Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019: Latest Update for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and Enterprise 19.0

Looking for release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019, the latest update for QuickBooks Desktop 2019, and Enterprise 19.0? Here we are to provide all the related details about the Quickbooks update. This article covers all the details about release notes and their features in detail to deliver you the exact information. Go through the complete article for better understanding, for any related query or help contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor through Toll-Free No: +1-855-525-4247

Intuit updates QuickBooks regularly to provide a good experience and resolve issues. So here we discuss the release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019- what’s new and improved features in the latest updates to QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and Enterprise 19.0.

These release notes will help you to know what’s new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise 19.0. Note that every new update contains all the variations from the earlier updates.

If you have turned on the automatic updates feature then QuickBooks automatically download the latest update for you. If you want then you can also manually check for updates at any time. Now let’s proceed further to have a discussion on release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop

Release 12 (R12) – March 2020

Here, we will discuss what’s new features of Release 12

Intuit Account LoginIn this release, admin also needs to log in to their Intuit account while: At the time of creating a new company file opening an existing file
Simplify Install The migration tool is improved and more reliable for moving QuickBooks from one computer to another.
Federal W4 ChangesPayroll reports that  export to .xml now contains information from the new W-4
Scope Bug FixesResolve bug that displays an error while choosing e-Check as the customer payment method
Bug FixesResolve issue to display Company file names while QuickBooks is launching. Resolve an issue that is responsible for “QuickBooks has stopped working” error while launching multiple versions of QuickBooks on the same computer.

Release 11 (R11) – December 2019

Here. we will discuss what’s new features about Release 11. This is an update for 2020 payroll compliance.

US Federal W-4 2020QuickBooks Payroll now holds the new 2020 W-4 as well as continuing to support 2019 and earlier W-4.
Payroll Reports You can easily create reports for State Mandated Retirement deductions for Oregon, Illinois, and California.
US Payroll CompliancePayroll has been updated to assure continued agreement with United States payroll tax laws.
Simplify InstallThe install experience has been updated to be more accessible and more stable.
Payroll Status for Direct Deposit See the complete state of direct deposit payroll without having to check emails or call CARE
Bug FixesResolve the issue that created the alert message “Items not assigned classes” to not display when saving a reimbursable invoice.

Resolve the unintended issues to many users while opening the Employee center

Release 10 (R10) – November 2019

Here, we will discuss what’s new features of Release 10.

  • Access to QuickBooks Capital
  • Employee self-setup
  • Email security
QuickBooks CapitalNow, customer’s payments have access to QuickBooks Capital as a business funding option.
PayrollNow from the Preferences menu, you can activate manual payroll. Employers allow inviting employees to self-set up through a secure website.
EmailImproving email security while using the Gmail option to comply with Google’s privacy policy.
InstallQuickBooks improves performance and stability with the simple installation experience.
Accountant’s CopyFix the issue that causes a crash to QuickBooks while importing a .qby file.
Bug FixesFixed issue preventing a change in contact details after a customer changes a lead. Enabled users may be able to print unlimited pick-lists at one time (QBES).

Corrected problem while using the final fiscal YTD filter on the bill and income tracker.

QuickBooks asks for all Outlook windows to be closed when invoices are sent, tied to a solution.

Release 9 (R9) – June 2019

Here, we will discuss what’s new features of Release 9. This update is for Payroll compliance.

Payroll complianceFor Payroll users in the following states
Indiana (except Assisted).  You are now allowed to establish your employees’ State Occupational Code (SOC) as seasonal and file the State Unemployment Income (SUI) quarterly using the XLT tool

Maine. Now, you can establish your employees’ SOC as seasonal.

Washington. Now you can identify and correct Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) anomalies before filing quarterly.
Bug FixesIf you use a credit memo to pay the invoice then this problem is fixed where the invoice history is blank.

Resolve payment login icon problem when invoicing email.

It Fixes a problem the error page displays when a user clicks a customer-linked payment services company file.

Fixed an issue to view the past due to stamp after clicking What’s New on the invoices accountant fixes an error that appears when closing copy files.

Release 7 (R7)

Here, we will discuss what’s new features of Release 7. This release is to change the QuickBooks File Manager password reset.

QuickBooks File Manager Password ResetThe challenge-based password reset process is replaced by License based password reset.
Bug FixesBug fixes cover: Correct the problem when an accountant’s copied files were used to pick, copy, and ship, anomalies were observed.

Resolve the issues with credit cardholders when names not displaying in an EMV transaction.

Release 6 (R6)

Here, we will discuss what’s new features of Release 6. This release covers IIF Import improvements and bug fixes.

