2023 Subscription Release Notes of Quicken For Mac

Quicken is now a subscription product for its latest mac release notes. It has not changed to a web hosting or cloud-based product and will remain a desktop program. In this article, we will provide information about the updates of the fresh release of Quicken for Mac covering all the details about release notes and their features in detail. For more details, you can dial the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904.

The latest release of Quicken for mac release notes 2023 comes with annual subscription plans and pricing. It has a cloud sync feature for using the Quicken Mobile App or Quicken on the Web. We will discuss the release notes for Quicken for Mac- what’s new and improved features along with its fixed issues in the latest updates.

Release Notes Of Quicken for Mac

Quicken updates its features regularly each year with its new release version. Here we have provided all the information about Quicken for Mac’s latest version released and its features according to the year in which it was released.

Quicken for Mac Release Notes in the year 2023

In the new version of Quicken, there is an option to hide the cents while viewing the investment portfolio.

Quicken for Mac release notes

Version 6.11, 6.11.1, 6.11.2 & 6.11.3 (12/2022 & 1/2023)

Portfolio Chart Improved:

  • Using new charting capabilities, you may see your investment portfolio in a different and more dynamic way.
  • With clear and simple labels, you can understand the success of your investments over a specified time period.
  • You can quickly analyze your investment data and look at it from many angles to help you better comprehend it.

Bill payments:

  • Simple transaction splitting when using QuickPay or Check Pay
  • When scheduling a Check Pay payment, Quicken now remembers the last account that was used to send payments to billers via QuickPay or Check Pay. This eliminates picking inconsequential dates (such as the weekend or the past) for checks to be delivered.
  • Quicken recognizes and alerts customers to bills for associated accounts automatically.
  • Quicken recognizes micro-deposits automatically for Check Pay verification.
  • From the Bills & Income tab, edit your planned transactions as you submit them.

Tax Report:

In Quicken Mac Deluxe and Premier, there is the availability of Individual tax schedules.

Quicken for Mac Release Notes in the year 2021

Version 6.4, 6.4.1, & 6.4.2 (September & October)

Improved Features-

  1. The infrastructure used to connect Quicken to financial institutions is updated, making it more reliable and secure.
  2. Connections for specific financial institutions are improved. 
  3. Quickly see used, unused, income, and expense categories.
  4. Dark Mode is made better.

Fixed Features-

  1. Early Access feature to add color to your tags to help you better organize transactions. 
  2. Scheduled transactions will now appear in the Reconcile window.
  3. Fixed minor stability, quality, and performance issues.
  4. Issue in slow search  in the Payees & Rules window on Macs with a Touch Bar is fixed.
  5. Fixed an issue for  v6.4 What’s New window  which was not appearing after launching Quicken.

Version 6.3.0, 6.3.1, 6.3.2 & 6.3.3 (July, August & September)

New features-

  1. The new investment dashboard provides an allocation view of securities and asset classes by highlighting the top movers of the day
  2. Simple tracking option  lets you focus on the most important information.
  3. Budget your mortgage payment using a detailed scheduled transaction.
  4. Auto-reconcile online accounts to automatically mark transactions as reconciled.
  5. Quicken sidebar will also notify you when there are issues with an account. 
  6. Ability to turn off Account Status so it doesn’t appear after updating accounts.
  7. A status banner will appear at the top if there is an issue with an account.
  8. Early Access features to get notified for latest updates.
  9. Introduce Dark Mode under the early access feature.

Improved Features-

  1. One-week, one-month, three-month, and six-month options to the Portfolio Chart added.
  2. Changed the Clear Filters button from white to green to make it easier to see.

6.3.1 Fixed Features-

  1. Portfolio View settings issue fixed.
  2. Fixed an issue of incorrectly grouping different currencies accounts.
  3. Minor Quality and stability issue fixed.

6.3.2 Fixed Features-

  1. Previous colors used in Calendar View restored.
  2. Minor Quality and stability issues fixed.
  3. Issue in reconcile was fixed where  the first screen incorrectly displayed the register.
  4. Minor Quality and stability issue fixed.

Version 6.2.0, 6.2.1 & 6.2.2 (May & June)

New Features-

  1. New online, unified help to deliver results from Quicken help documentation, Quicken Care FAQs and support documents, videos, and the Quicken Community.

Improved Features-

  1. Redesigned Reconcile to streamline the design and removed unnecessary buttons  to give you more consistency across features.
  2. Improved  security, stability, and accuracy of your account data  modernizing the technology used to integrate with banks and other financial institutions.

6.2.1 Fixed Features-

  1. Improved account transaction download stability and reliability.
  2. Enabled dragging and dropping investment transactions from one account to another.

6.2.2 Fixed Features-

  1. Switching from a Statement Balance to an Online Balance reconcile issue in reconcile screen fixed.
  2.  wide column widths normalized and edited the budget screen.
  3.  “An unexpected error occurred” warning is stopped displaying while updating accounts.

