How To Connect Your Bank Accounts to QuickBooks?

How To Connect Your Bank Accounts to QuickBooks?

Connect your bank Account to QuickBooks and manage your transactions. QB give a quick response when you work on added transactions with QuickBooks. You can keep your business reports up to date and invest your valuable time in the better place.

Here we are going to learn about how to connect your bank account to QuickBooks. We are providing some simple steps that will help you to connect your account with QuickBooks. By connecting your account with QuickBooks you can just eliminate tons of data entry and dependency of data use.

You can get more knowledge about QuickBooks online. After connecting your account, you will surprise about its working and other related and beneficial features. Now, let’s Start the steps and enhance your business Books. you can also connect your bank account to QuickBooks via direct Feed.

If you are getting any problem to follow the steps or any troubel in understanding the steps. you can contact our QuickBooks Technical Support team, they will provide you quick solution .

Connecting your bank account with QuickBooks

  • Go to your main page. Click “connect an account“Under Bank Accounts,Connect Bank Account

Choose your bank

Now choose your BankChoose Your Bank

Sign In your Account:

Fill all details related to login such as the username and password you use to access your accounts. Click Sign In when you are finished. Hang tight. It may take up to a couple of minutes for your bank’s computers to talk to QuickBooks.

Connecting your bank account with QuickBooks

Choose your account

  • Now you will see all the accounts you have at this bank. Choose the account you want to use for your business. QuickBooks connects to your account and downloads all the transactions for the last ninety days.
  • you can change the range if you need to download all the transaction less than 90 or more than 90 days.

Choose your account

Entering Transactions &

You can sort your transaction by clicking on Category or Match column. You don’t have to deal with them all at once. Here’s the thing these transactions are real. Let’s get started putting transactions into QuickBooks first category or to sort the transaction. You’ll see we’re QuickBooks try to find categories for some transactions click the name of the first transaction to open it.

Entering Transactions & changing category

You’ve got some choices to make if you agree with the category QuickBooks gave this transaction lead it to put this transaction in a different category.

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Changing the category:

open the first transaction in the list, to categorize this transaction in the different category.

Changing Transaction Category

Click Add to save the transaction

​Add​ to save the transaction.

See What You’re Making and Spending

You can observe your spending by seeing the summary on your dashboards

See What You’re Making and Spending

Run Reports

You can get more detail about how your expenses are categorized and where you’re spending the majority of your business’ money.

Run Reports

You can even see your expenses as a percentage of your income.

see your expenses

Choose a Payee

Open the menu and choose the right category Next choose the payee the person you paid for this transaction is this transaction books you’ve never entered it as an expense or a check or anything else then click add done with this transaction.


Did you pay a business credit card bill or make a loan payment with this transaction? in that case, choose transfer to choose the account you paid this money to and click transfer.

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What if you spent money but you bought stuff for more than one category like a purchase at an office supply store that included a new laptop printer paper and toner.

In this case. Click split then Choose the appropriate categories and how much you spent as per your need.

Make your business easy with QuickBooks

Batch Action

Categorized a bunch of transactions and you agree with its categorization click one checkbox down the Shift key the final one in the list that you want to choose. Open batch actions and choose except they’re all done.

Correcting a Mistake

What if you made a mistake and categorized a transaction? no problem, in QuickBooks tab choose the transaction and undo it. It goes back to the new transaction. So you can put it where it belongs.

bank and credit checking

Hope, the article would have helped you to connect your account to QuickBooks. if you have any related issues then you are free to contact us. you can also read our other useful article to learn more: Dial our QuickBooks payroll support phone number +1-855-441-4417 to get support and customer service.

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