Secure E-mail Support features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Secure E-mail Support features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Here in this article, we will discuss about E-mail Support features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018. How it works and it’s setup for secure users e-mail and data.

Security has been an invincible focus for the QuickBooks strengthen the team for the appendix couple of years, and that continues this year. If you remember last year’s security/password hullaballoo, don’t badly air unwell. I’ve not come across any security fine-way of mammal that is going to create your activity monstrously. There are many security enhancements in all editions of QuickBooks 2018 .

These are the entire fine. Security is important, and none of these changes should interfere taking into account how you operate gone QuickBooks. E-mail Support features is the best way to keep your email and data protected and safe to the others.

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Set up your email service in QuickBooks Desktop

You can configure QuickBooks Desktop to email invoices, reports and added transactions using web mail or Outlook. Make determined that your Outlook is compatible in the before now your report by checking QuickBooks Desktop system requirements.


  1. Create an email profile on Outlook.
  2. If you already have an Outlook account, then further go to the next step.
  3. Collect the following information to set up Outlook 2007 and 2003 as your email client.
  4. Quick tip: You may need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the following information.
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Incoming email server address
    4. Incoming email server type
    5. Outgoing email server address
  5. Set up Outlook in QuickBooks.
  6. Quick tip: See Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms preferences if Outlook is unavailable in your QuickBooks.
    1. From the QuickBooks Edit menu, click Preferences and then choose Send Forms.
    2. Select Outlook and click OK.

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Web Mail

Connect with Secure Web mail

In newer versions of QuickBooks, you can use Secure Webmail for an easier and safer relationship to your email provider. Unlike regular web mail, Secure Webmail works by linking your Intuit account to your webmail account, therefore it doesn’t require you to in version to-enter your password every time you send an email. Secure Webmail is by yourself easily reached for pardon providers depending harshly the year of your QuickBooks checking account:

  • QuickBooks 2018: it is available and easy to use for Gmail and Hotmail/Live users in the US, UK, and Canada.
  • QB 2017 R5 and newer:  it is available for Gmail users in the US only
  • QuickBooks 2017 R4 and older: Secure Webmail not avialable

Important: If you grow Secure Webmail to your QuickBooks company file, you will be required to set in the works a puzzling password for your file if you don’t already have one.

To set taking place Secure Web mail:

  1. Choose Preferences and click Send Forms, From the QuickBooks Edit menu.
  2. Select Web Mail and click Add.
  3. Select your provider from the decrease-down and enter your email domicile.
  4. Ensure that the Use Enhanced Security check box is checked.
  5. Click OK.
  6. When prompted, sign in to your Intuit account. The username or email habitat you use here may not necessarily be the connected as the one you are connecting to QuickBooks.
  7. Your webmail provider’s login page will display. Sign in and choose to submit Intuit admission.

Note: concerning hosted environments such as Right Networks, you may yet be asked to sign in to your web mail provider in the since you send emails through QuickBooks though you use Secure Webmail.

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Connect with regular web mail

Web Mail servers and port settings are sure by ISP. QuickBooks can automatically engross out inform for some of the most common providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail/Live. If you use a substitute email provider, you can use the following list to locate its server and port instruction, but it is deeply recommended to flavour this opinion subsequent with your ISP before setting up web mail in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. From the QuickBooks Edit menu, select Preferences then click Send Forms.
  2. Select Web Mail and click Add.
  3. After that, fill out all the add email information and click OK.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.


  • Unlike as soon as Secure Webmail, QuickBooks Desktop will prompt you to enter your Webmail password the first period you send an email using regular web mail.
  • See QuickBooks will not accept my web mail password if you already followed the steps in this KB but QuickBooks Desktop still won’t accept your password.
  • For Cable One users: Use the following credentials since Cable One uses Google servers.
    • Email Address: Your Email
    • Email Provider: Gmail
    • Port: 587 or 465
    • SSL: Yes

I hope you found this article useful. Still have an doubt with E-mail Support features, contact our 24/7 QuickBooks Helpline Number1-855-441-4417 to get instant help with best service.

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