Use QuickBooks Online Mobile App For Smart Move In Business

It’s time to manage your work on the phone and explore the world with one touch. Here in this article, we are to tell you about QuickBooks Online mobile app for smart business. The article comprises all the details, features, and benefits of QuickBooks Online Mobile app; read it go to know all the answers to your questions. For more info contact us toll-free:+1-844-405-0904

Your smartphone does most of the work as you want and the QuickBooks Online Mobile app provides mobile access to tools you may want on the road. QuickBooks Mobile apps have lots of features for users and it is free with a subscription to QBO. If you think about why we waste your time in QuickBooks online Mobile app. So you are wrong because they have many reasons to prove why QuickBooks Online Mobile app is best? when you try the site’s companion mobile app, you might be surprised by its features.

QuickBooks Online’s mobile app is a wonder and relief for many users of QB as they can now do their work on the phone. The QuickBooks Online mobile app arises with great features to help users and comes free when someone subscribes to QBO. Very few people are aware of the unique and amazing features of this mobile app and it is worth understanding that this app comes with an excellent amount of functionality.

Although You can work on QuickBooks file by the app You can’t do everything on QuickBooks Online’s smartphone app that you can do in the browser-based version, but there’s a surprising amount of functionality here.

Run Your Business By QuickBooks Online Mobile App:

This is available for Android and iOS and QuickBooks Online Mobile app gives you remote access to the features that you probably use most frequently or easily on your desktop or laptop.

First, you download the QB online mobile app and create your account in-app and sign in with your username, then you will see a home page divided into two vertical sections, you can easily toggle back and forth between them.
Now open your dashboards which display current account balances and a graph showing an abbreviated version of your Profit and Loss report, as well as a graphical summary of paid and unpaid invoices.

Now you are free to be able to work on your QuickBooks Online Mobile app, you can click on the activity to see a list of your most recent work.

In the mobile app, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left of the screen now the main menu slides out, you can see the navigation tool and other images related to your work, your browser-based version work will appear in list form when you click on entry here.

  • You can add more item by + sign such as customers, invoices sales receipts etc.
  • Do you know you can also enter new transactions from each individual list screen?
Features of QuickBooks Online Mobile App

Best known Features:

  • Send invoices and estimates on the spot.
  • Mobile app capture customer signatures on invoices and estimates.
  • Take a photo of the receipt for future reference and for tax time.
  • Add again bank and credit card transactions with intelligent categorization and matching
  • Always know how your business is doing with real-time reports with the help of QBO.

How To Adding Transactions:

You already know that the user interface is different from what you see in full versions of applications accessed through a browser. but one thing is the notice in this is though, QBO app is exceptionally easy to understand and use perhaps even easier than the browser-based QBO.

The open mobile app goes to the new Expense screen and takes the photo of the receipt by clicking the camera icon which is at the top of the page. Below are three buttons available representing credit, check, and other so you can indicate how you paid for the purchase.

QuickBooks Online Mobile App need an internet connection and you connect on the link by the internet and you’ll describe the expense by clicking on links that contain labels like:

  • Who did you pay?
  • What kind of expense is this?
  • Who was it for?

It gives the proper information when you click on one, the app opens your list of related data. So, Who did you pay? and opens your list of Payees.

After opening the list you can select one or add a new one and click Add a Split if you need to separate some of the items. Finally, When you’re done, click Save to add it to your main QuickBooks Online file.

How To Viewing Existing Information

In QBO app you can finish your entire browser-based version. But some items may be not supported in mobile comparison of laptop or computer work and besides. You can look up existing information by QBO app.

By QBO app you can just as easily find records and transactions you’ve entered either in the browser-based version of QuickBooks Online or on the app and you don’t face any difficulties. You can see your invoice easily. you can also do some other steps and edit or delete the data by pencil icon which is upper right on the page.

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