QuickBooks merchant services or QuickBooks Online Support: Whom to contact?

QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks Online support? If you are confused then this article will help you to determine whom to contact regarding the issues. Read the following support information to decide what is best for you to contact, QuickBooks merchant services or QuickBooks Online support.

Note: This article is meant to as a guide only but not meant to support every possible situation.

How to access QuickBooks merchant services on the desktop?

  1. Launch QuickBooks desktop.
  2. open your company files linked to your merchant service accounts.
  3. On the customers, the menu selects the credit card processing then choose the merchant service center.

Note: It relies upon your login setting, you will be incited to either sign in your merchant service account qualifications or be coordinated to the merchant service focus screen.

How to access the merchant service center in QuickBooks online?

The merchant service center can be accessed by going to the company performances from within your online QuickBooks.

  1. Sign in with QuickBooks online company files linked to or you want to link a merchant service account.
  2. Select the gear icon at the top then account and setting.
  3. Select your payments.
  4. Pick and connect to set up merchant service to the company file or manage details if it is already connected.

QuickBooks Merchant Service

Quickbooks Merchant service is Intuit’s umbrella term for the majority of its charge card handling services, including Online Terminal. It has distinctive contributions relying upon where you have to acknowledge card installments: from your cell phone, in your online store, from a Web program or from inside QuickBooks. As the merchant, you can choose from two installment models – you can pay a month to month charge and after that a lower rate for each exchange, or pay a higher exchange rate as a byproduct of no month to month fee.

QuickBooks Online Terminal

QuickBooks online terminal is a merchant service for accepting the card online payment. You sign in to your Merchant Online Terminal record (see connect in Resources), enter the client’s charge card data and complete the exchange. You can send an invoice by email to your clients. In the event that you normally charge clients, you can set up recurring invoices for them. Different clients can process installments in the meantime. Online Terminal additionally importing to Excel and exchange following and reporting.

QuickBooks Online support

  • You can verify that your merchant account attached to your QuickBooks Online company
  • You also can ask your queries related to features of using QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks Payments
  • Get support for processing sales, voids, returns, etc.
  • You can Set up and use an online merchant account through QuickBooks Online
  • Research specific transactions, batches or non-deposited funds
  • Obtain/verify the account number
  • Verify your monthly processing limits

If you feel that you still need help then Contact our QuickBooks Online Support team via a given link or dial our toll-free number +1-855-441-4417.

You can also get help by selecting help icon when signing in to your company.

QuickBooks Payments support

  • You can check on all your application status, including pending or decline statuses
  • Also, Transfer your Payments account connection from QuickBooks Online to a desktop version of QB
  • Confirm when deposits should be received/credited
  • Cancel/close your merchant account
  • Research specific transactions, batches or non-deposited funds
  • Questions about your monthly statement
  • Inquire about retrieval/chargeback letters and/or chargeback debits
  • Reopen a closed or canceled merchant account
  • You can get help with risk/security/fraud-related issues.
  • Also, You can Verify your monthly processing limits
  • While attempting to charge a cardholder you can also Inquire about a decline response.
  • Obtain/verify the account number
  • Questions about your monthly statement

If you want to update your details like banking account information, business details, and other useful information. You just visit the merchant center at https://merchantcenter.intuit.com. Then sign in using your QuickBooks Online credentials.

For more information on how to process mobile payments with GoPayment. You can call our QuickBooks Payments support number at +1-855-441-4417 if you need a little help.

QuickBooks Payments Sales

You can ask about service costs and fees for it. And also ask questions about completing the application.

Get help for QuickBooks payments sales at toll-free +1-855-441-4417.

QuickBooks merchant services vs Online Support

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QuickBooks Merchant Services
QuickBooks Online Support


QuickBooks merchant services or QuickBooks Online Support both provides technical support to customers regarding any issue.

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