How To Pay Bills For Vendors Through Direct Deposit

Here, we will discuss the steps to pay bills for vendors through direct deposit. To pay bills for the vendor by direct deposits, you must need to first sign up and set up your vendors for Direct Deposit so that you only pay your vendors directly. There is an article to deliver you solutions for your query related to pay bills for vendors through direct deposit. Reading the complete article will enable you to pay the bills for vendors. For detailed QuickBooks Desktop payroll support, contact us on +1-844-405-0904.

You should satisfy these conditions described below before paying your sellers via a direct deposit.

When you meet with the above obligations, you are able to pay direct deposits, write checks, then view Paying Vendors using Direct Deposit. If you want to pay the bill given below. Now let’s discuss the steps on steps to pay bills for vendors through direct deposit.

Here are the Steps To Pay Bills For Vendors Through Direct Deposit

You are able to pay your vendors via Direct Deposit after entering bills for your vendor invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.

Important: Make sure to separate create and send your vendor direct deposit paychecks from your employee direct deposit paychecks.

Now check out the steps to pay bills from your vendors via Direct Deposit:

  • Go to the Vendors and click on Pay Bills.
  • Now, click on the vendor that you need to pay.
    • You can change the order in which bills displays by selecting one of the sorted bills from the options on the given list.
    • Or you can refine the list so that only sellers marked for payment by direct deposit arrives. select Direct Deposit Vendors in the Filter by list.
  • Later, go to the Payment section and click on Direct Deposit under the method dropdown list.
  • Now again in the Payment section and click for the account for the payment under the Account dropdown list.

When you choose a vendor that is set up to accept direct deposit payments, QuickBooks Desktop provides a QuickBooks Desktop account record that matches with the real bank account you defined and if you set up to your Direct Deposit service (the identical for both payroll and vendor payments). You can only modify the Payment Account to another QuickBooks Desktop account that is linked with this original bank account.

Direct deposit funds are always taken from the original bank account displayed in the Direct Deposit segment (or also Bank Account Information sector for Assisted Users) of the Account Maintenance window. (If you want to  view the Account Maintenance window, then go to the  Employee and later click on My Payroll Services and next, click on Account / Billing Information.)

  • Doublecheck the date option under the Payment section.

QuickBooks Desktop enters automatically the date of two banking days in the Payment section and date field in the future. This is the date that will display on your printed check. Keep in mind that direct deposit checks have to be sent to the Direct Deposit Service by 5:00 pm. (PST) at least two bank working days prior to the check date. You can also change the date if required, remember the date you insert should be at least 2 and not more than 45 days in the future and should be a valid bank working day

  • Now click on the Pay Selected Bills and later select Send Direct Deposit.
  • Click on Send.

Steps to void the vendor direct deposit that you just sent

You might be capable to stop the debit. Find the check on your register and void it (For this go to Edit and click on the void paycheck and after send void information through the Send Center. The liability check reply will post in the memorandum of the check, after the void is sent, whether the money was recovered (the money will not be debited) or not recovered (the amount has been loaded).

Hope, you will have understood the steps on how to pay bills for vendors through direct deposit. If you still seek technical help then feel free to contact us by dialing our toll-free+1-844-405-0904 and directly have a one-to-one talk with our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors and get instant solutions for your query.

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