons. So here we have given all of the possible reasons for the error code;

  • A corrupt network connection with the host computer.
  • Firewall software is blocking a port necessary to communicate with the server hosting the company file.
  • Damage QBW files.
  • QuickBooks data or program files get corrupted.
  • Multiple instances of QuickBooks database service are running.
  • The McAfee Privacy Service is installed with the Block Web Bugs filter option selected.
  • Maybe the company file is open in a new version of QuickBooks.
  • Maybe you are restoring a backup from a removable storage device.
  • A damaged Windows user is one of the other reasons for the error code.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123, 0 while Upgrading/Opening a Company File

Here are some of the solutions to fix the 6123 0 error code in QuickBooks. Have a look;

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

At first, we will solve the issue by using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. But before that, you should remember some of the points.

  • Make sure that, QuickBooks is in the latest updated version.
  • You need to create a portable copy of the original file If you are getting this error when opening a backup (.qbb) file.
  • Turn off the hosting If you are the single user of QuickBooks Desktop. (File > Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-User Access). (Note: the hosting is already turn off if there is Multi-User Access.)

Procedure to run QuickBooks file doctor;

  • First of all, you have to download and run the QuickBooks file doctor in your system.
  • When successfully installed the QuickBooks File Doctor, open it.
  • Check Your company file in the drop-down list, if not there then browse to it.
  • Now mark Check File Damage Only and then select Diagnose File.
  • Enter your admin password, then OK.
  • After that, You will see a popup(message) about upgrading your file to a newer version of QuickBooks. Now choose to Open the file in a newer version, it will repair and upgrade your company file to the latest version of QuickBooks. Or choose to repair the file in the existing version, it will repair your company file without upgrading it.
  • To finish repairing your data file apply all the instructions in the File Doctor.
  • If still facing the issue and QuickBooks File Doctor does not resolve your error 6123, 0 try rebooting your computer.
  • After rebooting, if QuickBooks File Doctor still fails to fix your 6123,0 error, then follow the manual given steps below.

Solution 2: Reinstall QuickBooks

Try this solution by uninstalling, and reinstalling the QuickBooks.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot possible data damage

Most of the time, this issue occurs because of a company file damage issue. So try to resolve the damage issue of company files.

Solution 4: Use the Auto data recovery function

Restore the.ADR copy of this file and see if it works. There is a possibility that the file is corrupt and it may resolve QuickBooks error code 6123, 0.

Solution 5: Disable the System Security programs

Mostly your antivirus program hinders company files and operates them as malware or viruses. For this reason, the user may not have the capacity to start their QuickBooks company file. In that case, you have to disable the QuickBooks application and then open the company file. Usually, this step automatically fixes this error code 6123, 0.

Solution 6: Create a New windows user

Your current Windows user login may be at risk of corruption. To fix the problem you have to create a new Windows user.

Steps to create new users:

  • Firstly, Go to the “Control Panel”., look for the “Create New User Choice” selection in the “User” option.
Create new Windows user
Create a new Windows user
  • Later, select the Administrator for user type and log out from the existing user.
  • Now, Restart your computer and Login by using new user credentials(username & password).
  • Relocate the company file to the desktop location.
  • And lastly, start QuickBooks and now try to access the company file.

Solution 7: Set proper folder permissions

The user needs the user in a folder containing the QuickBooks Desktop company file on the host computer. This allows full control to users, including the QuickBooks database server manager user.

Solution 8: Rename the .ND file, and the .TLG file

Rename the .ND file, and the, .TLG file by following the below procedure;

  • Open the folder of your company file.
  • Choose the .ND file of your company file.
  • Now Right-click on the .ND file and the click to Rename.
  • At the End of the file name add “.old” like; MyCompanyName.qbw.nd.old.
  • Do the same steps again to rename the .TLG file
  • Now Open the QuickBooks Desktop Company file.
  • Re-scan Company file using database server manager.