Duplicate Data LinesIn this release, now the file will import successfully EXCEPT for the duplicate data lines if you have an IIF import file that contains duplicate data lines.
Import for items with hidden parentsItems with hidden parents like Accounts, customers, class, and inventory will now import successfully.
IIF Import Bug FixesBug fixes contain: Invoices now import successfully even have both invoice and credit lines you can now easily import deposit transactions with 2 decimal points. Problem with importing employee names has been FixedThe time format is only supported in decimals and hours.
The Doc Reference number field for payments and bills now extended from 11 to 20 characters
PerformanceWhile saving inventory-related transactions, improve performance for FIFO enabled company files (especially effective for large company files)
Data corruption resolvedResolve the problem that caused data corruption while voiding an invoice that was created from a sales order that has been fixed.
Incorrect reporting resolvedThe issue that was causing the Inventory Stock Status by Site and the Inventory Valuation Summary by Site to display two times to correct quantity has been fixed.

Release 5 (R5)

Here, we will discuss what’s new features about Release 5. This release mainly focuses on fixing Error 1328.

Bug FixesREsolve the problem that will responsible for the Error 1328 for some users at the time of installing Release 4 (R4).

Release 4 (R4)

Here, we will discuss what’s new features about Release 4. This release focuses on: 

  • Payroll compliance and onboarding
  • Self Help experience
  • TSheets integration
Accountant’s Copy File TransferFocus on the improvement of ACFT for better collaboration with accountants.
Bug FixesResolve a crash issue when applying credits to Invoice. if you are using 2019 or a lower QuickBooks version on the same PC, Resolve the error while closing QBA files.
Fixed Asset ManagerUpdate for calculations to support the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017
IIFAdvanced IIF import and fixes for common bugs and known issues: In the Timer activity record, accept decimal, and standard time format IIF import for employee names.IIF invoice to enable negative quantity in the same invoiceResolve the spelling to ENDTRNS
Payroll ComplianceQBDT Payroll products are fully comprised of US tax laws that give you full confidence that you are paying your employees accurately.
Payroll reportsYou can allow creating “State Mandated Retirement” reports for every state that needs reporting of retirements deductions from every employee’s paycheck.
Payroll OnboardingThe below-listed issues are resolved now. You will feel a simpler and faster in-product Payroll purchase experience. Now you can easily onboard to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll after purchasing. If you want to quickly add your employees then go to the ‘Express Setup’ option and set up their pay and benefits, and easily run your first payroll.
Self HelpEnhanced discovery of content and Intuit support channels in the help panel.
TSheets IntegrationYou can easily integrate your TSheets account immediately within QuickBooks by using the updated integration method. Before integrating, directly set up a TSheets account within QuickBooks

Release 3 (R3)

Here, we will discuss what’s new features about Release 4. This release focuses on:

  • Improvements to Invoice Tracker
  • SDK enhancements
  • Troubleshoot and resolve errors related to saving forms as pdf or printing them
Accounts ReceivableResolve the issue that causes an invoice form to stuck for users with installed Microsoft Outlook (all versions) 
Bank FeedsEnhanced messaging & resolve the common error scenarios in   Bank Feeds.
InventoryThe cycle count enables you to keep track of the present inventory at any time without having to close the warehouse for several days for the physical inventory calculation. With cycle counting, you can easily track inventory in a way that will help reduce pilgrimage and costs when improving accuracy.
Invoice Status TrackerQuickBooks Email support Messaging for Outlook 2010 customers to outline unavailability of Viewed Status due to technical limitations of this Outlook version messages for Outlook 2010 customers to underline the unavailability of view state because of technical barriers of this Outlook version.Resolve the known errors and stability improvements
PaymentsResolve the issue that causes void transaction is failing
PayrollSick/Vacation Pay: Now you can allow your employees to take a limited number of remaining sick hours to the current year from the previous year and set a limit on the number of unused sick hours that your employees can carry.
Resolve Employee missing information issues after the upgrade.
Pick, Pack, Ship (Enterprise)The below-listed issues are fixed now” stock” terminology is now used for Inventory reports in place of “inventory” In multi-user mode, locks must now be issued on a sales order as soon as inventory creation is complete.

The problem with the amount of zero in the printed packing slip, however, has some value. Column alignment issue causing note delivery dates to overlap with columns

Clear Search button is now accessible

M 40 Device: Ghost text is no longer small in the PO search screen and item search.
Print PDFUsers will now have a troubleshoot button to fix errors when saving forms as PDF or printing them.

Users will now get an advanced feature to having a troubleshooting option to fix errors by itself while saving as a PDF or while printing them.
User InterfaceEnhanced error message with clear directions if necessary.

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