How to Create a One-time payroll check in QuickBooks Online?

A paycheck is important for any employee, and the process to create a single paycheck in QuickBooks Online is the same as paying all your employees at once.

The main difference is that, in this case, you will select just the single employee to pay from the list- not all of your employees.

If you want to create a one-time payroll check in QuickBooks Online so you need to follow some steps. We will guide you on how to create the one-time payroll check QuickBooks Online properly because users even ask How to set up payroll online details?

The steps are mentioned below. If you want to ask any other question or share your queries with us, you are most welcome. We will be glad to provide you with our QuickBooks support service. +1-855-441-4417

Follow the steps to create the payroll check in QuickBooks Online?

To create the payroll check in QBO just follow the following 8 steps.

1: First of all, click the employment details on the left page

2: After that click on the Run payroll

  • You can see the payroll reminder.
  • This reminder is because of due.
  • If you have multiple payroll schedules, you will see the due.
  • If DD is active, the 5 pm PST cut off time is included.
How to create one-time payroll check-1

3: After that select a pay schedule

How to create one-time payroll check-2

4: Then select the Employees name that you need? Make sure to checks have paid period and dates.

5: Enter the duration and the amount of the employees.


6: After that click on Preview payroll to save your progress page.

7: Second last, click to submit the pages.

How to create one-time payroll check-5

8: Finally, click on print check and paystubs before going to finish.

How to create one-time payroll check-6

These are some simple steps you need to follow to create the payroll check in QuickBooks Online. If due to some reasons you are unable to solve the above problem. We advise you to take help from our QuickBooks technical support team. You can reach them by dialling our helpline number +1-855-441-4417.

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