What is Virtual Bookkeeping? An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Eager to know what is virtual Bookkeeping? Don’t worry, here we are with an article to tell all the facts, definition and process about virtual bookkeeping. It is basically, software-driven accounting work that allows an accountant to work remotely instead of being in the office itself. In this article we have answered all the doubts related to virtual bookkeeping; the reason to use it, the services it offers, importance, benefits, importance, pros & cons along with the definition of virtual bookkeeping. Read the ultimate guide to learn it easily, stay connected with us to learn new. For Any related query or suggestions contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Virtual Bookkeeping Service

Ok, so you want to run a small business and things are very busy, where you have problems but you have also got to organize a lot where employees, customers, projects, supplies, websites, marketing are also involved. Is and I dare to say that yes bookkeeping and tax compliance work and some business owners produce their own books, but Hut people are instead assigning work to professional bookkeepers. Some people prefer to hire an onsite bookkeeper, but others have learned to use virtual bookkeeper’s services and have done so for various reasons as they find these benefits dull.

A virtual accountant is an accountant who works remotely with your company. This is made possible by the accounting software that you and your accountant can use to share an account. Virtual accountants can often offer accounting services at an affordable price. When looking for a virtual accountant, make sure they are transparent about prices and end results and have a detailed process of how they work with their customers.

What is virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping helps an accountant work remotely rather than physically working in a client’s office. From the moment, there is no major difference between the general and functional of a virtual agreement. A virtual accountant uses computerized accounting software to record financial payments and update bank statements and consolidated accounts.

Why hire a virtual bookkeeper?

If you would benefit from the help of a virtual bookkeeper:

  • Doing your own bookkeeping is going to drain a lot of your time and energy.
  • You fell behind on the ledger, and need help to catch
  • The previous tax season was stressful, and you want the next year to be easier
  • You want to track expenses and deduct those eligible on your tax return.
  • You are paying your accountant to go back and sort your bookkeeping at the end of the year so that they can file your taxes.
  • You don’t have to make sure how much profit you’re making in a month, or how much cash your business has

Virtual bookkeeping is particularly helpful if your business is mostly concerned with digital transactions rather than cash. While a virtual accountant can handle cash transactions, it is faster and easier for them to classify digital transactions (such as credit card, debit, Shoplift and PayPal transactions).

How to find a Virtual Bookkeeping service 

If you aren’t an accounting expert, how will you choose a bookkeeping service? 

What are the questions that you should ask and the qualities that you should look for?

The first thing that you should do is to inquire about the accounting software packages that they use. If the virtual bookkeeping service works with QuickBooks and your records are maintained on zero, you may not want to take the discussion any further. 

It could be too much trouble to switch over to a new system. 

Cost is another issue. Make sure that you find out how much you will be required to pay.

Employee Benefits: A virtual bookkeeping company keeps the cost savings associated with this business and can be attractive due to flexibility. Virtual bookkeeping does not require office space or accessories, and those who work as entrepreneurs do not need insurance, allowances or income taxes – big savings for businesses. Employer. Virtual bookkeeping offers flexible availability and can do as much work as possible for the needs of the business. This can be particularly useful for small businesses that do not require full-time local accountants or whose financial services fluctuate.

Bookkeeper Benefits: Accountants and bookkeepers may decide to work from home in a virtual capacity for a number of reasons. Because we can handle our business anywhere through bookkeeping, the most common schedule is flexibility that many workers, especially at home parents, Appeals to fathers and disabled persons. Until the work is completed by the customer’s specified deadline, the bookkeeper is free to work autonomously to complete his or her tasks. 

The possibility of not getting out of the house for work is another attractive benefit as it can save the accountant on gas, automobile maintenance, and child care. Aspiring virtual bookkeepers can work for many customers. And where people can sit and carry on their business from anywhere.

How does virtual bookkeeping work?

To enable virtual Bookkeeping, the company gives the bookkeeper remote access to its server, software, and financial documents. The accountant accesses the secure corporate network from his PC and accesses documents as if he were connected to a local corporate computer and installs the corporate accounting software on his computer. Depending on the deployment, the employee or customer may purchase and register the software, but both must use the same program and version to ensure correct file transfer and communication.

The first phase usually involves a video call when you discuss your company’s accounting assignment. At this stage, it is a good idea to tell the person or firm that you want to keep about the financial aspects of your business. How many bank accounts do you have? Have you taken a small business loan on which you are making regular payments?

Be as specific as possible about your needs. Remember that you must prepare for this meeting. You should have all your facts and figures. And keep the relevant documents so that you can refer to them when needed.

