How To Discount Invoices and Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to get or add discount invoices and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online. Your favorite customer is always on priority to get discounts on both Invoices and Sales Receipts. Are you willing to offer a discount to your favorite customer? A discount will be offered on the percentage of an invoice or Sales Receipts.  Here we have mentioned steps to discount invoices and sales receipts in this article for QBO. Learn multiple ways by contacting our QuickBooks ProAdvisor through Toll-Free No. +1-844-405-0904

For the fixed prices if you have set discounts, here we will show you how to add them manually. This article is all about how to set up and give discounts in QuickBooks Online. So stay connected with us to get manual steps and solutions for other QuickBooks queries, either belonging to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

So, focus on the procedure without spending lots of time. Let’s start it with the simple steps listed below:

Steps to Discount Invoices and Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

Here you will know about it completely, To proceed further just follow the steps from step 1 and follow it to the end steps. Once all the steps have been processed successfully then you will be able to discount invoices and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online. 

Step 1: Enable Discount Feature

First, you need to turn on the discount feature, if you still do not enable this feature then do it manually by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings ⚙ and next click on Account and Settings.
  • Next, go to the Sales tab on the menu.
  • Later, click on the Sales form content section, and click on the pencil ✏ icon to edit it.
  • Go to the Discount checkbox and enable this feature, just by clicking on the Turn On option.
  • Next, click on the Save and next Done.

These steps will add the discount field to the invoices and sales receipts. QuickBooks also generates a Discount given an account, you can also track every activity from a chart of accounts in QuickBooks online.

Step 2: Apply a discount

Discount a percentage or specific amount

Now you can easily use the discount field to apply a discount by following the below steps:

  • First, click on + New.
  • Next, click on the Invoice or Sales Receipt.
  • Now, you need to add products and services. And also fill in the required fields of the form.
  • Click on the Discount percentage or Discount value to insert the discount as a percentage or a particular amount.
  • Insert the amount in the discount field that you need to discount 
  • If you need to discount the total amount before calculating the sales tax, then go to the arrow icon near the discount field.
  • When you are done with the above steps, then click on Save and send or Save and close.

How to Add a Discount Item with a Fixed Price

Note: If you provide the set discounts for fixed amounts, you have to create a new product item that you can add to invoices or sales receipts.

Step 1: Create a Discount Item

  • Click on the “Settings ⚙” and then choose “Product and Services”
  • To create a new item, click on the “New” option
  • Choose the “Non-Inventory” or “Service” for the type
  • Now name the item “Discount”. If you are willing to create multiple multiple discount items then give to a unique name that is easy to tell.
  • Enter the discount as a negative amount Inside the “Sales price/ rate”.

Note: You should always keep remembering that it is a dollar amount instead of a percentage taken on the amount.

  • Now you have to click on the “Discount Given” account from the “Income Account” drop-down menu. QuickBooks especially creates this account for you when you are turned on the discount feature.
  • Click on the “nontaxable” option, from the “Sales Tax category” drop-down menu.
  • When all the changes you want are successfully done, then go for the “Save and Close” option to end it.

Step 2: Add the Discount to an Invoice or Sales Receipt

  • Click on the “+New option”
  • Now click on the “Invoice” or “Sales Receipt”
  • Now add the product and services, then fill out the rest of the form properly
  • Add the “Discount” item you just have created, you can adjust the discount as per to you if it needed.

Note: Ensure that you are using the negative amount.

  • When all the above steps have been done successfully, then you can either go for the “Save and Send” or “Save and New” option.

Steps to discount by line item on invoices and sales receipts

Follow these steps to enable line level or item-wise discount

  • First, click on the gear icon, and next click on the Company Settings.
  • Go to the left panel, and click on Sales.
  • later, look for the section called Sales form content.
  • Now, you need to enable or checkmark the option named Item-wise discount.
  • Next, click on Save, and next click on Done.

You can also do the same action from an invoice by following the below steps:

  • First, click on + New.
  • Then click on Invoice.
  • Next, on the top right of the invoice, look for the gear icon and click on it.
  • Now, click on the dragger, that slide out from the right, allow or give a checkmark to the option labeled Item-wise discount.

Follow these steps to use line-level or item-wise discount on an invoice, sales receipt, estimate, or credit note

  • Go to the sales form, such as invoice, sales receipt, estimate, or credit note.
  • Next, click on the Product/Service column, and choose an item that you want to bill your customer
  • Now, go to the Discount column, and insert the discount percentage or a discount value.
    • If in Discount column 50% entered, then QuickBooks will calculate the discount to be 50% of the total amount illustrated in the Amount column. Let’s understand with examples if the total amount colun=mn shows 200 and the Discount shows 50%, the Total discount for this item will be 200*50% = 100.
    • If 50 % is listed in the Discount column, QuickBooks will consider this as a total amount of discount. In such cases, the Total discount from this line item will be displayed as 25.

If in case, you can not see the discount column in your printed invoice, sales receipt, estimate, or credit note

Follow these steps, you can not see the discount column in your printed invoice, sales receipt, estimate, or credit note. Check out these steps.

  • First, go to the gear icon and next, click on the Customs Form Styles.
  • Now, next to the style named Standard, go to the Action column and click on Edit.
  • Next, click the Content tab.
  • On the right top click on preview, choose the section in the middle.
  • Now, you will see the Columns list will be shown to your left.
  • Make sure the field labeled Discount is checked.
  • And next click on Done.

Final Note

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