How to Create Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Do you know how to create sales receipts in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

If yes, then you must know that you have to use a sales receipt if you receive payments at the time of sale. When your client has done the complete payment, it is your responsibility to provide them a sales receipt that authorizes their purchase either payments by cash, check, or credit card. Sales Receipts also help to summarize your daily sales in an individual transaction.

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How to Create Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop For Mac

You are eligible to create sales receipts in QuickBooks Desktop after receiving payments from your customers at the same time when you sell out your goods/service. Follow the steps listed down to do it easily.

  • To begin, Visit the Customers and then click on the Sales Receipts
  • You have to choose a Customer or job from the  Customer: Job ▼ dropdown menu. If you are unable to find the customer on the list then click on the Add New option.
  • Now fill the appropriate information at the top of the form including date and Sale No. and also review it
  • Select the Payment method
  • Now choose the item(s) that are involved in the sale. When you pick or add the item, both the description and item will populate the sales receipts forms automatically. You are eligible to change or modify it anytime in the sales receipt(if necessary).

Note: Your sales receipts can be edited by selecting the sales receipt you want to edit from the left panel.

How to Use Sales Receipts to Track Daily Sales Summary

Here we will discuss how to use sales receipts to track daily sales summary, to do it you have to go through the two simple steps. If you are not required to track sales by customer, you are still eligible to use sales receipts to record your daily sales summaries. Now focus on the steps listed down:

Step 1: Create a Sales Summary Template

  • To start, visit the Customers and then click on the Enter Sales Receipt
  • Fill out the form as follows:
  1. You have to leave the Customer:Job field blank or nil.
  2. Enter a payment method specifying payment through cash or check, etc in the Pay Method field, if you want to track sales.
  3. You have to enter all the items you sold out on a given day, week or month in the Detail area.
  4. You can leave the Quantity column nil or blank since you will be filling in at the end of the particular time.
  • Now visit the Edit  and then click on the Memorized Sales Receipt
  • For the template, simply enter a descriptive name. In an example you can use “Daily Sales Summary Report”.
  • Hit the OK option to add the template to your Memorized Transaction list.
  • If you are willing to track the sales through the payment method, you have to choose a different payment method and memorize the template once again. Repeat this step again and again whenever all the payment methods have been covered.
  • In the end, choose the Cancel option for closing the Enter Sales Receipt window. Do not record the transaction.

Step 2: Use your Template to Create Sale Summaries

  • In the starting step, visit to the lists and then click on the Memorized Transactions
  • Now you have to choose the Sales Summary Template which you are required and then click two times on it.
  • Complete the sales summary as the following:
  1. Now enter the number you have sell out of each item inside the Quantity column
  2. For those items that didn’t sold out, you have to choose the Line Item>>Edit>>Delete Line
  3. Enter the dates for the time periods you are summarizing inside the Memo Field

Note: When the price of an item modifies, create a new sales summary template that reflects the new price. You can memorize the new template and save it under the name you selected for the original template, QuickBooks will help you to replace the original template with the newer one.

Wrapping Up

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