How To Identify, Prevent and Repair QuickBooks Company File (QBW Data File)

If you were searching for an article on how to repair QuickBooks company files then this one is for you. In this article, we have provided information related to identify, prevent, and repair QuickBooks company files. In today’s article we are discussing how to identify a corrupted company file, the reason behind this, also the prevention and how to repair corrupted QuickBooks company files. Go through the article and get your queries resolved. You can talk to our expert by dialing our toll-free no. +1-844-405-0904.

QuickBooks is the best accounting software for all small businesses and mid-sized businesses. It is used for business payment, managing bills, and tax-related functions. QB manages all your business financial activity with great ease.

If you are using QuickBooks for a time then you must be aware of the company file.

QuickBooks Data files store important data, and software are easier to read this data file. If the file size of the data file is small (under 200 MB) so it’s easy to software keep the data in order but if the size is large so the software struggles to keep all of the data in order.

QuickBooks Files and Extensions

How to Identify Data Corruption

You can examine the transactions or items by log. its indicates the problems of items and transaction. After the exam, you can go back and delete or replace the corrupted items, and Continue down the log and address each item until the file verifies.
But this process starts when you complete the previous ‘Verify Data’ and ‘Rebuild Data’ steps, you need to review the logs that QuickBooks created for the data verification you just performed.

Check whether your company file is corrupted or not?

It is a fact that you must accept any problem before solving it. To make sure whether your file is corrupted or not, follow the step mentioned below. We are describing some of the things which might occur if you are a victim of a corrupt company file.

  • Sudden shutdown the QB software because of some human errors
  • Missing the Transaction list from the software
  • Unpaid bill and invoice are shown as paid on the balance sheet
  • A fault occurs on the balance sheet while auditing
  • Transaction history shows the negative balance

To identify any errors you have to keep a close eye on your software. Any unusual activity or strange data behavior is enough to get you to identify the main problem.

Why does my company file get corrupted? What is the reason behind it?

Before you move towards the solving process. You must know the main reason behind this occurrence. This will help you identify the prevention step for the same. This will also be handy in fixing this error. Here we are describing some of the reasons for the data damage.

  • Overtime working on QB
  • If your RAM doesn’t automatically correct the problems and RAM having very less memory
  • Sudden power off the QB without saving data if you close it may current the data
  • Virus attack and unwanted users virus are very dangers they will erase the database
  • Some problems with cable, internet, and hard disk
  • Improper shutdown of the system directly off the main switch which causes the corrupt data

These are some common region are occurs while using the QB other than this you can get some small technical errors also because of some human errors and unwanted users. Above we have mentioned some of the causes of data damage. But still, we can’t discover all of the causes of QuickBooks database corruption.

How to prevent the QuickBooks corrupt data files

Saving your data is always a good practice in every stream. Because once if we lose data and files it is very difficult to gain again. We must be aware of this well-known quote: Prevention is better than cure. This also applies here but not completely. You can’t be sure that you will completely be able to prevent this data damage. But at least follow the step described below to take some preventive steps.

  • Save the data backup in a different location and a different database
  • Avoid from virus-like malicious files and threats
  • Try to avoid that corrupt the files
  • And reduce the third party users and tools

How to Repair Corrupted QuickBooks Company file

Solution 1: Manual Method

repair QuickBooks Company file repair
  • Open the data files and log-in as administrator
  • Select a single user mode
  • Click on File -> Utilities -> Verify Data.

Important: Time taken to complete the above step can vary. If the process is time taking, you can follow the step mentioned below.

  • From the server make a local copy of the data file.
  • You must enable temporary hosting on the machine if required. After that open the file with administrator login.
  • Click on File-> Utilities -> Rebuild Data.
  • Copy and open the file and login as administrator.
Repair Corrupted QuickBooks Company File

Important: Complete rebuild will take even more time. Don’t interrupt the system in the middle of the process.

Once if the rebuild is complete then save the copy of the file on a local machine and and save data in the different name

Solution 2: Repair your company file using the Rebuild Data tool

This is an in-built tool with QuickBooks Desktop and helps you to automatically fix common company file data problems.

  • Open QuickBooks and go to File menu, then look for the Utilities and choose Rebuild Data.
  • choose OK on the QuickBooks Information window, Go with the onscreen instructions to save the backup of your company file.
  • Now. run the tool and let it be repairing your file. It might take some time. While repairing you may notice QuickBooks stuck, but if you can move your mouse, the tool will working.
  • Choose OK after the tool finishes repairing.
  • Now again go to the File menu and look for the Utilities and choose Verify Data and run the tool to check your file for data issues
  • If this tool does not detect any problems then choose OK. and start using your company file. You do not have any data loss.
  • If the tool detects any issue with your company file then choose Rebuild Now.
  • If you are still facing the same issue after rebuilding your company file then try to rebuild again once. In case, If your first rebuild attempt took 2+ hours then its recommended contact QuickBooks support.

Free Tools to Repair QuickBooks Company File

The manual method is simplest to work and easy to process but it takes a lot of time to complete so a better approach could be to use a free tool to repair a QuickBooks company.

data file. Here are some popular .qbw file repair tools for this task:


Re-registers the various QuickBooks-related components with Microsoft Windows.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Diagnoses and repairs a number of problems, with the main focus being on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

It helps to fix problems that prevent QuickBooks from running.

QuickBooks File Doctor

It helps to repair QuickBooks file and data corruption, Windows setup problems, and network setup problems.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Diagnose all types of connection issues in QuickBooks accounting software.

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