Version 6.1.0 & 6.1.1 (January & February)

New Features-

  1. Reconciling your account and  reviewing them in the new Reconcile History window.
  2. Re-reconcile the session to review and fix issues of discrepancy in the Reconciliation History.
  3. Quicken will always prompt you to save your report, so that you can be sure the changes are what you want. If you want to avoid the prompt, select the Save button on the report toolbar.
  4. Create a new report instead of saving the existing report.
  5. Pay a bill using Quick Pay or Check Pay, and see the amount of your previous payment to that payee.
  6. For Check Pay,  choose the date you want your check to Arrive by.

Fixed Features-

  1. QuickFill rules getting deleted after editing and syncing are fixed.
  2. Editing the date of a scheduled transaction no longer removed the instance from the Calendar view.
  3. Fixed an issue where Quicken skipped transactions that were incorrectly identified by the bank, resulting in missing transactions.
  4. When tabbing through the category field in QuickFill, the selection of a transfer account would be lost.
  5. Fixed an issue where the Asset and Liability information in the Accounts Summary report was missing.
  6. Issues with Report a Problem have been resolved. If the feature appeared during Quicken’s launch or if the comments were too long, it would fail.
  7. Reconciliation History and Re-reconcile now have a few minor bugs fixed.

Quicken for Mac Release Notes in the year 2020

Version 5.18, 5.18.1, & 5.18.2 (September)

New Features-

  1. Activity is a new tab in Bills & Income.
  2. The Online Payment tab in the register has been renamed Bill Pay, and now supports Quick Pay and Check Pay, as well as bank bill pay and intra-bank transfers, and shows your current eBill information when paying Quick Pay bills.
  3. Ability to keep track of Quicken budget transfers
  4. Reports with expanded or collapsed sections can be printed.
  5. Report descriptions have been added to each default report to provide more information.
  6. Your custom reports can also include your own descriptions.
  7. Continue running Quicken for Mac v5.18 even if you don’t upgrade your macOS version

Version 5.17, 5.17.1, 5.17.2, 5.17.3, 5.17.4, 5.17.5, &  5.17.6 (July, August, September)

New features-

  1. You can search, open, and interact with your reports using the new Reports tab. 
  2. Create new groups for Net Worth reports, Tax reports, and Transaction reports. 
  3. Report will appear in individual windows rather than as a part of the main Quicken window.
  4. Quicken now prompts you to save a report if you have made changes to it.
  5. Added four new Net Worth reports and a new Cash Flow Comparison report.
  6. Schedule a future dated Quick Pay or Check Pay payment.
  7. Assign a payment method to a scheduled transaction. 
  8. Added several types of Quicken Bill Pay alerts including SMS text messages.
  9. Scheduled transactions will now sync to the Quicken Cloud.
  10. Balance will now match the running balance in the register and include past-due scheduled transactions.
  11. Choose to exclude accounts from a budget.
  12. Hidden accounts will now appear in their own group on the sidebar .
  13. Added a Separate Accounts feature to improve support for tracking accounts.
  14. Mark an account as Closed. 
  15. Adjust the scheduled transaction reminders you see in each account.
  16. Close an account from the Hide and Show Accounts window 

Fixed Features-

  1. The Action field was fixed after selecting a payee with QuickFill options.
  2. In macOS 10.15, the problem of double-clicking an attachment without opening it was fixed.
  3. After hitting Command+Option+E or other keyboard shortcuts, tabbing through register fields is no longer a problem.
  4. The disclosure settings for report categories and subcategories have been fixed.
  5. Columns that were not saved with the report can be reordered.
  6. On the Spending Over Time and Net Income charts, a multi-currency pop-up appears.
  7. Closed accounts that had been reopened were closed again after syncing due to a sync issue.
  8. When clicking on a scheduled transaction in the calendar, a crash could occur.
  9. When selecting the “Save and finish later” option in the Reconcile window on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), a crash would occur.
  10. When adding attachments to transactions on macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra), a crash could occur.
  11. Fixed an issue where the First Check Number in the Print Check window was incorrect.
  12. Customers using Quicken Bill Pay may experience a crash when launching or quitting the programme, or when attempting to cancel a Quicken Bill Pay payment after August 31st.

Version 5.16 & 5.16.1 (May)

New Features-

  1. QuickFill rules can now be locked.
  2. Added preferences for QuickFill and Renaming Rules.
  3. Use ⌘Y to quickly create a QuickFill rule.
  4. Added more than 20 new, standard reports.
  5. Easily create your own custom reports.
  6. Report on Unrealized Gains, using the Advanced tab settings.
  7. Pay bills from your register using Quick Pay or Check Pay.
  8. Check # field to show all the available online bill payment and check options.
  9. Select Pay, Mail, or Send, the suggestion list will display the payees.
  10. Manage Quick Pay and Check Pay payment accounts, and monitor monthly payment usage, from a single payment account window.

