How to turn on payments in QuickBooks Commerce to accept online payments from your customers

Getting bored with the old payment process? In this article, we will explain the process to connect the QuickBooks payments account in QuickBooks Commerce and the way of sending invoices online. Learn how to turn on payments in QuickBooks Commerce so you can accept online payments from your customers. Contact QuickBooks payment support through this number +1-844-405-0904 for expert advice.

By turning on the QuickBooks payments in QuickBooks Commerce, you can accept online payments from your all customers. And also can simplify the order management workflow.

Make QuickBooks Payment Enable in QuickBooks Commerce

Follow the procedure to enable, the payment process in QuickBooks Commerce, and to send an invoice online;

Step 1: Turn on Online Payments in QuickBooks

Here is a brief description of the process. Check properly. Before that, make sure, you have an account with QuickBooks payment. If you haven’t then, sign up for QuickBooks Payment, and then proceed forward.

  • First, go to Settings
  • Select Payments
  • Click on Connect QuickBooks Payments.*
  • You will be redirected to Account and Settings in QuickBooks Online to finish the connection.

You will receive an email to assure that the connection is complete. It may take a couple of hours to connect Payments. But once you are connected, you don’t need to reconnect your bank accounts.

Note: If QuickBooks Payments are connected with QuickBooks Online accounts, Payments will turn on automatically.

Turn on Online Payments for Specific Customers:

Do you know you can change the online Payments settings to Online Payments for Specific customers? Yes, in QuickBooks Commerce it is possible. Here is how;

  • First, go to Relationships.
  • Choose the customers whom you want to turn on for online payments.
  • Click on Edit ✎.
  • Go to the Allow Payments on the Invoices dropdown menu.
  • Click Yes to turn on or No to turn off.

Step 2: Send an Invoice Online

Now you need not send invoices manually to your customers. After turning on payments, you can also send the invoices for online payments to your customers. What to know how? Here is the procedure.

  • Go to the Customers menu.
  • Select Create  Invoice.
  • Select the customer from the Customer: Job ▼ dropdown. 

Note: Confirm there’s an email address within the Email field

  • Add details of the products and services you want to sell.
  • Fill out the rest of the invoice.
  • Select the Main tab at the top of the invoice form.
  • Select Email.
  • Click on Send to send the invoice to your customer’s email.
  • When the customers receive the mail, they can click on the link to the invoice. They can find the options Pay Now. If they click on it, it redirects them to QuickBooks Payments. 

Once the payments are completed successfully, you and your customers receive an auto-generated email from QuickBooks.

Note: You can alternate the payment methods for your clients. Go to SettingsClick on Account and Settings Select Payments.

How to sync in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Commerce

You can sync your works in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Commerce. The payable amount of an invoice in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Commerce is usually in sync. However, how the payment is applied (like via a cash payment in QB Commerce, automatic credit memo application in QuickBooks Online, online payment in QB Commerce, etc), will sync in both apps.

Procedure for Refunds:

 Sometimes your customers claim refunds. You can use QuickBooks Online also for refunding the payments. Please follow the steps.

  • Go to Customer’s Invoice
  • Check on the Payment Section.
  • Click on the small arrow ▼icon next to the payment amount.
  • Click on Refund/Void.
  • Click on Proceed to QuickBooks Online.
  • Go to the Transaction in QuickBooks Online.
  • Select More on the footer
  • Click on Refund/Void.

Once your refund is done in QuickBooks Online, the status is automatically updated in QuickBooks Commerce.

Congratulation! You are done

If you follow the whole steps properly you can make your payment methods online. You can turn on payments and send online invoices in QuickBooks Commerce. Thus you can save time from manual payments and more pay attention to your business.

This was the procedure to turn on the payment in QuickBooks Online. Hopefully, now you can use your QuickBooks payment account in QuickBooks Commerce. Feel free to dial our toll-free number+1-844-405-0904 for any kind of query, or help from our certified experts.

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