How to create and pay Child Support Garnishment in QuickBooks

How to create and pay Child Support Garnishment in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, creating and paying child support garnishments is an important thing. Mostly users are confused in this. So, our QuickBooks customer service team have tried to discuss key facts for support garnishments.

Two common types of garnishments are child support orders and government tax levies. Child Support is a post tax deduction from the employee paycheck. In a Child Support Deduction, it is possible that you will have more than one employee. It is not important to have employee special liability accounts on your Chart of Accounts in child support. In this, It is good to have employee special deduction items in your Payroll Item list.

Create a Child Support Garnishment

  • In menu Lists, choose Payroll Item List
  • Click on the Payroll Item button and choose New
  • Then select the EZ-Setup method and click the Next buttonCreate a Child Support Garnishment
  • Select the Other Deduction option
  • Then Check the Wage Garnishment option
  • After this enter the information about who the money is sent to, the account number that must be displayed on the check, and how usually the money must be sentCreate a Child Support Garnishment
  • Click next button and then click finish.

Now child support garnishment created in your QuickBooks. If you want to edit this or you want to change the name, you can easily do it.

Adding the Child Support Garnishment to the Employees Record

  • Find and Edit the Employee, in employee center
  • With the help of Change Tabs drop down menu switch to the Payroll & Compensation section
  • After this Click into the Additions, Deductions & Company Contributions section.Adding the Child Support Garnishment to the Employees Record
  • Select the deduction item and give it an amount, in the item name column.

The detailed amount will be cut from the employees paycheck and sent to the Liability account and will be shown on your Chart of Accounts in every weeks when you run  payroll.

You will go to the Payroll Tab of the Employee Center and select it from the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section to generate the check to be sent to the Agency collecting the money.

Now, you can create and pay child support garnishment in QuickBooks easily. For more help and support related to Payroll, you can get in touch with our professional experts on QuickBooks Payroll Support Number“+1 855 441 4417”.

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