How To Get A Replacement Copy Of Quicken? Detailed Guide

Quicken is a leading accounting software, it has several features that benefit the business. Most importantly and the feature which we are going to discuss here is a replacement copy. Here we are going to discuss how to get a replacement copy of Quicken. Replacement copy is offered by Quicken for currently supported versions. This is very beneficial for every user at the time of an issue. You can download the replacement copy from your Quicken Account by login at Quicken Website. To know all the details go through the whole article, and understand what it is, and how it works? Still, having an issue then contact us toll-free; +1-844-405-0904

Do you know about financial software? Undoubtedly we can say that Quicken. It is the most leading financial software that organizes and optimizes your investment. It is well known for handling money-related matters and financial insecurities and suggests the best use of your money. Quicken has many related aspects that make it more effective. The major benefit of Quicken is a replacement copy.

As we know that replacement copy is for the currently supported version i.e. Quicken 2018 hence we need a login ID and password to download it. Due to cloud-based technology, everything now becomes online. You can also get more knowledge about Quicken 2018 reviews to know the features and other alternatives.

Steps to get the replacement copy of Quicken:

If you are a Quicken User then u have an ID and Password. If you did not have then go for the Quicken website and create a new account. After creation, you can update your Quicken ID Profile information if needed.

Here is some easy and efficient step to download replacement copy if your Quicken product.

  1. Log in to your account from the official website as per your region. (such as for Canada and for official website )
  2. Click on Sign In option located at the right top of your screen.
  3. Now choose My Account.
    Sign In option located at right top of your screen.
  4. Enter your Quicken Id and Password and click on Sign In. ( If you forgot ID OR password then you can select “I Forgot My ID or Password”)
    Enter your Quicken Id and Password and click on Sign In
  5. Now check for verification code at your registered number.
  6. Enter the six-digit code and click on the submit option.
    Enter the six-digit code and click on submit option
  7. Here as per your Quicken version, you can download for it.
  8. For Quicken 2018: Scroll down for plan details in My Account section and download Quicken for Windows or for Mac. 
    download Quicken for Windows or for Mac
  9. For Quicken 2017: For Quicken 2017 or older version you have download option at the bottom left of my account section. Choose your product and click on it to download.
    Choose your product and click on it to download
  10. After download successfully, click run to begin.
  11. Complete the installation by following the on-screen instruction.

Sometimes you didn’t get the download copy on then you can try another option like-

Alternative methods to download a replacement copy of Quicken:

Here are some alternatives that will help to get the replacement copy of Quicken. Follow these steps to make it possible:

  1. Refresh the account page: refresh your account by reloading option. This will help you to show the other issues if happens. There may be a network issue which can be ensured by reloading the page.
  2. Ensure your account: try to choose your actual account if you have multiple Quicken accounts. Maybe you are using another ID that doesn’t contain the download option on the screen. So, first, ensure your right account then you able to access the download option.
  3. Reset Zoom option to see download options: sometimes it happens that your zoom screen may be disturb due to this you can’t see the download area. To fix this error follow these steps:-  
  4. Sign out your Quicken account.
  5. Check for zoom setting at the official site of Quicken. 
  6. Reset the zoom setting to 100%
  7. Now login in again and maybe you can access the download link if there are no other issues.

Behind this, if you are not able to download the replacement copy then you can Contact Quicken Support to download the replacement or place the order for the CD setup. You can also follow this instruction to install the run the setup from CD if you already have Quicken 2018 setup or you have a QuickBooks 2018 update for windows.

How to install or reinstall Quicken:

You need to follow these same steps to install as well as reinstall Quicken. These areas follow-

  1. Insert your CD
  2. You will see the Welcome screen on which a let’s go option is highlighted.
  3. If Welcome is not loaded automatically, then you need to go for file explorer and click on the CD drive to run the setup. 
     click on CD drive to run the setup
  4. Now, click on Let’s go option to continue. 
  5. Accept the license agreement by clicking on I agree to the term …. Checkbox and click next to proceed.
    Accept the license agreement
  6. Choose the directory destination folder if need otherwise leaves as default and click on Install option.
replacement copy of Quicken
Click on Install option
  • After successful installation, a pop-up window will appear with congratulation message.
  • Click on done option. 
    Click on done option
  • After this open Quicken and sign in using your Id and password. 
  • After login Quicken Automatically opens your recent data file.
  • Here we have all done with replacement copy such as online basis as well as a physical basis. We gave you a better solution and try to solve your issue step by step that will help to download the replacement and install it easily.

    We have discussed all the aspects for the replacement copy of Quicken above and if you need more help you can go for Quicken Support. Here you will get all the solutions and efficient information that will help you ensure your financial software by resolving your related issues. We hope this article will fulfill your requirements and your desire related to get a replacement copy of Quicken.

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