Upgrade or Convert your Company File to a Newer Version in QuickBooks Desktop

Want to upgrade or convert your company file to a newer version in QuickBooks Desktop? Then nothing to worry about, here is an article to aid you with easy solutions and some of the tested tips. When you work on QuickBooks and the new version is available of QuickBooks, so you must update your older version to the newer version as well as update your old company files, and for this very reason, you must go through the article to get the steps of the procedure and follow them for up gradation of the company file. For more info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Most people face situations like:

  • This company file needs to be updated. please ask your QuickBooks administrator to update the file
  • the company file you are trying to open was created with a newer version
  • you want to know whether newer versions of QuickBooks can open older versions

You can get rid of any of the above situations by upgrading or converting your company file to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop

Therefore, here we are going to discuss how to upgrade or convert your company file to a newer version of QuickBooks.

Important Things to Know Before Converting the QuickBooks File

Prepare the company file for converting

We need to double-check the data for errors in the company file. Once the company file is converted, you can’t do any changes in the file. These all of the things help the Company file for converting or upgrading.

  • First, you need to open the original version of QuickBooks. Then, you need to open the company file that you want to upgrade.
  • Next, press the F2 button from the keyboard to see the product information.
  • Then, go to the file information section and note down the location where your files have been saved.
  • To prepare the company file for an upgrade, you need to run the rebuild tool.

NOTE: If you keep you company files on the server then you have to move the company file to a computer’s local hard drive for upgrading. You can move back the file on the server again.

Arrange(Re-Sort) all six of the major list

  • Open the list of Vendors, Employees & customers by clicking the icon on the top bar. Search the list and after viewing the list go to View > Re-sort List.
  • Item List: Go to list then open item list and click Account which is bottom left, you can see the last option, Re-sort List.
  • The chart of Account: Open the Chart of an account by click Account in the bottom left, the last option is Re-sort list.
  • Now you can reset the admin password and password hint because sometimes password arises the problems so change the password for security purposes.
  • Rebuild the data: Check and Rebuilding your company date by Intuit site.
  • Verify the Data: Read up the verifying related information by the Intuit site.
  • Search the error in QBWin.log file and read the file for any errors- Read up on the QuickBook log file.

Steps To Upgrade or Convert your Company File

Initially, you have to update QuickBooks Desktop software and after that, you can upgrade or convert your company file.

Only the Admin user can upgrade or convert company file in QuickBooks

If you are the only user of your company file then you are already an administrator and you will need to sign into the “Admin” user to continue with these steps.

And if you are not the admin then you want to upgrade your QuickBooks company file and then you will receive the message “The company file needs to be updated”.

Please ask your QB admin to update the file. This message you need to switch to the admin user and try again.

Don’t upgrade your QuickBooks Company file over a network

Moving further, you need to know that it is not important to upgrade company files while stored on a network or a mapped drive. This may take the conversion unsecured and puts the file at risk of being damaged.

In fact, the QuickBooks Desktop Company file must be saved locally on the computer you are accessing it from.

Upgraded QuickBooks Data file can’t be opened in previous versions

If you convert the QuickBooks Company file to a newer version after that older version of QB will not be able to open it.

However QuickBooks Desktop automatically backup your data file before upgrading it. In case if you want to return to the older version. You can always restore this back up with your old version of QuickBooks.

If the transformation process is interrupted for any reason then you can restore the backup with your new version of QuickBooks Desktop to restart the upgrade.

Enterprise company files just work in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise editions.

If you want to try the old version to the latest version for upgrading or converting company just follow these steps:

  • Restore and verify your company data file.
  • If verification fails then use the qbwin.log file to locate and resolve error messages.
  • After the upgrade is completed to ensure that the modified data file is in good shape by running to verify data utility. If this step fails then repeat the previous step.

Follow the given steps to Upgrade or Convert your QuickBooks company file

  • At first, install the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.
  • Next, click on the file and then click open or restore your company file.
  • Then, click on Open a company file.
  • Again search your data file and click
  • After that, study the following instruction in an update company file for New Versions Check the box to signify you understand, and then choose Update Now.
  • Follow the instructions on how to backup your file. Note where you put it.

When the message appears, “You are about to open a company file using a newer version of QuickBooks. Do you want to continue?”

  • Appears, Choose
  • Once the file is updated:
    • Save the backup you created in a secure location until you are certain you won’t need it again.
    •  if we copied the company file from another desktop to update it and then do it back again.
    •  you are unable to find your company data file in its original location and if it is not in the specified folder, search your hard drive for *.qbw files.
    •  you have attached QuickBooks Desktop Payroll(US), then verify your payroll service by signing into your account by going to Employees and then click my payroll service and then click account info/preference.

Tips And Tricks To Ensure a Smooth Upgrade of your QuickBooks Company File:

Before updating Your company file you need to do a few things in your previous version, these things are given below

  • Resort Your lists.
  • Verify your data file.
  • Rebuild your data file.
  • Check your Qbwin.log file for error messages.
  • Make sure the updated data files are in good shape by running the verify data utility after you finish the update.

The Bottom Line

Here, we shown you how you can upgrade or convert company files to newer version of QuickBooks Desktop. It is important to upgrade the company file as well when you are updating QuickBooks software otherwise it can cause some issues.

We hope this article is helpful to you. If you want any information regarding this or anything else, you can call our QuickBooks Support Phone Number+1-844-405-0904.

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