Solution 9: Toggle Hosting Settings in QuickBooks

Procedure to toggle hosting settings;

  • Open your Company File.
  • Now Choose the File > select Switch to Single User Mode.
  • Then Choose the File > Utilities >select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
  • Choose File> Utilities > select Host Multi-User access.
  • Choose File> select Switch to Multi-User Mode.

10. Update your Firewall Setting

Firewall helps regulate the incoming and outgoing communications from the internet. So if the firewall is not set according to the QuickBooks then you may face an error so you need to add some of the given programs that should be added to the firewall setting.

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • QBUpdate.exe
  • QBFCMonitorService.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe

11. Restore the Backup by using Portable Company File

While restoring company file backup in new system, you can face a QuickBooks error 6123. So you need to create a portable company file (.qbm) and then start restoring. To do this follow the steps:

  • First, open the QuickBooks Desktop which was originally used to create the backup.
  • Next, open the company file.
  • After that, tap on the File menu.
  • Next select Create Copy.
  • Now you have to choose the Portable Company File and then click on the Next button.
Portable company file
  • After that save a file and assign the name to it.
  • Now tap on the Save button and then OK.
  • Now you have the option whether to save it online or on the flash drive.

Your company’s portable files should always be protected, so while restoring on the new system always remember the password.

  • Firstly on the new computer you need to install the flash drive or log in to the online location where the portable file is saved.
  • Next, download the file on the new system.
  • Then open the QuickBooks Software.
  • After that, go to the File menu.
  • Here you have to click on Open or Restore Company.
open or restore company file
  • Then choose the third option Restore a Portable file.
  • Click on Next.
  • Finally click on Save.

If QuickBooks doesn’t permit to create of a backup file on the new system then follow the given steps.

  • Firstly open the old device where you created the backup of QuickBooks.
  • Then click on the File tab.
  • After that choose Create copy, tap on Create portable company file, and then click on Next.
  • Now you have to enter the company file name.
  • Select the location where you want to save the company file.
  • Then click on OK and Save.
  • After that you have to move the portable company file to the new computer.
  • Then open QuickBooks go to the File tab Restore a portable file and then Click on Next.
  • After that find the portable company file with .qbm extension and tap on Open.
  • Now on the Where do you want to Restore the file page, you need to read the instructions.
  • After that click on Next and then Save.
  • Now you can open the file.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have discussed some most frequently asked questions below. You can check them and can find your solution.

What is the error code in QuickBooks?

Error codes are used to specify the errors. It occurs when something goes wrong, QuickBooks data is damaged, or the QuickBooks is unable to read the company file. You can use the QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix the issue. 

What if getting error 6123, 0 when upgrading or opening a company file?

If you encountered an error, follow the above steps to fix the issue. If this doesn’t work for you, you might have an issue with the sample company file. In this, you need to check your disk permission. Follow the given steps:
1. Go to Disk Utility.
2. Click on Application.
3. Select Utilities.
4. Choose Disk Utility.
5. Click your hard drive and select the Repair Disk Permissions.

What common errors fix by the QuickBooks Tool Hub with error 6123?

With the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can fix many issues. Some of them are listed below: 
1. 6123
2. H202
3. Company file issues
4. Install issues or errors
5. Networking errors
6. PDF and printing errors
7. QuickBooks crashing

What causes QuickBooks Error Code 6123, 0

There are some reasons given below as to why QuickBooks error code 6123,0 has occurred.
1. The computer has a corrupt network connection.
2. If the port is blocked by the firewall that is needed to bridge the communication gap with the server hosting the company file.
3. If the QBW files are damaged.
4. QuickBooks error 6123,0 also occurs if the program files or the QuickBooks data are corrupt.
5. Multiple QBDBS QuickBooks Database services are running on your system.
6. If you are using a new version of QuickBooks and still open the same company file using an older one.
7. This error may also occur if you are trying to restore the backup from a removable storage.
8. If the window user is damaged.

This was the whole article, about the reasons, and solutions of QuickBooks error code 6123. You can contact our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors to solve any kind of queries, and doubts regarding this topic.

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