Set Up An Employee For Direct Deposit In QuickBooks

How to Set up Employee for Direct Deposit in QuickBooks? QuickBooks is the accounting software which is used all over the world by the people for large as well as for small business. With the help of QuickBooks Desktop, employees can be paid very easily by Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit the basic steps in transferring money from one bank account to the other account. By the QuickBooks Direct Deposit, you are easily able to pay the employees by not printing a check or by writing. The Direct Deposit creates a PIN which confirms that the transaction is secured. This also confirms that it is secure and there no fraud occurring. 

This payroll process should be flexible and straightforward whenever you will be activating direct deposit in Quickbooks for your employees. With the help of this, all the employees will be paid on time, and while using them you able to set up, remove, edit direct deposit services easily.

To activate the QuickBooks Direct Deposit for employees, they first need to enter all the details in the Authorization form. Then, avoid check is produced for their bank account. This information which you will enter will be for the records, it will not be submitted in the QuickBooks desktop.

Points To Be Known

  • First, go to the QuickBooks Desktop Pro and then go to the employee menu.
  • From Employee, Menu sees My Payroll Services. 
  • Then choose Activate Direct Deposit and then fill the form which will be shown to you for review.
  • Then without extension enter your Zip Code and then click on Submit.
  • Then click on the View agreement and read the check
  • Then click on the terms and continue and click on sign up option.
  • Then print DD will start guiding and then click on return to QuickBooks option.
  • Then follow the DD Getting start guiding you.
  • You have to take care of one thing that QuickBooks Payroll should be Updated to the latest version.

Things Required for Sign Up To Direct Deposit

There are some things included for signing in Direct Deposit:

  • Required Internet Access.
  • QuickBooks version should be updated to the latest version.
  • QuickBooks version should support the direct deposit
  • QuickBooks desktop subscription should be activated.
  • You need to add Employer Identification Number(EIN) to QuickBooks Payroll.
  • There should be bank account which can manage all transaction which is related to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) in the United State.

Steps For Set up Employee For Direct Deposit in QuickBooks

  • Go and select Employees and for opening the employee list select Employee Center.
  • On Employee name double click it, then choose Payroll Info option.
  • Then you choose the DD option and the Direct deposit window will be opened.
  • Then from the Direct Deposit window, click on Use DD for employee name.
  • Then you need to choose for depositing the paycheck into one or two accounts that you want.
  • Then enter the employee financial information which includes bank Name, Account Number, etc.
  • In this, you have one option that if you want to deposit two accounts, then you have to enter the account or the percentage of the amount that the employee wants to deposit to his first account in the Amount to Deposit field.
  • Then click on Save and then Close it.

Edit an Employee DD Information

If any detail of the bank is changed say as address or any other information then you need to edit the bank account information of the employee before you create a paycheck. The Paychecks which will be created before updating the information of the employee account will automatically submit to the old bank account. The steps are:

  • Open the Paycheck and then go to the Paycheck Detail window.
  • Then you uncheck the Use Direct Deposit option in Paycheck Details.
  • Then select the Save and then Close it.
  • Then open the paycheck again and then you can able to choose the Use DD option and click on the Save button.

Delete or Remove Direct Deposit Permanently

If you need to delete the DD from the employee profile permanently then you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the Employee and then select Employee Center.
  • Then double click on the employee name to edit his/ her profile.
  • Then click on the Payroll Info tab for employee information and then click on the DD option.
  • Then you need to clear the box 
  • Abd at last Use DD for employees.

Final Words

Here we have discussed setting up the Direct Deposit for an employee in QuickBooks. By this DD will be done easily and employees can be paid easily and on time. We have discussed to activate the employee account and how to edit or delete the employee Direct Deposit Information. If you face any issue regarding this then you can contact our QuickBooks support team and can able to contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor for the perfect advice and can solve any issue that occurred.

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