Intuit Online Payroll: Best Solution for Accountants

Intuit has designed the highly flexible and easy to help product for Accounting Professionals, that is Online Payroll. Intuit better understand the needs of small businesses and your clients.
Most trust-able company for small business clients and users widely used the Intuit product and software.

You don’t afraid with payroll because Intuit Online Payroll provides the full support and easily manage all payroll tasks or set up clients to share payroll responsibilities with you.

Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants is a platform for the firm or accountant, they will use it. A firm wants to provide the best payroll services for its clients and a better understanding of the software.
Intuit Online Payroll is different from other QuickBooks Software but this software integrated with QBMac, QBD, and QVBO.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Vs Intuit Online Payroll

One main thing in this is data from Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants imports into the QuickBooks ecosystem as regular checks, so all your financial reports reflect the payroll data.

But QuickBooks Online payroll features differ, this QuickBooks online payroll clients lives inside the QuickBooks Online file because it is integrated with QB Online.

In Any Software, features play an important role in processing. Do many people think about which Online payroll is best between Intuit Online Payroll and QuickBooks Online Payroll? So we say don’t be confused with this term, we describe all points related to both features.

If you plan on providing payroll solutions to more than 1 client so you easy to choose Intuit Online Payroll because QuickBooks online file takes time to turn on. You choose the QuickBooks Online Payroll for one of your clients.

Intuit offer for pricing, particularly for those who plan on doing payroll for lots of clients. When the firm gets a free payroll subscription is called Your Payroll.

  • 1 Clients- $35.00 per month + $2 monthly fee per employee
  • 2-5 clients- $19.99 per month (per client) + $0.50 monthly fee per employee
  • 6-20 Clients- $15.99 per month (per client)+ $0.50 monthly fee per employee
  • 21-50 Clients – $11.99 per month (per client)+ $0.50 monthly fee per employee
  • 51 plus Clients – $9.99per month (per client)+ $0.50 monthly fee per employee

Above shows, the pricing of the Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants depends on clients.

Really I am happy to share my experience with you when any company wants the popularity of your own product so he makes the product user-friendly and easy to understand or he knows the needs of clients.

You use the QuickBooks online in your iPhone and operate it, You will see the ere some perceived comfort in clicking Employee in the left-hand panel of QuickBooks Online and seeing payroll right here.

Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants allows the work outside of QBO and QBD to do client payroll.

Check the client’s file by log into Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants and this is related to QuickBooks Online Accountants to manage their clients Quickbooks Online Files and invite their staff, choose what clients they want them to work on, and see when they login to QuickBooks Online Accountant, right?

Select Access Level
Below give some level of access for clients



Setup and


Payroll Only

When you click in full you have full access to their account, from setting up and running payroll top paying and filing taxes


In this, clients can set up their account, run payroll, and view reports but one problem in this is clients cannot process any tax-related tasks.

Clients cannot process any tax-related tasks or change the setup of the account and clients can run payroll and view reports.

Difference Between Main Features of QBOP Vs IOP

We share some main features of Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants that QuickBooks Online Payroll does not.

  • Paying 1099 contractors and Household employees
  • To-Do/Tasklist
  • Export to other Software: This feature is inside of QuickBooks online so QBOP does not have it.
  • Job Costing: A paycheck of Intuit Online Payroll is nice and it has the ability to assign a customer or a class to a paycheck.
  • Paycheck records: An employee can view their paystubs and W2s
  • Intuit Online Time Tracking: Intuit payroll has a time clock solution for employees, so employees can clock in and out at some workstations. And QBO provides the time QBOP from its own time-tracking.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: you have internet so you easy to use payroll anywhere and at any time.
  • Guaranteed Accurate: work with intuit you feel good because he pays the state taxes by calculated using the latest tax rates.
  • WA Workers’ Compensation Tax payment service.

Employees: QuickBooks Online Payroll does not support the savings for paying contractors.


Employees                                                         Go to contractors                                                  add an Employee

Last Name     First Name   Pay Rate                       Pay Schedule                               Pay Method             Status


Barnes            Romy $75,0000.00?/year       Twice a Month                                       Check                      Active

Lee                 Tim $35.00/hr                         Twice a Month                                          Check                        Active

Add an Employee

Bob Barnes’s Overview                                                                                                                                                                                           

Basic                                                                                                                         Edit          


Name                                        Rony Barnes

Address                                    1234 street Ct.

                                                 Thousands of Oaks, CA


Gender                                       M

Birth Date


Employment                                                                                                               Edit


Employee ID

Work Location                                    1014 E Alguien Rd

Schaumburg, IL 60173

Employment Status                             Active

Hire Date                                            9/14/2015

I-9 Form                                              Filed

New Hire Report                                 Filed

Workers’ Comp Class

Pay                                                                                                                               Edit


Salary                                   $75000.00 Year

Additional Pay                      Salary



Method                                 Check

Schedule                               Twice a Month

Taxes & Exemptions                                                                                                    Edit


Social Security #                    …..4852

Federal Filing Status              Single

Allowances                                  1

Additional                                 $0.00


CA Filing Status                    Single or married (with two or more incomes)

CA Allowances                         1

Additional                               $0.00


IL Filing status                       Regular

IL Allowances                           1

Additional                               $0.00


Tax Exemptions                 Currently no exemptions

Advance Earned                  No

Income Credit (EIC)

Deductions & Contributions                                                                                       Edit


Deductions                                    none

Garnishments                                none

Contributions                                 none

Vacation & Sick Pay                                                                                                  Edit


You have not told us about vacation or sick pay yet

Employee Site Access                                                                                                   Edit


Paycheck Records                              No Access

User ID

Notes                                                                                                                      Edit


Add a note

Additional ways do you pay Bob?

  • Overtime Pay
  • Double Overtime Pay
  • Holiday Pay
  • Bonus
  • Commissions?                    Add/edit types?

Compared to what it looks like for an employee in QuickBooks Online Payroll…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Add employee     

Name                           Pay Rate                      Pay Method                                  Status                                      


Heckman jane                $17.00 / hour   Check              Active

Fisher Duncan                $20.00 / hour  Check             active

Difference Between QBOP and IOP Creating Paycheck

Intuit Online payroll

Intuit Online Payroll

Creating single paycheck QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll


Intuit Online Payroll is a great platform for accountants and firms. Intuit Online payroll is different from QuickBooks’ Online Payroll. I hope you must have learned about intuit Online Payroll through this article. for more information and queries you can contact to wizxpert team of QuickBooks proadvisor.

Intuit Online Payroll

Wizxpert Editorial Team

Job Costing
Intuit Online Time Tracking


Intuit Online Payroll provides the full support and easily manage all payroll tasks or set up clients to share payroll responsibilities with you.

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