Intuit Quickbooks GoPayment – Credit Card Reader Processing

wanna know about Intuit QuickBooks Gopayment credit card reader processing? here is an article to aid with all the related details. Read this article, to know all the aspects of Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment, including benefits associated with it and how you can use it for your business. It takes only a few minutes to complete the whole process. Do it in your method – customize your receipts to include your logo, store info, social media links, and personalized messages – add a list of items you frequently selling, including (prices,  descriptions, and photos). If you need any assistance, you can talk to our expert by dialing our QuickBooks support number +1-844-405-0904.

It is important to find a secure and efficient payment processor to accept payments, especially if you are a small to the medium-sized business owner.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment application is a simple and easy way of accepting card payments and start taking payments right away. GoPayment App accepts credit card payments anytime, anywhere with a simple Intuit mobile card reader for iPhone and Android phone users.

Mobile Credit card processing is very easy & simple with intuit Gopayment application. It has been developed by Intuit that helps QuickBooks users to process their Credit Card transactions by web-enabled devices from android apple and android phone users. It takes a short while to get started with mobile payments.

Plugging your free card reader isn’t even required. You can always scan a card with your camera also, or key in the card details directly. It is a process in which customers paid easily from anywhere at any time. after the payment, you can easily email or text a receipt to your customer.

Benefits of Intuit GoPayments

  • Briskly, Efficient and Easy way to get paid.
  • Payments are automatically generated into QuickBooks.
  • Free to your customers.
  • Sync up with seamlessly with QuickBooks.
  • Accept mobile payments and not let a sale miss out also.
Benefits of QuickBooks GoPayment

1. Take Payments on the Go

Connect your card reader into your iPhone or Ipad and strike credit card cards rapidly. and in this process, there is no requirement for the card reader. You can every time scan a card with your camera, or key in the card details straight.

2. Save Time

As we know, Intuit GoPayment reconciles the fees automatically, this also saves time. It seems to be very time-consuming to record a deposit that is net of the fees.

You need to ensure one thing that your client understands the proper workflow to record this deposit properly.

Reconciling can take twice as long as integrated QuickBooks payments manually. More often the client does not realize how many additional steps it takes to match up the payment to deposit until it’s too late and they have the mess on their hands that will require additional time to clean up to ensure accurate financial statements.

3. Get paid Quickly – Anywhere & Anytime

intuit gopayment customer service

Customer suggestion right on your device to allow the payment. Then you will be able to email or text receiving to your client. An Accepting payment takes just some minutes from the beginning to complete.

4. Do it your way

  • You can also add your brand, store info, social media links, and a customized message in your receipts
  • Add a list of items you very often sell, incorporate prices, descriptions, and photos.
  • You can also create own Quick order from your items or enter custom amounts.

5. Run your business

  • You can easily add up to 50 users to accept payments on behalf of your business.
  • When you have any trouble with payment, you can use the online service center to accept, refund, or review credit card transactions.
  • Easily Track your continues sales goals on your Gear Watch, and track the exact time of day you make the most sales.
  • Work safe, encrypted credit card processing.

6. Integration

QuickBooks payment is considered to be the most popular as it integrates with QuickBooks financial products. So, you will need to find out while considering the Quickbooks Payments and GoPayment from your client how important the integration will be for them. The client should be able to handle their own deposit entries when GoPayment is set up properly. Find out if phone support will be important to your client. QuickBooks payments come with free phone support anytime. Not all mobile payment processors offer phone support.

7. Financial Reports

If you find your payments not processed properly in Quickbooks then it results in inaccurate reports. These are the areas to be aware of:

Financial Reports includes

  • Overstated Income
    Overstated income is a common problem. What they do not understand is that income has already recorded on an invoice. That’s why income is double stated.
  • Overstated Undeposited Funds
    If payments are received but never grouped into a deposit or entered net of the fees then they just sit waiting to be deposited. And in this way Account Receivable is correct, but your bank account is a mess.
  • Overstated Accounts Receivable
    It is overstated. If the payment is not recorded to reduce the open invoice then you should try to collect invoices that have already paid and then you find the books just become a huge mess.
  • Understated Credit Card Fees
    You need to take proper care otherwise you will find errors in the deposit entry by recording the payment and subtracting the credit card fees then you never have visibility into how much your credit card processing is really costing you.

