QuickBooks Online Plus Pricing And Reviews 2021

Want to discover a greater view of your business? Then go for the QuickBooks Online Plus. It is one of the ideal QuickBooks Online business management plans of QuickBooks Online. You can find all of the Essentials, and Simple Starts features in this plan. In this article, we will give you overall information regarding this Online Plus plan. Read the article till the end, if you want to get the updated information of this plan.

QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus is mainly developed for business growth. By using this we can promote products and services. It allows you to track project profitability, inventory costs and to create a purchase order. It includes more advanced features and plans for business development.

Advanced Features of QuickBooks Online Plus:

It provides more advanced features to improve the business growth are listed below:

Track Project Profitability:

Obtain a direct view of project profitability with dashboards and detailed reports.

Track Inventory:

Detect product level, price of stock whenever an account is low you not able to run out it will provide notifications and you will receive the notifications.

More Detailed Reports:

Obtain all the processes of basic reports plus the ability to run a particular budget, account, and class report.

Capture And Organize Receipts:

Capture the receipts with the help of your smartphone and it will then sort them out and match them to price.

Manage Bills:

Go behind invoice pay and track invoice status, Create recurring payments, and pay multiple traders directly.

Track Time:

Provide the access to the employee to input their own time or By yourself input the hours. Join with QuickBooks Time. So now, you can track time easily.

Maximize Tax Deductions:

Maximize tax deductions will automatically match the commercial charge into the right tax category to keep more of what you earn.

Invoice And Accept Payments:

To obtain the payment quickly with a credit card and financial institution transfers right in the statement. Modify the bill with your logo.

Track Bills:

For tracking the miles you drive use your smartphone GPS to make it simpler to match commercial trips.

Track Income And Expenses:

It will automatically sort the transactions from your liked accounts into liability categories for simpler organizations.

Send Estimates:

To increase the level of confidence it will create custom and pro estimates and it will be simpler to convert them to a bill.

Track Sales And Sales Tax:

it will accept credit cards and payments wherever and it will calculate the sales tax automatically.

Manage 1099 Contractors:

Wait on all your 1099s, and at liability time, prepare and record 1099s right from QuickBooks.

Allows Five Users:

With user-level access to specify factors, it protects the data and measures reports of up to five logins.

QuickBooks Online Plus Pricing & Plans:

   Now we are going to see the pricing for this QuickBooks Online Plus as mentioned below.

  • It generally offers 30 day free trail plan and it costs $40.00 per month.(This  applies to the first three months).

QuickBooks Online Plus Review:

Generally, any small commercial enterprise that needs to track inventory and wants online access to their books and needs to do basic terms like bookkeeping tasks include financial institutions and different economic files. It allows up to 5 users. It will generate the backup automatically when a customer needs copies of their books. It includes more advanced features and plans and pricing and it will vary depending upon the products.


Here are some of the points of QuickBooks Online Plus advantages. Have a look;

Customer Services:

 In case the user needs any assistance or guidance they provide more options as we can contact through phone or by filling the form available on the website and provide your mobile number for further conversation and finally submit the form. Usually, it takes time to respond to or answer your questions. Wait until their response. It also provides a more efficient support team to solve your queries. you can also as an option to send your query through Emails available. Use Artificial intelligence chat boxes for chatting purposes it is totally free of cost. It also provides answers for user requirements through their website under the FAQ sections available. It provides more information regarding the products and services.

Mobile Apps:

 It will be available for Android, Apple, Blackberry devices. By using mobile apps we are able to manage your account balance, payments, receivables and also view the contact information of the customers. QuickBooks Online Plus provides product upgrades that are totally free of cost.

Ease of Use:

QuickBooks Online Plus is easy to use and to outsource your bookkeeping activities this feature will be a great option. It will take only less time to record your expenses and deposits and it will allow you to import your financial, credit card transactions. To use this there is no need to download or install, we are able to access this if we have stable internet connectivity. A complete set-up guide will be provided by the advanced tools. It is easy to navigate and you can set up the layout features by adding or removing links for recent transitions and banking. By using Excel, Gmail you can able to import your customer details and contact information about the customers. It also includes FAQ sections that provide general information about the terms and services for these products. Rating is Excellent for this service.


It provides more than 65 plus reports. Under the Report menu, it provides report templates. With help of this software, you are able to add or edit the templates. It includes an organization snapshot that will include profit or loss, balance sheets, and cash flows, and also it provides suggestions or requirements for the business development.


QuickBooks Online Plus also has some disadvantages. You can check the below-listed points to know, what are the cons of the plan.

  • No copy will be available.
  • If you  lose your internet connectivity the server will go down then you will be left without accessing the details.
  • It will backup your information on a daily basis.

We hope this article will help you to make the right decision. We have given our honest review in this article to help the reader to consider the QuickBooks Online plan. Still, if you have any kind of doubts in your mind regarding this article then you can consult with our certified QuickBooks experts through the toll-free number +1-818-295-3510.

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