Improved Features-

  1. Redesigned the Preferences window to  easily find the customization settings.

Fixed Features-

  1. Newly added accounts appearing in budgets.
  2. Resolution of eBill errors.
  3. Dividend and Buy transaction pairs from converting into a Reinvest Dividend transaction 
  4. Share Balance column didn’t display the accurate share count.
  5. Canadian bank account created from a QFX file defaulted to USD currency.
  6. Crashes that only occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra.

Version 5.15, 5.15.1, 5.15.2, & 5.15.3 (February & March)

New Features-

  1. Ability to save all the key transaction fields including the payee, category, tag, memo, and amount.
  2. Quicken Bill Manager service to U.S. users of Quicken Premier and above. 
  3. Quick Pay to make payments from your checking account to your web-based billers .
  4. Check Pay service to send payments by check to anyone with a valid U.S. address. 

Improved Features-

  1. The checkbox to create QuickFill rules in the transaction register will now always be checked by default.
  2. Added a Check Pay address tab to the Payees & Rules window.
  3. Added a warning that changes the account or routing number.

Fixed Features-

  1. Fixed a number of QuickFill issues.
  2. Fixed a number of small Quick Pay and Check Pay issues.
  3. Fixed a number of stability issues that appeared in the release.
  4. Birthdays entered in the Quick Pay and Check Pay payment account window weren’t being allowed fixed.
  5. Removed Cash accounts from the list of accepted accounts for Quick Pay and Check Pay.
  6. Fixed a scheduled transaction crashing issue.
  7. Fixed a calendar drop-down issue.
  8. Fixed a transaction auto-matching issue.
  9. Issue where QuickFill rules weren’t always getting applied to downloaded transactions fixed.

Version 5.14.0, 5.14.1, 5.14.2, & 5.14.3 (January)

New  Features-

  1. Automatically create a QuickFill rule that will be applied the next time that payee is entered. 
  2. No longer automatically save the transaction’s tags, memo, or amounts 
  3. Refined the payee menu.
  4. Create new manual transactions by selecting a QuickFill item.
  5. Added transaction report time intervals. 
  6. Added Cash Flow and advanced transfer and adjustment capabilities.
  7. Create a Do Not Rename payee rule.
  8. Auto-created renaming rules for payee names such as “check”,”atm”, or “withdrawal” were blocked.

Improved features-

  1. Optimize the size and performance of a file on upgrades.

Fixed Features-

  1. E-Bills stuck in error.
  2. Fixed an issue where the day change for security quotes were incorrect on Mondays. 
  3. Number of stability issues fixed.
  4. Issue that causes Quicken to stop working is fixed.
  5. Issue when importing a Quicken Windows file fixed.
  6. Downloading transactions stability issues fixed.
  7. Issue that would create a 0 amount split line fixed.
  8. Decreased the minimum window size.
  9. PRINT removed from the check number field after the syncing issue was fixed.
  10. Transaction auto-matching didn’t work on transfer transactions created from a QuickFill fix.
  11. The Transaction report wouldn’t update after changing the Row.
  12. Crash while searching  QuickFill rules.
  13. File upgrade crashes fixed.

Quicken for Mac Release Notes in the year 2019

Version 5.13.0, 5.13.1, 5.13.2, & 5.13.3 (October & November)

New features-

  1. Organize summary and comparison reports by Inflows and Outflows.
  2.  Define types of transfers to include in Summary and Comparison reports.
  3. Include calculated Realized and Unrealized Gain in Summary and Comparison reports. 
  4. See all of your report options when you create a Transaction, Summary, and Comparison report.
  5. Search for a category in the Category List window.
  6. Control categories, payees, and tags merge with the new Merge window. 
  7. Speed up menu selection in the list windows by right-clicking or Control+clicking 
  8. See the total count of your list items and the number you have selected.
  9. Quicken Mac will now temporarily upload a file to a new cloud-based converter to convert the file, transfer it back to Quicken Mac for import, and then delete it.

Improved features-

  1. Changed the way the Twice a Year scheduled transaction frequency worked.
  2. Renaming rules are now grouped under a payee name in the Payees & Rules window.
  3. Removed the 32-character limit for Payees.
  4. Typing the letter P in the check field will set up PRINT.
  5. A file can be dragged to the panel to add the attachment in the attachment panel.

5.13.2 Fixes-

  1.  Fixed crashes that could occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra.

5.13.3 Fixes-

  1. Crashes that would occur for a small group of people when clicking on loans are fixed.
  2. Crashes occurred when viewing the investment security history list.
  1. the ⌘+0 key command to reset the register text size to the default.
  2.  added menu items for What’s New and Release Notes under Help.

Hope, you have understood the improved features in every release note for Quicken for Mac. If you still have any queries or issues then feel free to reach us by dialing our toll-free +1-844-405-0904.

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