2018 Release of Quicken for Mac Release Notes: Budgeting Software

“8 out of 10 businesses fail because of bad money management. A good accountant along with good accounting software is highly required to go forth and multiply your business.” looking for budgeting software, or 2018 release of Quicken for mac Release notes? Here is the article on your query. The latest released version of Quicken for Mac is of the finest accounting software right now. With 256-bit encryption security and data access guarantee, it is easy to take control of your money. Quicken Mac is perfect for small businesses. You should definitely take a look at its features before going for it. Go through the article to get all the related details. For more info or query contact us toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

No other personal accounting management software offers the depth and breadth of tools found in Quicken. It does not only manage your banking needs but is a complete financial solution. Most of the businesses such as restaurants, retailers, real estate, builders, bakery businesses, couriers, contractors, and garment industry, etc used accounting software for growing their business. Accounting software provides financial updates, saves time, and sharing (work with multiple members of the team).

In the latter part of this article, we will learn more about this exceptional accounting software.

2018 Release of Quicken for Mac:

Quicken for Mac makes managing your money easier than ever. It’s a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc.

2018 Release of Quicken for Mac overview

‘Stay on Top of spending’

Quicken is an expert in doing

  • Financial planning Activities
  • Recording Banking Transaction
  • Planning budget and measuring progress
  • Tracking Investments and their prices and performance.

Quicken process all of these activities within no time. The user doesn’t need to waste their time on paper for making strategies.

The latest version of Quicken 2018 is better suited for getting expert product help or enjoying more reliable downloads. New updated version Quicken 2018 for Mac Release Notes will help you save time and get better control of your money.

New & Improved Features of 2018 release for Mac:

Some of the new, improved and updated features of the 2018 release of Quicken for Mac are mentioned here.

  • Varied choices available in Quicken for Mac, including Quicken Starter, Deluxe, as well as Premier
  • Access granted to more than 11,000 online billers, bill PDF can be downloaded
  • Access the latest features without upgrading*
  • 5 GB of secure online backup is provided for your Quicken files along with Dropbox
  • Customizable investment portfolio view with IRR & ROI (for Deluxe and above)
  • Investment lot tracking is also possible (for Deluxe and above)
  • What-if analysis of loans is done with the ability to vary payment scenarios (for Deluxe and above)
  • Bill Payment in Quicken for free with Quicken Bill Pay (for Premier only)*
  • Provides Priority access to Quicken phone support (for Premier only)*

Compare Quicken for Mac

Three different Mac products are:

  • Starter
  • Delux
  • Premier

You can select any of the products & membership as per your needs & requirements. In the table listed below, we have mentioned the product & features of each.

Products & Pricing For Different Products of Quicken for Mac

Products & Pricing For Different Products of Quicken for Mac

Why choose Quicken

There is so many accounting software then why to choose Quicken. Will it be the right choice to fulfill my daily accounting needs? Will it be able to help grow my business?

Learning about Quicken for Mac 2018 features and abilities will make you understand how it can be a perfect choice for you.

Some of its features are:

  • Upgrade from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac By Single click
  • Pay your bills from right within Quicken
  • Export Category Summary and Tax Summary report
  • Ability to transfer money between different accounts within your bank
  • Freephone support
  • Simple to see all your accounts in one place
  • Easily manage your accounts and transactions
  • Stay on top of bills and spending
  • Easily Import data
  • Get valuable reports to help you make better financial decisions
  • Manage your investments and plan for taxes
  • Make smart money decisions on the go
  • Get a handy calendar view of your spending
  • Plan and stay on a budget
  • Stay on top of bills and spending

How to Update Quicken for Windows and Mac?

