How To Download QuickBooks Desktop Trial Version (Free Download Links)

This blog is all about how you can download the QuickBooks Desktop trial version for Mac, Pro, Premier & Enterprise. If you want to take a trial before making any final purchase, you can download a free 30-day trial pack.

Make sure your computer meets all the system requirements, before you download QuickBooks Desktop for trial.

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System requirements to download QuickBooks Desktop trial version

  • Operating systems
  • Hardware and Operating system requirements
  • Software Compatibility
  • Firewall and antivirus software compatibility

Make the selection of the version you want to download. And save the file at a particular location where you can find it easily. 

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Download and then installation of QuickBooks Desktop for trial

Note: Before starting to make sure you have the License and Product number which is mentioned inside the cover of QuickBooks or you will also receive that in email while ordering the product. 

Follow these steps:

  • First, close all the programs which are already opened, including antivirus programs.

Note: Remember that restart the antivirus program after the completion of QuickBooks installation.

Click on the links to download the 2020 version of the QuickBooks:

Enter these license number and Product number after downloading QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier.

License Code: 0421-9621-3866-298
Product Code: 611951

Then click on the Run to download your product and then click Yes in the appeared dialogue box.

Download trial version of QuickBooks Desktop

Note: The Intuit Download Manager window will display. How much time it will take to download it depends on your internet speed. Then select the Done option.

Intuit Download Manager
  • After completing the download, then click on the Next option in the QuickBooks Financial Software Window. 
  • After proceeding further license agreement will appear. Then read the agreement then click on the “I accept the terms of the license agreement” checkbox, and then tick Next again.
  • After that enter the license and product numbers that you get earlier then click Next.
Mention license and product number
  • Make sure the recommended option is selected and click Next.
  • And select Install in the next window.
  • Then the installation will be started through the QuickBooks Desktop Installer. So just be patient! It can take a small time.
  • After completing the installation click on Open and it will ready for you to work
  • See into the “How QuickBooks Desktop uses your Internet connection” window if you see this then click on the OK option.

Activate the QuickBooks Trial Version

If this is the first time you are opening a company file in QuickBooks, so you need to activate the software. You will get 30 days to clarify your doubts related to buying the product. 

  • First, select the Activate option.
Activate trial version of QuickBooks
  • Then enter all the mandatory information while creating a new account. 
Mention mendatory information while creating a new account
  • Give all the required information regarding your customer account (the mandatory fields are shown with an asterisk *). After finishing go to the Next option. Use these given illustrations as an example.

Note: For activating a copy of the QuickBooks must need to enter the company name. But if you don’t have a company, then mention your own name in the Company Name field.

Activate trial version of QuickBooks Desktop
How To Download QuickBooks Desktop Trial Version (Free Download Links) 1
  • After the activation is completed, then a confirmation window will appear. For record or security purposes get print or save it as a PDF file. 

Toggle to another QuickBooks version

If your business grows quickly. I must say you need more advanced tools for your growing operations. QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, and Quickbooks Desktop Pro all these have the feature to switch to another version. This allows you to change your QuickBooks Desktop edition from a particular industry to another.

Switching from one edition to another edition of QuickBooks

  • Choose Manage My License in the Help menu.
  • Then click on Change to a Different Industry Edition.
Toggle to another QuickBooks version
  • Choose the industry edition you want to select.

It will take some time in configuration and will be re-launch in the selected version.

Switch QuickBooks Accountant or QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant to another edition

  • Go to the File menu, then select switch to Another Edition.
  • Then select the edition and click on the Next option.
Select QuickBooks version you want to use.
  • Choose the Toggle option.

QuickBooks will take some time in the configuration.

If you also want to try Canada and the UK version of QuickBooks. Downloading Canada and UK QuickBooks Desktop version. You can go for a 30days trial and check out the product. Both have also the same features as the USA version.

QuickBooks Desktop Trial for Canada

This is the link for the QuickBooks Enterprise and will be available until 30 days.

And for QuickBooks Pro/Premier below links, you can download.

Click on the QuickBooks Desktop Pro trial version

QuickBooks Desktop Trial for the UK

Go for the QuickBooks Desktop Trial for the UK for the 30 days and explorer the features.

Here we are providing you with the Download QuickBooks Desktop Trial for the UK. And you can easily download and install the free trial for all the regions.

The first link for QuickBooks Desktop pro

Then go for the QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant

The given below link is for QuickBooks Desktop Premier

If the edition is greyed out, then you need to repair QuickBooks to restore all damaged QuickBooks components and its installation files. Still, the issue persists, the use Clean install QuickBooks Desktop for installation.

If you still need any help find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Give us a call at +1-855-441-4417.

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