QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2024 – Plan, Pricing & Feature

Want to work with an all-in-one accounting solution for all kinds of businesses? Then, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise will be the first, and best option for that. Intuit introduces its new 2024 version of QuickBooks Enterprise with some new, and advanced features for all kinds of industries. In this article, we will know what’s new in Enterprise 2024, and the included features, pricing, plans, etc. You can get help from the QuickBooks experts through our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 to know more about this product.

Intuit released its new version of QuickBooks Enterprise in 2024 and also made some changes in its plans, pricing, and features. You will get everything that you need to run your business with this industry enterprise solution. Now, let’s see, what’s new in it;

What’s New In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2024

QuickBooks enterprise new features 2024

In the new version, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has been developed to work more efficiently in a short time. It has added some new changes for the easy business management of all retailers, contractors, wholesalers, etc. Let’s have a look at the points to know changes;

  • The plans have been changed from Silver, Gold, and Platinum to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Now QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can be accessed from anywhere through remote access hosting.
  • Enhanced payroll features added in all plans.
  • New, and Improved features added to the QuickBooks Enterprise to do all accounting activities in one place.
  • Now you can add more business functions with Enterprise Diamond.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 Plans & Pricing

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2024 includes 3 plans; QuickBooks Enterprise Gold, QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum, and QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond. Let’s know the plans deeply;

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Gold
QuickBooks Desktop Gold Edition
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Gold Edition

The Enterprise Gold version gives you all kinds of facilities to start and insight into your business. In advance, you can easily pay and, file taxes, pay employees, and streamline your payroll. It comes with a lot of advanced features and has a monthly billed, annual subscription-based plan.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum Edition
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum Edition

The Enterprise Platinum version pairs robust functionality with the most beneficial tools for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and contractors. It also comes with a lot of advanced features and has a monthly billed, annual subscription-based plan.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond Edition
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond remote access has the maximum functionality to automate more of your business so you can get more done. It is the complete enterprise management solution for all kinds of businesses and comes with a monthly billed, annual subscription-based plan. QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond gives more functions that treat you as a VIP that puts you in a QuickBooks Priority Circle so that you can get a team for training and be available 24×7 on call as well as chat support.

Salesforce CRM connector has also been added that helps to reduce duplicity of data and improves the authenticity of the data to serve customers better as well as helping in generating the invoices automatically.

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond also comes with QuickBooks Time Elite which helps in tracking time from everywhere and assigns the job from remote areas that widely assist employees with adjustments as well. It also gives access to 40 users at a time which is another advantage of QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond which is more than any other QuickBooks Product. Through a single source of data, employees use the data across the department. It also gives the users to access the data to store in the cloud and use from anywhere.

The above three enterprise plans will work based on remote access, by which you can access your enterprise from anywhere, and can get data backup with the hosting service.

New Features Added In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 24.0

New -Track Customer prepayments

Track customers’ prepayments and deposits on sales orders. It automatically applies the payments when sales orders are converted to an invoice. You have also the option to record prepayments as a current liability rather than accounts receivable.

NEW – Item Category Enhancements

This feature is more effective and improves productivity with multi-level categorization and the creation of price rules by categories. You can use enhanced search, add, edit, and delete functions with bulk editing of multiple list entries to save time.

NEW – Inventory Report Enhancements

With this feature, you may gain more insight and keep inventory costs under control with a hierarchical view of categories in the “Inventory Valuation Summary,” “Inventory Stock Status by Item,” and “Sales by Item Summary”. It also monitors sales and helps in maintaining ideal inventory levels. Using a report on “Inventory Stock Status by Lot Numbers,” you can also track the inventory of goods produced in the same batch.

Security Improvements

With the feature of enhanced security and improved encryption, your data is protected using industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption. Now security is the priority that protects customers’ and vendors’ data like financial data, banking information, and credit card details.

New – Integrated 401 (K) retirement plans

By offering 401 (k) retirement an affordable and low-cost retirement plan that is integrated with QuickBooks that covers investment management, tax filing, and administration through the partnership for a seamless enrollment and maintenance process as an investment in your team.

