How to Activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service?

Have you any idea you have to activate the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service? So how do you purchase your QuickBooks Desktop? If it is purchased online or by phone, in both of the cases you need to activate the service in QuickBooks by entering the service key. in this article, we have provided you all the information related to activating the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service. Still, having an issue contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor through Toll-Free No. +1-844-405-0904

You must be aware of how to activate a payroll service from a retail store, without it you are unable to proceed with the process. If you are willing to know about it then refer to the blog.

Note: Must keep in mind that your payroll service is a subscription that is automatically renewed by debiting the fewer amounts from your credit card automatically at the starting of each subscription term. The amount will be debited according to your subscription and you don’t need to pay the amount manually. Using QuickBooks Online Cancellation Tool, you are able to cancel your payroll subscription at any time and from any location.

Let us start the procedure to activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, and you have to continue your reading from here.

How to Get your Service Key To Activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll 

After purchasing the payroll service, Intuit’s QuickBooks will email your payroll service key to you. It is mandatory to enter the payroll service key in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to activate the service. In case, you will not get your payroll service key through email, then send an email to Intuit with your product details.

Alternatively, if you don’t have your payroll service key, then you have to use the Automated Service Key/ Disk Delivery Key Tool. You can sign in through your Intuit Account login. The automated key tool will not work if the following conditions are satisfied.

  • In the QuickBooks System, your company contains multiple payroll orders.
  • From a retail store, you have made your purchase of payroll product
  • The business phone number you have provided didn’t match with the QuickBooks records

How to Enter the Service Key in QuickBooks Desktop

To enter the Service key in QuickBooks Desktop, you need to go through the below steps in the given order without interrupting their sequence. Take a look at the steps:

  • Choose the Payroll and then click on the Enter Service Key from the Employees Menu
  • If you already have a payroll subscription then you are prompted to specify if you are willing to add this file to your payroll subscription

Note: You have to click on the skip option to reach the Service key window or you can either go to the Add File option to add the file to an existing payroll subscription.

  • Click on the Add option
  • Manually enter the service key and then hit the next option

Note: A configuration message prompt on your screen

  • In the end, hit the finish option

QuickBooks Desktop helps you to download the latest tax table and also verifies your payroll subscription.

The Payroll Center

After you have entered your Payroll service key in QuickBooks Desktop, you are able to see the Payroll Center on the Employees menu. For paying employees, paying payroll taxes, and payroll liabilities as well as preparing your payroll tax forms, you can use the Payroll Center as your home base. 

How to Open the Payroll Center

To open the Payroll Center, choose the Employees menu, and then click on the Payroll Center

You can also choose the Employee Center and then click on the Payroll tab to do the same job.

Note: The Payroll Center is only accessible by the customers who subscribed to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll (Basic, Standard, Enhanced, or Assisted).

Nowadays Intuit is closed to accepting new subscriptions for Standard Payroll but the user who already has a subscription will always get help from Intuit. 

Meanwhile, QuickBooks Intuit supports existing users of this service plan. From the Payroll Center’s tabs, you can access different functions and features. These are discussed below:

Pay Employees Tab 

The Pay Employees tab will help you to do this, are listed below:

  • You can pay your employees
  • Easy to set up payroll schedules
  • You can write an unscheduled paycheck like a bonus check or a termination check
  • You can edit or void a paycheck

Pay Liabilities Tab

The Pay Liabilities tab will help you to do this, are listed below:

  • You can pay taxes as well as payroll liabilities
  • You can set up taxes and other payroll taxes

File Forms Tab

The File Forms tab will help you to do this, are listed below:

  • From the File Forms tab, you can prepare and file payroll tax returns

To collect more information about the same topic, you need to refer to the prepared payroll tax forms.

How to Manage your payroll Subscription

To get collecting more information about your managing payroll subscription, and keeping your information up-to-date. You must be aware of:

Important Topics of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

When you are working with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, you must be aware of how to do these all are listed below:

Ending Words

We hope you successfully troubleshoot this query on how to Activate QuickBooks Desktop payroll through this article. But if the issues still irritate you then we advise you to contact QuickBooks Desktop payroll support through the helpline number +1-844-405-0904 for the best service. Our professionals are capable of troubleshooting all your QuickBooks issues in very little time.

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