What is Wholesale Billing? Detailed Guide

Want to know about Wholesale Billing? How it works and how you can sign up so that you can improve your system. Wholesale billing benefits you to improve both your practice and the client’s business. Get a special discount so that only you can defend your customers who are new to QuickBooks Online.

How does Wholesale Billing work?

When you transfer your customer’s wholesale billing to a company, you pay their membership costs from then on. Then you can bundle QuickBooks Online into the services provided to your customers.

Note: Keep in mind, the wholesale billing cost is totally dependent on the latest list price of the membership, and is subject to change.

How To bill clients for this subscription?

There are some popular methods to bill clients for this subscription:

  • You can invoice the clients for their subscriptions.
  • You can close the expense into the cost of your services.
  • You can pay the cost of yourself to invite clients.

How to move a client into or out of Wholesale Billing?

You can move customers to wholesale billing with the new QuickBooks Online subscription. You can exclude an existing customer from wholesale billing at any time.

Your monthly report will reduce your costs for every customer. This way you can be in control of how much you pay.

How To Add clients to wholesale billing?

Add a client who doesn’t have QuickBooks Online

You can select a QuickBooks online subscription that rightly meets with your client’s requirements while adding it to your customer’s list. If your customer does not need a subscription, then you can yet add them for tracking purposes. Like this:

  • First, click on the client’s menu, and later click on Add client.
  • Choose the type of your client, as your client, is a Business client or an individual client.
  • Add your client business information. You can choose to add more info if you need to insert additional details.
  • Now, go to the QuickBooks subscription, and click on the choice that you need. If you want to view the difference between every plan’s features, then click on the Compare products.
  • Note: Always remember, you are allowed to add wholesale billing discounts for new QuickBooks online memberships throughout this step.
    • Wholesale discount – While adding a new QuickBooks online subscription on the side of a customer, your firm bills for the customer’s company and you will get a steep discount for the lifetime of that subscription.
    • Direct discount – Your customer pays for his company. They will get a discount in the first 12 months of their membership. After 12 months, your client will be billed at the regular price.
    • No subscription right now – Use it for customers who do not have a QuickBooks Online subscription, but if you require to view it in your customer’s list. You need to always add a QuickBooks online subscription for this customer later
    • Payroll Only – Use it for customers who require to use payroll without a QuickBooks online subscription. You need to regularly add a QuickBooks online subscription for this customer later.
  • If your customer wants a payroll subscription then click on Add payroll. Later click on the subscription which they prefer.
  • Now, click on the checkbox if you need to be the master admin of the QuickBooks file. If you are not then leave this as it is.
  • You need to review all the info, and later click on Save.

Add a client with existing QuickBooks Online

If your customer already using the QuickBooks Online plan, ask them invite you as an accountant. They are added to your subscriber list whenever you accept their invitation,. It also allows you the access to their company. Here rae the steps:

  • First, contact to your client and ask them to invite you as an accountant.
  • Now, you will get the email from your client side, open it..
  • Click on the User ID you identify as yours. This takes  you to the log in page.
  • Now, insert your password, then click on the Accept Invitation.
  • Click on the accounting firm you want to use.
  • Note: If in case nothing happens when you select your firm and, then you have to open your log-in page by using the incognito or private mode. If still you are facing the same  issue, then click on learn what to do if you are not able to accept the accountant’s invitation.
  • Now, click on Continue on the success page,

If in case your client’s already have a subscription from any wholesale billing discount from a different firm, then they are still recieve yours after the old firm removes them. Be sure you need to finish the transfer within 60 days for the eligibility for the discount.

How is Wholesale Billing different from retail?

Companies that pay via wholesale billing are still managed like any other retail subscription. Participating in wholesale billing for your customers does not make you retail.

Note: You will be charged sales depend on the address in the billing profile of your wholesale billing subscription.

Hope this article will help you to understand about wholesale billing, how it is helpful for you and your clients. If you want to know more about the wholesale billing and have any issue or query regarding the bookkeeping and accounting issue then feel free to all us on our toll-free +1-855-441-4417 and get instant solution for your query. Our expert team of Intuit Certified Proadvisors always ready to help you out from your query.

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