How To Use PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online

Looking for how to use PayPal integration with QuickBooks Online? Then nothing to worry about, here we are with an article to cater you the easy way to use PayPal with QB. PayPal is a payment Gateway and many people are using it in the world. It is a safe and secure way to send money, make an online payment, receive money, or discover a merchant account also. Go through the article and resolve all your queries. To get more information for sync with Paypal apps integration with QuickBooks online call our Intuit certified QuickBooks Online Support team +1-844-405-0904.

Sync with PayPal integration with QuickBooks helps you to constantly monitors your PayPal account for sales, bank transfers, and expense transactions. In this article, we have discussed how to do Paypal Integration with QuickBooks Online.

With over 100 million-plus active registered accounts, PayPal helps each person and businesses receive and make payments in more than 200 plus currencies in 200 overs markets.

QuickBooks is a set of software that maintains the accounting and offers many other online solutions also. QuickBooks Online is the web version of the popular accounting packages. It is used for any integration to connect QB Online to hundreds of other apps.

Many Benefits of PayPal like pay with flexibility and it’s quick and easy.

QuickBooks and PayPal integration

Connecting the Sync with PayPal App Integration with QuickBooks Online?

First of all, visit the Apps tab in QB Online and Follow below steps:

  • Get logged in to the Quickbooks Online account
  • Then go to the left menu and select the apps
  • Tap on the search app and then tap the search bar type PayPal
  • Now with options, select sync with PayPal
  • Then select the Get app now from the upper right side
  • Once done this, get a correct or correct answer for the question and then tap on next
  • Choose to connect to PayPal and after that select let’s do it
  • Ensure that all the remaining steps are followed to connect and set up the app’s settings according to your choice

Note: Don’t connect multiple PayPal account to your QuickBooks Online as you will not able to get detail of sales transaction.

PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online

Getting PayPal transactions

As soon as you select the authorization, your PayPal transactions will be synchronized securely and from PayPal to Quickbooks Online automatically.

Mapping and Settings

With the app settings, you will be taken to edit or view the loan from PayPal so that it can be mapped to the appropriate account of QuickBooks Online. Smart mapping technology is selected by default for categories so that they can choose how to make PayPal account mapping using QuickBooks Online. Advanced users can change those settings without any difficulty in the whole set-up.

Section of the last transaction

With the previous transactions, it allows you to establish a preview transaction to import on QuickBooks Online. Transactions of 18 days should be transferred easily during the setup from the date of the present day. If in the case of a phase in the set-up, if you ignore the import of more than the transaction, then the use sync with PayPal. So an overview of the guide import is a good way to complete the manual import.

On-going use

Review your transactions after importing

You will be able to review your transactions after they import by following tabs in QuickBooks Online.

Sales Transaction
Transactions > Sales
Transactions > Expenses
Bank Transfers
Transactions > Chart of Accounts > Select your preferred bank account

Once setup is done, QB Sync with PayPal every 15 minute and update new transactions from PayPal to QuickBooks Online. One more advantage, You will also get a daily summary detail of integration.

Import PayPal Transactions to QuickBooks Online

If you use PayPal account to gather payments for services or product, it has three general ways that you’ll do this:

  • With PayPal that you simply would import into your accounting product. This may be associated with an IFF file or a CSV file.
  • Using a PayPal Bank Feed machine, so that you may use to reconcile the PayPal account along with your QuickBooks on-line company file.
  • Using a program that uses the comparatively new PayPal API to drag information into QuickBooks online.

The process to importing your PayPal Debit Card Transactions within QuickBooks Online

  • Firstly, Sign to QuickBooks Online account
  • Apps tab
  • Place the sync with PayPal app card
  • Click on the setting of the Sync with Paypal app card. A tab will be opened
  • Now, in the In-App setting section clicks on the Edit option.
  • Ensure that the checkbox is marked for Include my PayPal Debit Card transactions when importing.

Above steps will help you to sync and automatically import PayPal Debit Card transactions into QB.

PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online

Improve your cash flow with QuickBooks and PayPal Integration.

  • First of all, Get paid faster: – Send associate invoice from your accounting software and seamlessly settle for PayPal payments
  • Secondly, Manage your payments: – Manage your invoices and settle for payments associated with the QuickBooks mobile application.
  • The third one easily manages clients: – faucet into over 200M plus active customer accounts exploitation PayPal to pay online.
  • After that books are auto-updated: – QB auto-updates invoices and reconciles charges and deposits, help to keep your books balanced.
  • Second last one is PayPal Payments straight to the bank: – PayPal used to less fewer trips to the bank. QB auto-deposits your PayPal, Master Card, and bank transfer payments.
  • In the last PCI compliant: – At Intuit, we’re here to guard your business and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have discussed some frequently asked questions here. Have a look at this:

Should I connect PayPal to QuickBooks?

You should connect PayPal to QuickBooks because there are many benefits of integration. You can review your transactions before adding them to QuickBooks. It shows the details like items sold, discounts, tax, and shipping. It tracks PayPal fees separately to the expense account. You don’t need to enter them manually.

How does PayPal work with QuickBooks?

It eases online payments for your customers and helps to improve the cash flow of your business. Invoice payments and PayPal fees are automatically recorded which saves time and effort. Customers can pay via credit cards and it cost you low fees. With PayPal, your transactions are monitored in real-time to keep your payments secure and protected.

Can you link PayPal to QuickBooks desktop?

No, only the QuickBooks Online user can use the PayPal app. Currently, QBDT users can’t use the app for online payments. If you want to import or export the transactions, you might want to use Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) files.

If you have any problem with your QuickBooks PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online, just contact our QuickBooks Error support number +1-844-405-0904. We give the best technical help to manage QuickBooks PayPal Integration. We’ll Sort out all your confusion or doubt about this software.

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