Software updates are downloads that fix issues, improve information security or include new highlights and some of the time these. Quicken software normally updated. what’s more, you can introduce these updates effectively utilizing the one-advance refresh include. At times, One Step Update may not work, in any case. For this circumstance, you can physically download and present Quicken revives. You do require a web relationship with download revives. (You can use this instructional exercise for downloading either Quicken for Windows or Quicken Mac programming invigorate

The updated version of Quicken is 5.7.0, 5.7.1 & 5.7.2 and the latest release month of July 2018.

updated version of Quicken 2018 Latest Version

The new features in the latest release month of July 2018.

  • Continue bills & Income improvements
  • Performance
  • Lots of fixes in reports and budgets
  • Investment improvements

These points show the New features, Fixed issue and latest Improvements in Quicken for Mac release notes, this new features add for demanding of top users.

Read below points and update your old version:

Continued Bills & Income Improvements

Some issues are new and some are fixed. They are discussed as below:

Added an “Update button”
  • This added button appears on bills & income screen and by this Update Button, you can update just your eBills without needing to download or sync all your accounts.
Introducing “Concept of Manual Payee”:
  • This features for people like your gardener or hairdresser who are paid with cash or a check. It helps to Quicken which should simplify and speed up the process of paying or tracking these payees.
Link “eBill Button”:
  • By this button, you search your eBills with a link eBill.
eBills now display “Awaiting next bill”:
  • In Quicken, you have paid the bill but Quicken has not received an updated balance. Then Show 0 on the screen, it means your balance was 0. Here used 0 for zero balance.
Added the “Type column to Bills and income views”.


  • The date field shortcut keys did not work in the Edit Schedule and Track Bill Screen, this issue is fixed.
  • The pay with Bill Pay button appeared instead of the mark as Paid even if the bill was not a bill pay bill, this issue is fixed.
  • The Bills & Income view could not be viewed in a standalone window, this issue also fixed.
  • The PDF icon will only appear when there are statements to look at.


In the latest version, performance is improving as compared to the old version.

  • First, when you open Quicken file in the dock, a message will immediately appear on the screen telling you that Quicken is opening your file. This feature was not available in the previous version.
  • Second, In this section removed a database validity check that would occur every time you opened a file.
    In Quicken 2018 new release, improved the time it takes to display the portfolio view chart.

Lots of Fixes in reports and Budgets:

Here we describe the fixed issue in the news release:

  • Fixed an issue on reports related to where comparison reports of different ranges and lengths did not work.
  • Fixed an issue related to where reinvested interest, long-term capital gains, and short-term capital gains were not showing up in reports.
  • Income Investment Transactions.
  • The legacy Spending overtime report.
  • In the pie chart, remove accrued interest since it should not consider an expense.
  • In legacy, reports fixed a bug, where categories with “/” caused the report to fail.
  • Fixed a weird selection issue: This issue fixed in the category Customize report window where unchecking one category unchecked other categories

Investment Improvements:

  • The New feature is Added in Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) account types.
  • Improved the search for security name: This feature improved in the investment register and edit the security window.
  • Fixed an issue related to where the opening or closing the lots in the Portfolio view would cause the screen to jump to the top.
  • Gain/Loss calculations: This issue fixed for 1-Day, 1-Month, 3-Month, 12-Month, and year to date did not take into account splits.
Miscellaneous Improvements:

When you launch a new version of Quicken some option available on the screen so you easy to remove your old version by option. it’s a new feature added in Quicken 2018.


  • Deleting the address of a check
  • Remove the account in the transfer field, when changing from a transfer to the regular category in the category field.
  • Fixed an issue in 5.7.1 that caused some customers to crash when syncing a budget.

Fixed an issues in 5.7.2 discus below:

  • Some customers to crash when syncing a budget.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while editing a payee.
  • A crash that occurred when importing a Web Connect file that had unexpected error codes. The issue is fixed.

That’s all on our behalf. Hope this article helps you to get better knowledge about Quicken for Mac release notes. After reading this all we can say that Quicken for Mac 2018 is one of the best personal finance, money management & budgeting software. If you need to discuss more, talk to our customer support team at toll-free Quicken support number+1-844-405-0904 or leave your queries below in the comment section. Thanks for visiting.

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