How to Unlink or Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks Desktop Mac?

In this article, we discuss how to disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC so that it doesn’t ask for credit card info when you enter an invoice? Well, we have come up with this article describing every essential step you need to know to perform this action. Go through the article ones to get answers to all your questions, and understand the process with the help of suitable images. Still, having an issue contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

QuickBooks work smoothly on MAC and Windows operating systems but QuickBooks on MAC is a little different from Windows systems. One of the issues in this is to disable Merchant Services. For this issue, you don’t waste your time for call-up the accounting hub technical support for assistance with any operations you easy to resolve this problem in a house too with few instructions.

Before installing you must keep in mind these things

  • On the off chance that one client introduces refreshes, you will in all likelihood locate that each client needs to introduce the refresh.
  • At times the refresh procedure requires that a document is changed over. This may include making a reinforcement, getting every other person out of the program, closing down your business forms for quite a while.
  • The refresh process can require some serious energy once began.
  • Now and then there are issues in updates, and you might need to hold up. Once in a while, there are errors in the updates that are a more serious issue than the ones that are being settled by the refresh.

The process of  Disable merchant services in QuickBooks MAC.

  • Press the Command + F on your MAC.
  • Explore Key-chain and after select Keychain Access.
select Keychain Access
  • Enter QuickBooks word in the search field, tap on the Connection ticket(s) for the QuickBooks merchant service.
Connection ticket
  • Select Edit > Delete.
  • A pop-up will inquire as to whether you are certain you need to delete the Connection ticket.
delete the Connection ticket
  • And then after a message will be displayed which will basically ask for the confirmation as displayed below:
Disable QuickBooks Merchant Services
Delete QuickBooks Merchant Services Keychain
  • Congrats you have successfully disabled merchant services in QuickBooks MAC. To make sure you have successfully removed all merchant services log out of QuickBooks or restart MAC if needed.

NOTE: Usually, there are multiple keychains are listed for the different applications, it is the same as it is in the updates in Windows Programs & Features. So if you want to find the desired keychain from that list quickly then you just need to simply enter the name of the keychain in the search field.

A second method, How to Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC:

There is a feature known as the Automatic Update feature which is already integrated with the QuickBooks for Mac can also help you is disabling QuickBooks Merchant Services without any problem. The only thing you need to do is to download QuickBooks for Mac to simply use this feature to disable Merchant Service. Once QuickBooks Merchant Service is turned off, you’ll be not asked to enter credit card information while creating invoices or payments.

The Bottom Line

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