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Need a Streamline QuickBooks Mac support to experience all the advanced features of QuickBooks Mac? Stop wandering here and there, you are on the right platform. Wizxpert can provide the best QuickBooks for Mac support. Here we have tried to simplify the problem related to the QuickBooks Mac in a tutorial guide form. All of the solutions are given by the certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. So join us and read the article till the end, or drop a call to this number +1-844-405-0904 for live tele-support.  

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Overview

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is developed for Mac users, who want to use the Desktop version of QuickBooks. Now it’s been changed to QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus (2022). This helps to automate the business accounting tasks and provides core features to do bookkeeping in advance.

How to Contact QuickBooks Mac Support team?

There may be different purposes that you have reached the page to get support for QuickBooks Mac. Here we have mentioned some of the possibilities of searching for QuickBooks service, have a look;

  1. New User: To get start-up guidance of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
  2. Already a User: To get help for running the software (set up, error, installation, upgrade, etc.)
  3. To Purchase: For the purpose of QuickBooks Desktop Mac purchase     

Note: There are many resources, where you will find that QuickBooks Desktop for Mac has the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise plans. But it is not true. There is no official announcement by Intuit that, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac has different plans. It has only one plan, named Mac Plus (2022).

Intuit has different mediums for QuickBooks customer support. And each version and plans have a particular day, and time period to serve QuickBooks services. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac has limited mediums for service. Here we will discuss all; 

QuickBooks Mac Tele-Support  

Dial the official number 1.800.568.0073 to connect with the official representative of QuickBooks for the tele-support. You will be asked for your needed service type, address your service type. After that, you can directly connect with a QuickBooks expert.      

QuickBooks Conversion Support  

There is another way to get service from the official site, called ‘Conversion Support’. Follow the procedure to go for the service; 

  • Click on the link to visit the contact us help page of QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks will ask you, ‘Which product is your question about?’.
  • Choose ‘QuickBooks for Mac’ from the product drop-down list.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ option.  
  • Write down your question, or the query you need the answer, in the box.
  • After that, click the ‘Continue’ option. 
  • QuickBooks will show you some tutorial guides if any source is available in its community. 
  • Otherwise, you will get the response within 2-3 working days from QuickBooks.  

Note: You should be logged into the Intuit site, with your credential before this procedure.  

QuickBooks Care Plan for Mac  

This is the premium plan of QuickBooks support, where you can get a better response than the other two mediums. This offers unlimited access to get service for your QuickBooks product. It includes the basic learning process of using QuickBooks and customization of QuickBooks. Let’s see, what are the plans, and pricing of QuickBooks care support; 

Mac Annual Support PlanMac Plus Annual
FacilitySupport for one year24/7 support by QuickBooks experts Upgrade to the latest QuickBooks Premier version upon release

Contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor to Get Instant Support

Sometimes, users can’t get support from QuickBooks because of the busy service line. This creates problems, while you are in hurry, and need the instant service. In this case, you can contact us for QuickBooks ProAdvisor support through our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904. Here we have all Intuit certified QuickBooks experts, who are trained well and have the capability to serve services for all QuickBooks fields. 

And if you are not able to connect with us by phone call, you can visit our ‘Contact Us’ page, and can send your message to us. 

Tutorials for QuickBooks for Mac Support

Here are some of the tutorial links to startup, set up, and troubleshoot errors in QuickBooks Desktop Mac. Look below, you may find the tutorial link for your query. If you can’t find any links regarding your QuickBooks Mac support then drop a call to this number +1-844-405-0904. And get the service that you want.   

Startup Tutorials Links

Error Troubleshooting Tutorials Links

Set Up Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact QuickBooks for Mac support? 

Dial the +1-844-405-0904 to contact QuickBooks for Mac support. The experienced, and certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor will be there to provide services for QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus. They have the knowledge to give answers to all kinds of solutions to your queries related to QuickBooks. 

Is QuickBooks supported on Mac? 

Yes, QuickBooks is supported on Mac. QuickBooks has a different product called ‘QuickBooks Desktop for Mac’, which is namely now as ‘QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus’. Only the Mac user can use this QuickBooks plan in their system.    
What are the differences between QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, and QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus? 
There are two main differences between the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
(i)  Method of customers payment changed 
(ii) Subscription model is available with different benefits

What is the purpose of the QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus subscription? 

The purpose of the QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus subscription is to provide advanced features, and facilities of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to the users. See, what benefits you can get from the subscription; 
(I) Can access the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac with the advanced features.
(II) The facility of data recovery, and unlimited customer support.
(III) Auto categorization of receipt expense transactions. 

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