When do direct deposits post in QuickBooks?

Here in this blog, we will talk about Direct Deposits post in QuickBooks. When do DD post and how can you do it. Through Direct Deposits you can pay your workers/employees, as they get their wages via DD.

Introduction of Direct Deposit Post:

You might have determined that you just pays some or all of your workers via direct deposit. You wish to try and do once it involves paying workers. workers would possibly raise you once they should expect their wages to be deposited. Mostly users are confused in this. So, our QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service team have tried to discuss key facts for direct deposit post.

Your workers may surprise once they can receive their paychecks. Some employers plan to pay on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly pay schedule. Your pay frequency can confirm once you submit payroll and once workers can receive their direct deposit. The amount of your time it takes direct deposit to travel through depends on many various factors. Take a glance at the subsequent to answer: “When will payroll direct deposit post?”

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2 banking daysBefore 5:00 pm pacific time:

  • Payroll data with the same Check Date.

At 5:00 p.m. Pacific time:

  • Automated Clearing House for processing.
  •  Transmitted payroll data with paychecks dated 2 banking days in advance.
1 banking DaysDebit the employer’s bank account. 

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0 banking Days

(Check Date)

Available to the receiving banks as of 12:00 a.m. Pacific time.See also Direct Deposit rejected


For payrolls transmitted a minimum of two of banking days from the check date:

As long as you transmit your payroll two banking days before the payroll check date, direct deposits are created offered to the receiving bank as of 12:00 a.m. on the payroll check date. But if the payroll check date falls on a non-banking day, direct deposit paychecks are announce on the next banking day. The funds are announce to the employee’s account at the discretion of the receiving bank. workers ought to contact their banks to be told the precise time that direct deposits are denote to their accounts.

For backdated payrolls:

If you transmit a backdated payroll (i.e., the paychecks are dated but two banking days in advance), then the direct deposits can post two banking days when the payroll is transmitted.

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To confirm that Intuit received your payroll transmission:

Option 1: Check the Items Received by Intuit in the Send/Receive Payroll Data window.

Direct Deposits

  • From Employees on the top menu bar, choose Send Payroll Data.
  • In the Items Received area, look for payroll data confirmation of your payroll.

Option 2: Wait for the direct deposit email confirmation.

After transmitting payroll to Intuit, the QuickBooks Direct email confirmation is sent, to the listed Payroll administrator of the company.

Option 3: View the current status of your payroll in the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service Account Maintenance page.

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, click Employee menu > My Payroll Service > Account Info/Preferences.
  • Sign in using your Intuit Account login.

Direct Deposits

  • In the Direct Deposit section, click the View link next to Payroll History.
  • Enter the PIN, and click Continue.

Direct Deposits

  • You may click Print to print the page, or you may click logout to close the page.

Direct Deposits


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