How to Stop, Delete or Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription (Unsubscribe)

It is feeling a little bad to listen that you are leaving QuickBooks Online. If you think, QuickBooks Online is not the right choice for your business, then read the article to cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription. In this article, we will discuss, how to cancel or unsubscribe QuickBooks subscription whether you’re using a paid subscription or a QuickBooks trial version. In the meantime, you can contact the experts through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 for further assistance.

Instead of canceling the subscription you can upgrade or downgrade QuickBooks from the current version if you are not finding the current version too much of use. You can also hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor who can help you in understanding the software and how it works.

Things to Know before canceling QuickBooks Online subscription

Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription in Intuit

If you have purchased the QuickBooks Online version through Intuit directly then, you can follow the below procedure to cancel the subscription;

  • First of all, open any web browser in your system (except mobile device).
  • Login to QuickBooks Online as an administrator.
  • Visit the ‘Setting‘ section, and click on the ‘Account and Settings’ option.
  • After that, visit the ‘Billing & Subscription‘ tab. If the tab is visible to you then it confirms that you don’t get the trial version through the mobile app store.
  • Click on ‘QuickBooks‘, and then the ‘Cancel subscription‘ or ‘Cancel Online’.
cancel QuickBooks Online
Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription

Cancel a Suspended Subscription

For canceling a suspended subscription, you have to resubscribe and reactivate it before canceling. For reactivating and resubscribing you have to follow the given steps.

  • Login to your QuickBooks online company.
  • Now click on setting or you can say gearbox ⚙.
  • After that, you have to select the account & settings.
  • After doing the above steps you have to go to the Billing & Subscription option and then click on Resubscribe.
  • Now enter the new payment method from the options (credit card, debit card, or PayPal)
  • Then enter the revised payment and billing details.
  • After doing all the mentioned above steps you can select Resubscribe.

Now the question arises that QuickBooks will charge for prior months. So, for previous months when you received QuickBooks Online for free, QuickBooks won’t charge you. You can amend your payment information on the Accounts and Settings (or Your Account) page, where you can also view the total cost that will get charged to you. Depending on the QuickBooks Online service you’re using and where you are in the billing month, you may incur this fee.

Cancel QuickBooks Online Demo (Trial Version)

QuickBooks Online has a free trial version, which is called QuickBooks Online demo. If you are using the QuickBooks test drive then follow the steps to cancel the free trial version;

  • First of all, open any web browser in your system (except mobile device).
  • Then log in to QuickBooks Online as an administrator.
  • Go to the ‘Setting‘ section, and select the ‘Account and Settings option.
  • After that, visit the ‘Billing & Subscription‘ tab. If the tab is visible to you then it confirms that you don’t get the trial version through the mobile app store.
  • Click on the ‘QuickBooks‘, and then the ‘Cancel Trial‘ option.

Note: The users who were using a paid subscription can access their data for one year after canceling the QuickBooks account. But remember it is read-only data you can’t make any changes to it unless you re-subscribe your account within one year of the cancellation period.

Cancel Subscription through Mobile App Stores

There are many users, who are using QuickBooks Online by using the QuickBooks Online app and have purchased the subscription through mobile app stores. So here, we have given the cancelation process of subscriptions for both Android and Apple users. Choose your purchased type, and cancel the subscription;

If the Subscription is Purchased through Apple Store

If you’ve purchased and signed up for QuickBooks through an Apple iTunes store or Google Play store then follow the steps to cancel the subscription.

For iOS, iPhone, & iPad

Follow the steps for the iPhone, and iPad, to cancel the Online subscription;

  • Open the ‘Settings app from your iPhone.
  • After that, click on the ‘Name‘ to access the Apple ID.
  • Choose the ‘Subscriptions‘ option, and then the ‘QuickBooks Online‘.
cancel QuickBooks Online subscription in Apple store
cancel QuickBooks Online subscription in the Apple store
  • At last, click the ‘Cancel‘ option.

For iTunes

Here are the steps for iTunes users to cancel the QuickBooks Online subscription;

  • First, you need to open iTunes on your computer.
  • Then, select Account and Sign-in.
  • Next, select the Store option.
  • After that, select Account and then click on the View my Account option. Here, you need to enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Then, select the View Account option.
  • Next, go to Settings, and then click on Manage next to subscriptions, and then select QuickBooks Online.
  • Finally, click on Cancel Subscription.

If the Subscription is Purchased through Google Play Store

If you are an android user and purchased the QuickBooks Online subscription through the Google play store then follow the procedure to cancel the subscription to QuickBooks Online.

  • Visit the ‘Play Store app.
  • Click on the profile icon, and visit to the ‘Payments & subscriptions‘ section.
  • Choose the ‘Subscription‘ option and then the ‘QuickBooks Online‘ app.
  • Now, you will be in the ‘Manage subscription‘ window.
  • Select the ‘Cancel Subscription‘ option on the window.

How to Reactivate QuickBooks Online

If a QuickBooks user has a suspended subscription, QuickBooks automatically cancel the subscription, after charging the payment method for three failed attempts. You can follow the procedure if you want to resubscribe the QuickBooks;

  • First, log in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Visit the ‘Settings icon, and select the ‘Account and Settings option.
  • Choose the ‘Billing & Subscription‘ option, and then the ‘Resubscribe‘.
  • Now enter the updated billing information.
  • At last, click on the ‘Subscribe‘ option.
  • Log out, and log in again to your account.
  • Select the ‘Settings‘ icon, and choose ‘Account and Settings‘.
  • Click on the ‘Billing & Subscription‘ option, and check the next charge date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I still use QuickBooks, if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can use QuickBooks Online for 14 days, after canceling the subscription. But you can only read all of the records available in QuickBooks, and can’t make any changes in QuickBooks Online.

Can I cancel my Online subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your QuickBooks account at any time. But it is best to unsubscribe from QuickBooks 5 days before the next billing day.

What does it signify when my account is suspended?

If your account is suspended then QuickBook is only accessible to view mode only, So you can only read your company data but can’t edit data or add any data. You can access all this after reactivating your account and updating your payment details.

Who can change the payment information, and how long until my suspension is lifted?

Using the Master Administrator login, only the Master Administrator is able to update the payment information. The suspension should be lifted quickly after the money has been processed or at the latest by 12 AM Pacific Time.

What happens to your data if you cancel your subscription?

If you cancel your subscription then your data will be stored for one year. You can get the same data that you left off and will get the same data when you choose to resubscribe or reactivate your account. But you have to reactivate your account before the completion of one year. Your data will remain as it is during this period of time and you can only read the whole data for one year.

Hopefully, now you can delete the QuickBooks Online subscription successfully. Still, if you need assistance to unsubscribe from the Online subscription then drop a call through this toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 to connect with the QuickBooks experts.

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