How to Cancel, Delete or Stop Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

One of the best features of QuickBooks is Direct Deposit in terms of Payroll.

Direct deposit in QuickBooks save time & allows you to use this process for both vendor and employees. But most users don’t know how to cancel direct deposit paycheck in Intuit payroll. This is one of the most common question users asked while using Intuit payroll service.

In today’s article, we have tried to sort out this problem for users. Follow the specific steps carefully and resolve your problem.

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Easy Steps to check the status of the payroll:

  • Go to the top menu bar, select Employees and then My Payroll Service and then Account/Billing Information.
  • After that, Log in using your Intuit Account login.
  • Select View Payroll Activity in the Direct Deposit part.
  • After that, type your Direct Deposit PIN.
  • Look for the payroll circulation with the check that needs to be stopped.

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Importance of things to consider before you move on

  • The cancellation process must be done before 5:00 p.m. specific time and 2 banking days before the paycheck date. For example, if the date of the check is Saturday, you can cancel or stop it only before Thursday.
  • If the direct deposit has been offloaded for the ACH process, it can’t be undone by Intuit.

If you must stop or void a direct deposit paycheck you sent to Intuit to process, consider the following:

  • Once the direct deposit has submitted for ACH processing, Intuit cannot stop or prevent the direct deposit from being posted to your employee’s bank account.
  • ACH processing submissions of direct deposit occur at exactly 5 p.m. (PST), two banking days prior to the paycheck date.
  • You must submit any paycheck void or stop request before 5 p.m. (PST), two banking days prior to the paycheck date.

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How to cancel a direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

Follow these easy steps and cancel a direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

  • On the top menu select Employees Edit/Void Paychecks.
  • On the edit page select the Show paychecks through dates to the dates of a check and press tab on the keyboard.
  • To check the question click on the Void.
  • In the pop-up box, enter the yes and click Void.
  • Now you click on terms and condition box of the paycheck.
  • Once the checks have been voided, close the edit/void paycheck window. after the check is voided.
  • Top of the bar click the Employees and send the payroll data.
  • Then click on the send but you will not get any deposit to send.
  • Before the paycheck has been voided by looking in your bank register that is used to pay employees. The memo line will show a modification has been to check.

Follow each and every step carefully to cancel the direct deposit in QuickBooks. But in case if you are facing any problems while set-up you can get help from our QuickBooks Payroll support. They will guide you on how to solve the problems.

If  Send Payroll Data window does not show voided Direct deposit

Note: If nothing has been edited on the paycheck other than avoiding it so you should follow these steps.

  • Go to the voided paycheck in question.
  • Delete the information in the Memo field.
voided Direct Deposit - How to Cancel, Delete or Stop Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll
  • Now, click Save & Close.
  • Re-open the paycheck.
  • Go to the Right-click and select Void Paycheck.
  • Click Save & Close.
  • Now you see the voided paycheck should show in the Send Payroll Data window.
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