If the discussion is satisfactory, and you decide to hire a virtual bookkeeper, you can proceed to the next step. This includes providing a cloud accounting firm with access to your bank accounts, credit cards, and payment processors.

Why is Bookkeeping important?

When your bookkeeping is accurate and up-to-date, you have to make important business decisions, and take advantage of tax deductions and file your taxes accurately and on time.

If you are new to bookkeeping, or you are involved in it, then check out our introduction to bookkeeping basics.

How Virtual Accounting Services Can Help Your Business

Virtual accounting services allow companies to handle all their accounting needs through a qualified accounting professional, without having to hire an entire accounting staff member. This helps to cut costs by ensuring that the businessman gets a lot of help that businesses should only pay for the accounting work they need. For a businessman who needs help with running his business, this is a great accounting solution for small businesses that need help with their accounting but no savings for any other full-time employees.

Virtual accounting services are also a good option for large companies that have an accounting department but require additional support. Virtual accounting professionals can easily integrate into existing departments and provide support when needed. It provides a unique blended solution for businesses that require additional support but are not yet ready to employ additional accounting staff.

Virtual Accounting Services for Businesses

Does your business require accounting functions such as taxes and payroll? If so, virtual accounting services can be an efficient and inexpensive way to help you without hiring a full-time accountant. Team Holly provides virtual accounting services for businesses of all sizes and industries.

As a virtual accounting firm, we love helping companies across the country meet their unique financial goals with their personal business accounting services. And our team has over 40 years of experience in the tax and financial management industries in accounting. Which will dim you a lot of benefits, where with a variety of monthly plans to choose from, your company may only get you the amount of tax and financial support throughout the year.

Types of Virtual Bookkeepers

There are two types of virtual bookkeeping solutions that will help you tremendously.


Freelancers are hired online through sites like Upwork. Because of this, their experience and level of education varies widely – bookers are not legally required to have specific credentials.

You will need off-the-shelf accounting software to check your books, and help your virtual book-keeper classify any transactions they are unsure of. Be prepared to communicate primarily through email or messaging apps such as Slack. Which will help you to avoid the hassle of accounts in the future.


Virtual bookkeeping services usually give you a team of bookkeepers to complete your bookkeeping for you. Which helps you (at least, what we do on the bench.) Is quite good

Virtual services are more sophisticated than individual freelancers. They usually have a whole team, so you don’t have to worry about going on your bookkeeping leave or getting sick. And they usually have more robust features like a dedicated app which is quite profitable.

For example, we connect directly to your bank and credit card accounts to automatically pull transactions with you. And then we categorize every transaction and present a shiny financial statement for you. Which we also give you an app (desktop or mobile) with simple reports and dashboards to keep track of your finances which helps you to run the bookkeeping.

Pros and cons of virtual bookkeeping

So, should you switch to virtual bookkeeping?

Is it worth the expense and hassle of reproducing your financial records?

Cloud accounting has many advantages. The firm you join is likely to have a great deal of accounting expertise. It would be incredibly difficult for a small business owner to hire an employee with the same level of knowledge and experience.

Another advantage is that you will have someone who advises you with your taxes or a specific accounting question to use bookkeeping correctly.

You will also save time. Outsourcing your bookkeeping can give you many extra hours in a week. You can reorganize your schedule and focus more on activities that can help you develop your business.

Virtual bookkeeping can be expensive. But also profitable, the amount you spend maybe beyond your savings.

Additionally, all your data will be retained in the cloud. What you don’t have trouble finding data, not having your financial records on your own computer can mean that you use a lesser degree of control over them. You may also face data security issues.

You have to carefully review the pros and cons of virtual bookkeeping before deciding whether you want to use this form of accounting for your business.

Online Bookkeeping and Accounting

Online bookkeeping and accounting usually refers to the more robust service available through the Internet. These companies typically provide a service and software package with a monthly and annual reporting structure. This type of bookkeeping and accounting service is a great option for small businesses that do not yet have large financial requirements.

An online bookkeeping and accounting company handles the work of part-time accountants and accountants and also strengthens and streamlines bookkeeping and accounting functions with technology. Whose data is completely secure.

While you do not have to worry about discrepancies or outdated practices with online bookkeeping services, they typically handle only financial accounting (ie payroll, record keeping, taxes, and reporting), managing management strategies and data Do not offer insights that are available with more personalized services as the Chief Financial Officer of your business you can assign a team member. Which helps to use the ledger account.


Virtual bookkeeping helps our business grow and with the help of virtual bookkeeping, we can handle our business from anywhere we are not afraid of our business and there are other disadvantages too, but these are just some common ones. Luckily these things do not happen very often and usually our virtual bookkeeping system runs well. And some merchants use this instead of their accountant.

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