Quicken Online Alternatives: Detailed Guide 2022

Are you looking for Quicken Online alternatives? We are back with an article having a detailed guide to this query, As you know Quicken Online is sold, and now you want to choose the Quicken online alternatives. Here in this blog, we will discuss why Quicken online is dead and what are the alternatives for it. Go through this complete article and get your alternative to Quicken because we have given here a wide range of alternatives, so it’s up to you which one suits your need & fulfills your requirements. Still, having a problem then contact us toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Quicken is an Accounting Software developed by Quicken Inc in 1983. It works on Ms-Dos, Classic Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Apple II, and Android. Intuit declared the plans to sell Quicken Online to H.I.G Capital on March 3, 2016, but the teams of the sale were not revealed.

The announcement ended the sales process which became public in August last. When Intuit told the customers that it is going to unlade its three parts of its business which are Quicken, QuickBase, and Demandforce, to concentrate on its vital beneficial software and services. Intuit sold DemandForce (a complete automated marketing solution) to Internet Brands for an unrivaled amount in January.

The CEO of Intuit explained that the main difference between Quicken and QuickBooks is that the Quicken lacked a cloud-based service or membership offer, which was essentially a dead-end for the company. Chief Executive Brad Smith said in a conference with Wall Street last year, “It is a desktop-centric business and does not strengthen the small business or tax ecosystem”. “Our strategy is focused on creating ecosystems and platforms in the cloud.”

Contributing to the bottom line of Intuit is weak: in 12 months before the announcement of August, which starts at $ 35.10 (Amazon value), contributed $ 51 million in total revenue of approximately $ 4.2 billion, Or a bit more than 1%. But the company promised to find a buyer who would invest in software that was developed in 1983. That buyer became H.I.G. Capital, a global private equity firm that manages $ 19 billion.

Dunn said, “[HIG] is confident, as I am, that Quicken will increase investment, the product will improve and progress so that you will enable Quicken to continue for serving you well for the coming decades”. 

Quicken Online Sold? Why

There are different and incompatible versions of Quicken which run on the Mac and Windows system. The last versions of Quicken ran on Apple II, and on Dos. There are multiple versions available of Quicken for Windows OS which includes Quicken Starter, Deluxe, Rental Property Manager, Premier, Home, Business, and Quicken for Mac too. From 2008 onward, each version of Quicken has the product name, like Quicken Basic 2008 but previous versions from then were numbered (for example Quicken 8 for DOS).

In 2005, in the United Kingdom, Quicken discontinued supporting its software. Excluding thousands of users with only partial functional software.

Quicken users complained an unusually huge number of software bugs in a commercial product in 2008 and 2009. The data of existing online users are not transferable/importable in Mint.com.

Quicken Online Alternatives

As you know that Quicken Online is sold, you must be searching for some alternatives for the same. Many of the Quicken users have already started searching for the alternative and many of them started using them. The rest of the searchers are still finding the best to replace Quicken for them. You do not have to search for them anywhere, as they are also discussed in this article.

Read the article, and find the best Quicken Online alternative that meets best to your requirements.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is our loved Money Management Software all the time, and we have used it personally for years. This is great because they provide a comprehensive collection of wealth tools at a convenient location. Here, you can track your expenses, net worth, and investment. You can also check your investment by using it for the expensive charges and to calculate whether you are saving enough for retirement or not. After the simple Sign up process, these tools are 100% free.


YNAB is a great option for any person who wants an easy and effective budget app in use. It doesn’t provide an entire suite of money tools such as personal capital. This aims at two things: making a realistic budget and tracking your expenses. And that is fine because it does both very well.

When you start using YNAB, you will have two choices. You can import your transactions automatically through linking to your bank and credit vendors, or you can manually enter your transactions. Obviously, it is easy to automate things, but some may appreciate the option of working in an old-fashioned trend.

YNAB provides a free trial of 34 days, so you can try the entire month of the budget without commitment. After that, $ 6.99 per month is spent, which is billed annually. This means once a year, you will pay $ 83.88 for using the app or software. Unless you are a student – you can enjoy 12 months- which is a great benefit.


Mint is a comprehensive financial tool that Quicken would appreciate without any doubt. In fact, Intuit had acquired Mint sometime before 2010 when Quinn was removed from his financial equipment suite. Stew for that minute and think what the program intuition thinks is better.

Mint allows you to check your credit score and how it is calculated. I think it’s pretty clear because many people do not know their credit score or understand how these scores actually work.

Here you can see a direct comparison between Quicken and Mint, then choose the best one for your business.

Count about

The web-based personal finance software is another contender for the best Quicken alternatives. These programs are actually supported and importing data from Quicken and mint which is nice.

When you use count about on a computer, there’s no app to install you can simply log in to their website. They are offering a mobile app for iOS and Android, but not all the features are available through the app.

Use the count to create a customizable budget; then, sync it to your bank account to automatically import your transactions and track your spending. Get the snapshot of your and the financial activity with widgets, or general full financial reports.  


It is the personal money manager made for Mac users. The newest version, Bnktivity 7, is specifically designed for macOS sierra. And like Moneydance- when you turn to Banktivity as a Quicken replacement, you have to import your data for a seamless transition. Within Banktivity, you’ll sync your bank account and use it to build budgets, track your spending, pay your bills, and monitor your investments.

They also offer some cool reporting options. For Example, you have to generate reports based on category spending at the giving merchant. In this way, in the event that you need to follow the amount you spend on eating out, you can without much of a stretch create a report demonstrating all your spending in that class over a given time period. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you need to get considerably increasingly explicit, you can without much of a stretch draw up the amount you spent on McDonald’s in the previous two weeks.  


I hope this article is helpful to you. Apart from this, many Quicken Online users are finding an alternative to it, so we have mentioned the 3 best alternatives for the same. If you want to select the best Quicken Online alternatives in our opinion, then it will be Personal Capital. But you must try the other two alternatives for that. Maybe you will find them more useful than our recommendation. Go and check which Quicken Online alternatives fulfill your requirements.

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