Easier HR Administration

Now for the HR administration, it is easier to access the details of the employee and check which employee profiles aren’t complete with a single enhanced employee center.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 24.0 Pricing Based On Plans

The pricing of the Enterprise version is based on its plans (Gold, Platinum, & Diamond). The plans are available for two different uses; Local Only and remote Access. Here we have shown you the pricing of the plans in the tables. Have a look;

For Remote Access:

If you want remote access to QuickBooks Enterprise then your subscription will be based annually but you can be billed monthly. There are no offers to use the QuickBooks plans. Look at the table to know the Yearly bill of plans according to users;

No. of Users/ Enterprise PlansGold with Remote Access
Platinum with Remote Access
Diamond with Remote Access
Monthly subscription($/mo)
1 User$1830$2250$370/mo
2 Users$2668$3088$443/mo
3 Users$3231$3651$491/mo
4 Users $3,792$4212$542/mo
5 Users$4560$5000$619/mo
6 Users$5000$5443$656/mo
7 Users$5443$5884$695/mo
8 Users$5884$6325$734/mo
9 Users$6325$6766$772/mo
10 Users$6766$7207$811/mo
11-20 Users$873/mo
11-30 Users$9706$10149
21-30 Users$1067/mo
31-40 Users$1361/mo
Pricing for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Remote Access

(Last updated: 18th Dec 2023)

For up to 40 users, you have to contact QuickBooks. The above table is only for the core cloud access. There are three types of cloud access available for QuickBooks Enterprise, and they are; core cloud access, classic cloud access, and deluxe cloud access. Core cloud access is the basic plan of cloud access. If you want to use the classic, and deluxe cloud access then the price will increase according to that.

Features of the QuickBooks Enterprise Version

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2024 introduces new and improved features that serve small businesses with extra complex needs. Check out below the following features:

✅ Data Level Permissions

This feature is involved with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 Platinum and Diamond subscription. This helps you to customize a user’s access to view, edit, or delete a particular set of customers, vendors, and data, and they are responsible for the data. Also improves security and privacy by restricting the user access to only particular data, transactions, and reports for which they are liable.

✅ Cloud Access

The cloud access feature of QuickBooks Enterprise allows its users to access the plan, at any time, and anywhere. It boosts productivity and enhances the collaboration between teams by sharing information from one to another through a protected data center.

✅ E-commerce Integration

Now e-commerce integration is easy with QuickBooks Enterprise. With QuickBooks e-commerce integration, you will never face the issue of being ‘out of stock’. You can get a clear report of your business in one place. And can get the profit, and loss picture by integrating the QuickBooks software with the top online apps or stores.

✅ Bill Workflow Approvals

Get a transparent cash flow management report with the feature of bill workflow approvals. It tracks the bills, that need approval by maintaining the cash flow. And get the cash flow management reporting on the dashboard of QuickBooks Enterprise.

✅ Improved Batch Delete Sales Orders

This Feature is involved with QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Desktop Accountant (Maintenance R7) or newer. You can maintain client files that are not linked to an invoice more, capable of deleting sales orders. QuickBooks Desktop gives the choice to remove or void accountants in batches from prior year releases of the desktop: invoices, checks, bills, and now sales orders.

✅ NEW! Barcode Label Prices

This feature is involved with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 Platinum and Diamond subscription. QuickBooks now automatically involves the sale prices on printed barcode labels to complement item names and descriptions. It gives greater pricing transparency to customers and employees by incorporating the selling price on the barcode. Furthermore, by giving them critical pricing information on each inventory item, the shopping experience for your customers improves.

Barcode level pricing in Enterprise
Barcode Level Pricing in Enterprise

✅ IMPROVED! Alternate Vendor Reports

This feature is involved with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.0 (Maintenance R7) Platinum and Diamond subscription and the latest versions. The Alternate vendor feature was delivered with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.0. With this innovation, users are allowed access to the information center that contains the seller’s contact and pricing data, which helps produce more informed purchasing decisions. Users can generate a purchase order with the vendor information included automatically. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 enhances the functionality by including optional vendor columns in specific reports.

✅ IMPROVED! Serial/Lot Numbers Required on Transactions

This feature will be delivered with the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 Platinum subscription after R1. The new advanced inventory serial/lot number global preference setting, or individual inventory item setting, requires the entry of a serial/lot number when saving any transaction.

✅ Customize Payment Receipt

Now customize the payment receipt by formatting, and adding logos, for a professional and consistent look across your customer communications.

