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    Bookkeeping done right

    Accurate, Effortless Bookkeeping
    Wizxpert provides all your accounting services under one roof.


    While running a business, maintaining books of accounts is necessary. Talk to a Wizxpert advisor to get quotes to outsource bookkeeping services today.


    Our payroll services are tailored to fit your business. We help you pay employees correctly, manage taxes, and ensure deductions are processed.

    Tax needs

    Wizxpert manages your business tax compliance and advisory needs. Our experts will help you file your federal taxes, run sales tax reports and more.

    Other Services

    Monthly Financial Statement

    Your monthly financial statement helps you gauge on your cash flow and plan for the consecutive month better. It helps in maintaining the annual financial reports which help to create the annual statements.

    Accounts Receivables services

    An efficient income process is the backbone of each and every business. Enhancing the accounts receivables process not only ensures profitability but also saves valuable time which can be allocated to pursuing core business exercises that lead to higher benefits.

    e-Accounting Services

    For business accounting functions, it includes the application of online and internet technologies. e-Accounting services are basically the electronic establishment of rightful and traceable accounting processes which were traditionally manual.

    Forensic Accounting services

    The companies specializing in this service use their accounting skill to investigate fraud while analyzing the financial information which is uncovered from a legal point of view. These forensic companies accounting services not only helps to plan the processes and but also detects and eliminate frauds so as to prevent any such future references.

    Easy to Access Field Experts

    By outsourcing accounting services, one has access to experienced specialists in the field of accounting. They are the perfect resources to get the project finish. They are also constantly in the process of getting their skills improved and remain updated with the most recent accounting trends in the market.

    Customer service

    You will approach a group of bookkeepers who can respond to all of your inquiries. Every month, your dedicated bookkeeper will meet with you to audit your financial reports and answer any inquiries that you may have. During the month, you can achieve your bookkeeping by phone or email to get your inquiries replied.

    Life is like accounting, everything must be balanced.

    What's unique about our bookkeeping services?

    • Accelerate your success

      We just don’t limit ourselves to balanced books and financial reports. Our advisors can help you with smooth cash flow & will look for ways to boost your revenues & profits.

    • Lowest rates in the industry

      A low-interest-rate environment occurs when the risk-free rate is set lower than the historical average. In the United States, the risk-free rate is generally defined by the interest rate on Treasury securities.

    • Time Savings

      The accounting process is to outsource to a third-party service provider, the workers are left with extra hours which can be put resources into other valuable tasks and help improve the overall functioning of the company.

    • Unlimited Consultation

      For another cost? No. An investment in a relationship that will save you Money and Time. No hourly rates for our monthly clients.


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