Keyboard Shortcuts Keys For QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Looking for QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts? Here’s a complete guide with a complete list of Shortcut keys with their relevant action for QuickBooks. Read the complete article to learn the different shortcut keys to perform multiple actions in QuickBooks, Go through the article and build up your understanding to perform the operations with shortcut keys, you will find here that we have listed shortcuts for all the features QBD offers, so that you may implement it easily in your work. For more info or assistance contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Toll-free: +1-855-525-4247

People like shortcuts. Luckily there are some QuickBooks Desktop keyboard shortcuts that we have mentioned in this article. You can use your keyboard instead of a mouse or trackpad to save your time.

QuickBooks Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Editing Transactions/List

Ctrl+Del You can delete the selected line in a transaction with this key
Ctrl+Ins You can insert a blank detail line in a transaction with this key
Ctrl+Alt+Y You can copy the line in an invoice with this key
Ctrl+Alt+V You can paste the copied line to the intended row in the invoice with this key
Ctrl+N You can create a new transaction or list item with this key
Ctrl+D You can delete the current transaction or list item with this key
Ctrl+E You can edit an item in an item list or in a register with this key
Ctrl+O You can check in the write check/cheques windows or in the check register: You can use Ctrl+O to copy the check. You can then use Ctrl+V to create a copy of that check if you are in the check register.
F5Refresh list. You can see this if you are in multi-user mode when you have a list open. This will force QuickBooks to go back to the database server and reclaim the latest copy of the list. If multiple users are editing the list, this may be useful. Note that all open lists at the same time should be refreshed.
Ctrl+HTransaction History (used inside a transaction).

Opening Windows/List

Ctrl+WYou can write Checks/Cheques
Ctrl+QQuick Report
Ctrl+YTransaction Journal(Used inside a transaction)
Ctrl+JCustomer Center
Ctrl+AChart of Accounts
Ctrl+ICreate Invoices
Ctrl+LOpen a list-If the cursor is in a field that has a drop-down list, such as selecting the item in an invoice detail, this will open the list associated with that dropdown
Ctrl+U Use the item if you have just Ctrl+L to open the list from a transaction
Ctrl+RUse register
Ctrl+G If you are on a register for an account, entering Ctrl+G will take you to the register for the “transfer” account related to the line you have chosen
Ctrl+ FFind
F1QuickBooks Help
F2 or Ctrl+1Product Information Screen
F3Search. If you have the product information window open (by pressing F2), pressing F3 here will open the tech help window. With the help of this key, you can get a broad range of systems and diagnostic data. As well as being a Quick way to view support and technical document. That relates to QuickBooks operations (Ctrl-2 is an alternate)
F4QuickBooks Technical Support Helper
Esc or Ctrl+F4Close Active Window
Ctrl+F6Move to the next open window and make it active.


+ Increase the number in a form, such as a check/a cheque number or invoice number
Alt+S Save transaction
Alt+N Save transaction and go to the next transaction
Alt+P Go to the previous transaction
Tab Go to the next field
Shift+Tab Go to the prior field
Up arrow Go to the previous line in a form
Down arrow Go to the next line in a form
Page up Move to the previous page in a form area or report.
Page Down Move to the next page in a form area or report
Ctrl+Page Up Move to the first item a list or register
Ctrl+Page Down Move to the last item in a list or register

Opening/Closing QuickBooks

CtrlWith this key, you can start QuickBooks without a company file
AltWith this key, you can suppress the desktop
Alt+F4With this key, you can exit from QuickBooks

Data Keyboard Shortcuts 

+Advance to the next day
Previous day
 WFirst day of the Week
 KLast day of the Week
MFirst day of the Month
HLast day of the Month
YFirst day of the Year
[The same day in the previous week
]Same-day in next week
 ;Same date last month
 ‘Same date next month
Alt+Down arrowOpens the calendar for date selection

Memorized Transactions

Ctrl+MMemorize the current transaction. This open the memorize transaction window
Ctrl+TOpens the Memorized Transaction List

Misc Keyboard Shortcuts 

Ctrl+R+PWith the help of this key, you have been attempting to register QuickBooks and you have been given a “validation code”, you can easily move to the registration window where it asks you for this code without having to go through all the normal steps for registration. After that, Open QuickBooks and then choose Help and then about QuickBooks, then Press Ctrl+R+P. After that, you have to enter your validation code
Ctrl+KQuickBooks Service Keys
Ctrl+Alt+YSelect “Help” from the QuickBooks menu, then select the QuickBooks option that you should see at the bottom of that menu. This opens the “splash screen” that shows your license and other info. At this point, press Ctrl+Alt+Y and you will get a window. That lets you “enter year-to-date amounts for payroll.
F2 and Ctrl+B+QPress F2 then Ctrl+B+Q. Click OK or close the Product information screen.