Customize Payment Receipt in QuickBooks Enterprise
Customize Payment Receipts in QuickBooks Enterprise

✅ Create Customer Groups

QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 allows you to create rule-based customer groups based on fields like status, customer type, balance, and locations so that you can easily manage and communicate with them.

✅ Improved! Landed Cost

Calculate the landed cost accurately for old item bills from closed accounting periods with the improved feature. Set up or use landed cost accounts as “COGS” or “Other current assets” for easy calculation.

Set Up Landed cost in QuickBooks Enterprise
Set Up Landed cost in QuickBooks Enterprise

✅ PDF Preview

Before sending an attachment, see the preview automatically to ensure that, the attachment is added correctly. Save a lot of time by previewing multiple attachments at once automatically instead of opening each one outside of QuickBooks.

✅ Improved! QuickBooks Tool Hub

Now you can get all of the answers to your common questions regarding all of the installation, files, networks, or password issues inside the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Compared features Available in QuickBooks Gold, Platinum & Diamond

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond
QuickBooks Priority Circle service
Expert customer support
Online backup data storage
Automatic QuickBooks product upgrades
Remote access
Advanced Reporting
Advanced Inventory
Advanced Pricing
QuickBooks Time Elite$5/mo fee per employee
Salesforce CRM connectorAdd-on for $150/month per company file

Who Can Use QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise can be used for 8 editions to manage accounts. Here we have a little overview of all editions below;

  1. Nonprofit Organisation

The nonprofit edition is best for Nonprofit organizations that need to manage complex accounting, strong reporting, and many users. It provides many features Managing pledges and managing and recording donations made by checks, or cash, the card. By Nonprofit edition you can create and send donor letters too and so many other features provided by it.

  1. Manufacturing

The Manufacturing edition of QuickBooks Enterprise is perfect for manufacturers in need of many users and strong sales reports. Features like the Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet are one of the best features it, shows the sales order date, ship date, number, job, open amount, amount to fulfill, and invoiced the sales order. You can send item receipts and make a bill for a particular item. Easily track customers’ and vendors’ backorders.

  1. Accountant 

Accountant Edition is the best option for accountancy firms and offices that manage and track multiple accounts of multiple businesses. The accountant center is one of the features of an Accountant in which you can view specialized tools and memorized reports, the batch transaction has the ability to batch enter and batch delete or void transactions. Set closing date is one of the other features of it.

  1. Contractor

For contracting, construction, and any business in need of advanced job costing and project management Contractor Edition is best for that. It has the feature of a Job Costing Center which shows your three most profitable jobs and three least profitable jobs. Item percentage completion is another feature that allows showing the percentage complete on each item within your current jobs and projects.

  1. Retail

The retail edition is best for large businesses. It provides strong sales reporting and inventory management. The features are Sales Order Fulfillment, managing vendor returns, and bill credits. You can also see and enter your daily sales in the software.

  1. Industry Solution

QuickBooks Enterprise is a complete industry solution. No matter, which type of industry you have. You can easily manage, and track all of the accounting activities by using this QuickBooks product.

  1. Professional Services

It is used for professional services that can easily track all of the unbilled time, and expenses, that are done by your employees, clients, projects, and or services with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Pay and get paid the right amount by adjusting different billing rates, using the plans of Enterprise.

  1. Wholesale & Distributor

Streamline your orders by managing them to apps like Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. And update the count of inventory by using the Mobile bar code scanning process. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the best choice for Wholesale and distributor editions.

It was all about the QuickBooks Enterprise, hope now you have an idea about the product. You can contact the certified QuickBooks experts through this number+1-844-405-0904 for QuickBooks Enterprise support.


Explain QuickBooks Priority Circle.

It is made for some VIP Customers who get the premium member program. If users have a membership of QuickBooks Priority Circle then they get priority in any of the services related to QuickBooks when users need support from the QuickBooks team who gives you online training to master QuickBooks.

How do users get to know that QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond is better for them?

The QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond was created for expanding companies that require greater features and adaptability. It offers strong payroll and time-tracking functions which allow you to operate your business smoothly. There is also an option to integrate Salesforce with Enterprise. You aren’t required to be concerned that your organization is not benefitting through QuickBooks, it gives the option to get remote access as well as 40 users can add up simultaneously.

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