Intuit QuickBooks Field Service – Setup and Support

Need help using QuickBooks for field service management? But no idea, how to get support for an easy understanding service? We will help you to find the best and most reliable service for QuickBooks field management. It is a short tutorial guide by Wizxpert’s certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. In this guide, you can find a little overview of QuickBooks field management and its service. For immediate help, contact us at +1-844-405-0904.    

What is Field Service Management in QuickBooks? 

Field service management is the outside business management process that includes, scheduling, dispatch, order, inventory, and contractor management. Intuit Field service management has all the features to take control over the workers, customers, costs, and cash flows. And it has a seamless synchronization function with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, by which a businessman can manage the field and finance at the same time. It gives you a clear report of your overall business. 

Services, You Will Get In the Intuit Field Management    

With Intuit Field Service Management, you’ll also be able to

Intuit has almost all the advanced features, and services to manage a field in every way. Here are some of the services mentioned below, have a look;   

Wireless Work in Field

make clipboards on hand set (IFSM)
Make clipboards on hand set (IFSM)

You do not do paperwork with QuickBooks field management. This gives you the facility to do all of the work on clipboards on your phone, and tablets. It supports both Android and Apple. And make you advanced by controlling all of the processes in your handset.   

Track Performance in the Field

Get a clear vision of each, and every employee, who works in the field, You can track employees’ status like job duration, travel time, arrival, and departure time, order duration, etc with a single mouse click.   

Facility of GPS, and Mapping

You can integrate the Google Maps with the Intuit Field service management and can track the customer, and worker location easily. With this, you can shuffle the time duration easily and can minimize the arrival time, and travel time according to the work order duration.      

Easy Schedule Management

Instant Schedule in Intuit Field Service Management
Instant Schedule in Intuit Field Service Management

QuickBooks has a customized schedule dashboard, where you can put the work orders, status, and location easily. This format can be used in different situations. If in case, a worker (you have scheduled him for the work in the field) is refusing to reach the field, then you can assign a new worker to the schedule by dragging, and dropping the work order.

Roles of Intuit Field service management

If you have a subscription of QuickBooks enterprise then Intuit Field service management comes with one user automatically. Intuit field service management lets you know who is doing what and from where they are doing it and providing it. It also gives the option to integrate with Self-assigning work orders and QuickBooks. When you’re prepared to expand or add your users to the dispatch board then get in touch with sales. It providing:

  • You are able to invoice at any time.
  • Help to manage Job scheduling.
  • You’ll get real-time updates directly from the fields

System requirements by role

In Field Service management, there are many roles that require different system configurations which are as follows:

The Service Manager

  • There is a requirement for a High-speed internet connection.
  • Browser
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    • Google Chrome (updated version).
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Safari
  • Screen Resolution: There is a requirement of 1024 x 768.
  • Processor: It needs at least 2 GHz processors.
  • 1GB Ram with 1GB Hard-disk space is needed.

QuickBooks Administrator

QuickBooks Administrator is played an important role to sync between the Field service manager and Quickbooks and its system requirements are as follows:

  • Firstly it also requires a High-speed internet connection.
  • It requires a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
  • Processor: At least 2 GHz
  • Required RAM of 2GB and Hard Disk space requirement of 2 GB.
  • It integrates with Windows 10.
  • If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise then use v18 and higher.

Field Technician

  • The field technicians can use the mobile app.
  • A field technician who uses Apple then Apple version 8 and above is required.
  • If the Field technician is using an android device then he requires android 7 and above.

Pricing of QuickBooks Field Service Management    

Look towards the table to know the pricing rate of Field management service in QuickBooks/Intuit.  

ProductsDifferences1-10 (users)11-40 (Users)41-101 (Users)
Intuit Field Service ManagementMonth to Month Subscription$35 per user$31 per user$28 per user
Time Card Add-On ModuleQuickBooks Weekly Timesheet$15 per user$13.33 per user$12.08 per user
Preventative Maintenance Add-On ModuleAuto invoicing integration with QuickBooks$15 per user$13.33 per user$12.08 per user

How to Contact for QuickBooks Field Service?     

Intuit has few mediums to get service for QuickBooks field management. But don’t worry, here we will suggest to you some of the ways to get support for QuickBooks Field management. Have a look;  

Intuit Field Service Tele Support

Directly drop a call to the number +1-844-832-2901 for the QuickBooks field management service. The official representative member will transfer the call, according to the needed service type. After that, you can take consultancies, and services related to field management. The service will be available from Monday to Friday (6 am – 5 pm).   

If in case, you are not able to take the tele-support, proceed forward for the alternative support method.  

Contact Carrigo

In the alternative, you can contact ‘Carrigo’ for the field management service. There are ways to contact ‘Carrigo’, look what are they;

  • Mail support: Use the mail ID ‘’, and mail your problem related to the Intuit Field Service management. The service team member will give a reply to your mail soon.  
  • Tele Support:  You can also use the Intuit field service management Carrigo contact number +1-800-517-2871 to directly connect with the service team member. The support will be available from Monday to Friday time of 8 am to 8 pm.      

Carrigo Service Center

Visit the Carrigo service center and find out the way of getting solutions related to your queries from the list. You can also search for the query in the ‘Search bar’ to find your answer.  

Contact Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Unfortunately, if you are unable to connect with the experts, due to a busy service line then you can dial our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904. We have the well-experienced and Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. They are eligible to serve any kind of QuickBooks support. So relax, and share the problem related to field management. 

You can also contact us through our mail ‘’ and can submit a service form on the Contact Us’ page. The experts will give respond to your query as soon as possible.         

Tutorials for QuickBooks Field Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Does QuickBooks do dispatching? 

Yes, QuickBooks has the dispatch program called QuickBooks field management, or Intuit field management. The dispatch program can be used with the QuickBooks Online, and Desktop (Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Enterprise). It creates a fast schedule and dispatches orders without any issue. 

Does QuickBooks have a service module? 

Intuit Field management allows the users for the service module. With this, you can control the customers and workers in the field, and create a module easily. 

How does QuickBooks time tracking work?

QuickBooks time tracking lets you know, how much time the employee is spent on the work. This will help you to pay the right amount to the employee, according to the spending hours.  

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