Standard Text Editing Keyboard Shortcuts 

DelDelete a character to the right
BackspaceDelete a character to the left
HomeGo to the first character in the field
EndGo to the last character in the field
Ctrl+Right arrowMove to the next word in a current text field
Ctrl+Left arrowMove to the previous word in a current text field

Quick Reports Keyboard Shortcuts 

Ctrl+qOn any applicable item: open Quick report
Arrow Up/Arrow DownGo up / go down one line
EnterShow item detail / QuickZoom on a report
Ctrl+aHide/ show header
Ctrl+pPrint report (or alt+t)
Alt+d, then down arrowChange Date Range of Report
Alt+iEmail report as Excel or PDF

Managing Invoices Keyboard Shortcuts 

Alt+p/Alt+nGo to previous / go to next invoice
Ctrl+pPrint invoice (or alt+t)
Tab/Shift+TabJump to next / jump to a previous invoice field
Alt+aSave and close
Alt+sSave and New

Chart of Accounts

Ctrl+AOpen Chart of Accounts
Arrow Up/Arrow DownGo up one line / down one line
Home/EndGo to beginning / go to the end of the account list
A…ZType name of the account to select automatically
Ctrl+ROpen Register (for asset, liability and equity accounts)
Ctrl+QOpen Quick Report for item
Ctrl+EEdit Account
Ctrl+UUse Account
Ctrl+DDelete Account

Access Main Functions / Windows

Alt+C, then EnterCompany – home
Alt+U, then Enter (or Ctrl+J)Customer Center: Customers & Jobs list
Alt+O, then EnterVendor Center
Alt+Y, then EnterEmployee Center
Alt+R then EnterReport Center
Ctrl+ICustomer Center – Create Invoice
Ctrl+RUse Register / select account
Ctrl+WWrite a new check
Ctrl+TOpen memorized transaction list
Ctrl+YOpen transaction journal
Ctrl+AOpen Chart of Accounts
EscClose the active window (or ctrl+f4)
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+TabGo to next / go to the previous Window with multiple sub-windows open

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac (applies to the USA only)

Navigate around QuickBooks

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Open the Help windowCommand + ?
Minimize current windowCommand + M
Open PreferencesCommand + , (comma)
Open the Product Information window (Product and License number, company file location, etc)Command + 1
 Open the Find Transaction window (Transactions, invoices, etc)Command + F
Hide QuickBooks Command + H

Data fields on forms

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Go to the next data fieldTab
Go to the previous data fieldShift + Tab
Copy, paste, undo, cutCommand + CCommand + VCommand + ZCommand + X
Increase or decrease the check or form number by oneor 
Delete the character to the leftDelete

Date fields on forms

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Advance a day+
Back a day
Go to todayT
Go to the first day of the weekW
Go to the last day of the weekK
Go to the first day of the monthM
Go to the last day of the monthH
Go to the first day of the year (Jan 1)Y
 Go to the last day of the year (Dec 31)R

Forms and transactions (invoices, expenses, etc)

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Add a new transaction lineCommand + Y
Delete selected transaction lineCommand + B
Open the full list for the selected dropdown menu (product, service, customer, etc)Highlight the ▼ dropdown menu, then press Command + L
Move between pages on forms and reportsFN +  or 
Print form (or list)Command + P
Memorize current form and its transactionsCommand and + (plus)
Open transaction history (for current form)Command + U

Lists (Customer Center, Account Register, Item List, etc)

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Create a new item on a list (account, customer, product or service, etc)Command + N
Edit an item on a list (account, customer, product or service, etc)Command + E
Delete an item on a list (account, customer, product or service, etc)Command + D
Open an Account RegisterCommand + R, then select an account

Start a new task anywhere in QuickBooks

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Create a new invoiceCommand + I
Create a new checkCommand + K
Open the transaction journalCommand T
Open the Chart of AccountsShift Command + A
Open the Customer CenterShift Command + J
Open the Employee CenterShift Command + E
Open the Item listShift Command + I
Open the Memorized Transactions listShift Command + M
Open the Vendor CenterShift Command + V

Open, set up, and close QuickBooks

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Open a company fileCommand + O

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