3 easy steps to GoPayment Intuit login & get started

Now you can easily complete your transaction by credit cards within minutes with the help of the GoPayment application.

Never miss a sale with mobile credit card processing – QuickBooks GoPayment:-

  • Accept credit card payments anywhere.
  • Take all payment types:-Accept and record all MasterCard.
  • Transactions. Plus, record any money.
  • Finally, check payments.

Works with QuickBooks:-all group action synchronizes up with QuickBooks and gets the picture purpose of sale merchandise to assist you totally manage your business.

Lets you customize:-Personalize receipts and add your logo to fit your business needs.

How to use Intuit Gopayment

Plug your card reader into your Android device and take credit cards swiftly and securely. And a card reader isn’t even required. Always scan a card with your camera, or key in the card details directly.

Why should you consider mobile payments?

If you are currently accepting credit and debit cards in your business, you might also wonder if adding mobile to the mix is worth the trouble. Or maybe you’re cash-only and happy with it. it’s possible that mobile payments might not be rights for you, but if any of the following applies to you, mobile payments are worth considering:

How To Use GoPayment

Step 1:- Download the GoPayment application

Download the GoPayment application from the Apple app store or Google play store from android.

Step 2:- Login to the GoPayment application

Log in to the QB GoPayment app using the log details in that you created your QuickBooks Account during the sign-in process.

Step 3:-Get ready to take your first payment.

Plugin your card until you hear it click and turn up the volume.

Step 4:-Swipe the card

Now, you are ready to accept credit cards and get paid. Impartial swipe your card when mark to receive your first plastic payment. Customers can enter the key, scan cards or go online to accept credit cards. They can also record both checks and cash.

It is available for iOS and Android

  • Install the iPhone, Ipad, and Apple watch app via the iTunes App store.
  • You can also install the Android app via Google Play.

Key Points

If you choose non-integrated processing options then you can be stuck into spending more time reconciling their books. Therefore, it is important to show a client the proper workflow so that moving forward they are recording deposits properly.

Note: If you are working with a client who is a user of QuickBooks and they need a merchant account to process payments then they can greatly benefit from using QuickBooks payments. And this, includes the mobile payment option, GoPayment, for free. It uses the same low swipe rates as their plan offers. Show them how easy it is to use and it also saves time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will discuss some questions that are asked many times by the QuickBooks users. Read the answers and know more about GoPayment.

Is GoPayment free with QuickBooks?

GoPayment is available for both Android and iOS devices and the app is free. There are no monthly charges for GoPayments. You need to pay charges per transaction. 2.4% + $0.25 swiped, dipped, tapped and contactless transactions. 3.4% + $0.25 per keyed-in transaction. 2.9% + $0.25 per invoice transactions.

How does Intuit GoPayment work?

GoPayment is a point of sale app. With this, you can take cheques, cash, and credit card payments whenever you need to. Before downloading GoPayment, you need to sign-up for QuickBooks payments and connect it with the QB payment account. If you have a card reader, you can download the app and link them via Bluetooth. After that, your mobile will work as a basic point-of-sale system.

How do I send an invoice on GoPayment?

You can send the payment information through email including the type of credit card used, the last four digits of the credit card number, and the transactions authorization number. 

Follow the steps to email paid transaction details:
1. Click on the three horizontal bars and choose Sales Receipts or  Invoice Payments.
2. Select the Action menu and select Email.
3. Review the message and click Send.

We hope this article will help to clear your doubts regarding Intuit GoPayments. For further assistance, dial our toll-free +1-844-405-0904 for the QuickBooks payment support.

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