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How to email pay stubs in QuickBooks Online

You can easily email QuickBooks Pay Stub for your employees. You just need to follow some guidelines.

For security reasons, QBO doesn’t allow email paystubs directly as an attachment. Paychecks sent automatically to the Intuit official site. An employee needs to sign in and get the paystubs anytime. And also get a notification for new paystubs. So, follow the steps to manually send the QuickBooks pay stub.

Steps to how to email pay stubs directly to your employees:

  1. Choose Employees to option from the left menu.
  2. Select an Employee and click on the Paycheque list tab.
  3. And then locate the pay cheque you wants to email, and then open it by choosing the Net Pay amount.
  4. Choose Print. Note: If it shows actual paycheck instead of a paystub, then the Paycheck Printing preferences need to change. 

Follow these steps to print QuickBooks pay stubs.

Pay Stub in QuickBooks

Now we will learn how to print pay stubs in QuickBooks Online Payroll and Intuit Online Payroll.

With the help of online payroll, you will be able to print paychecks or print pay stubs for the employees. Here your steps depend on which product you have.

QuickBooks Online payroll

Step 1: Set up your pay stub printing preferences

First, you need to set printing preferences. For that:

  1. Go for a Settings icon and choose Payroll settings.
  2. Select Paycheck Printing in the Preference segment.
  3. Choose Plain paper stubs, and click on Ok option.

Step 2: Print pay stubs

  1. Select Employees option on the Workers field.
  2. Choose Paycheck List in My Payroll section.
  3. Choose the paychecks which you’d like to print and choose Print.

QuickBooks Online Payroll (all other versions)

Note: Use QuickBooks Workforce and save your time and paper both. Invite workers to access their pay stubs online.

Step 1: Set up your pay stub printing preferences

  1. Go for a Settings option and choose Payroll Settings.
  2. Select the Pencil icon in the Printing segment.
  3. After selecting Plain paper and Save it.
  4. Then choose Done.

Step 2: Print pay stubs

  1. Choose Employees under the Workers section.
  2. Select the Paycheck list in the My payroll section.
  3. Choose the paycheck you want to print and choose Print.

Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

Step 1: Set up your pay stub printing preferences

  1. Select Preferences in the Setup section.
  2. Choose Paycheck Printing Settings.
  3. Then choose Plain paper stubs, and OK.

Step 2: Print pay stubs

  1. Choose Paycheck List in the Payday.
  2. Go for the paycheck you want to print and choose View Print.
  3. Click on the Printer icon to print pay stubs.

Intuit Online Payroll Full Service

Step 1: To change printing preference, choose to contact us in the Help menu. Or click on paycheck printing preferences

Step 2: Print pay stubs

  1. Choose View Paycheck List on the homepage.
  2. And go for the paychecks you want to print. Then choose the Print option.
  3. Click on the Print icon. 
  1. And the PDF version will be open to you. And Save the file to your desktop. 
  2. Attach the saved pay stub file to the email and send it to specific employees.

Print one or more pay stubs at once

Print one or more pay stubs at once
  1. First of all click on the File menu and hover over Print Forms & choose Pay Stubs.
  2. Choose your payroll bank account and after that enter the date range that includes the pay date of the pay stubs.
  3. After that, you have to select the pay stubs you want to print in the next column to date. If you want to filter for specific employees, select them from the Employee dropdown.
  4. Click on Preferences if you want to select the company and employee info that will be printed on the pay stub.
  5. If you want to include a message to send with each pay stub, enter text in the Company message to be printed on all pay stubs box.
  6. Select Preview to view pay stubs before you print them. When you’re ready, select Print.

Print a single pay stub from a paycheck

  1. Open the paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Above the check, select the Print icon and then Pay Stub.

If you want to email pay stubs in the QuickBooks Desktop then follow these instructions.

Email pay stubs in QuickBooks Desktop

Emailing pay stubs to your employees is the way to save your time. Instead of sending paper stubs, you can send pay stubs digitally. This QuickBooks Desktop feature helps you to send pay stubs in the form of PDF to your employee’s email id. Which is password protected. There is no need to worry about the loss of paper pay stubs or no need to take print of it. You and your employees can keep digital records. As a choice, you can let your employees access their pay stubs and W-2s through the web.

Step 1: Update QuickBooks

First, make sure that QuickBooks is updated to the latest release. Also, see that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Because of QuickBooks uses Adobe to convert pay stubs into the PDFs.

Step 2: Verify your email settings

This feature of pay stubs turned by default. You have to turn on it before email pay stubs.

1. Open QuickBooks, then click on Edit menu and choose Preference

2. Choose the Send Forms menu and then go for a My Preferences tab.

3. Go to the Send email using option, then choose one of the options:

  • Choose WebMail, if you are using Gmail, Yahoo, or other email services.
  • Select Outlook if you are using Microsoft Outlook. If you are not able to see Outlook then click here how to set it up.
  • Or if you want to use the QuickBooks email service, the choose QuickBooks Email. If you don’t know then go through this article Setup email services on QuickBooks Desktop.

4. After finishing, click Ok.

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After you get to know about how to email pay stubs in the QuickBooks, now let’s learn how to reset QuickBooks paystub password.

Password requirement while email pay stubs in QuickBooks Desktop

Following are the password requirements:

  1. There must be the first three characters of the employee’s last name replaced by Employee’s date of birth in MMDDYYYY format.
  2. If the employee’s last name is smaller than 3 characters, recommend using the whole last name (remember don’t add the first name in it). And these three characters must in lower case. The password contains the first letter of the last name uppercase only when the last name was an extended character. Because QuickBooks Desktop does not convert extended characters to lowercase.
  3. Avoid to use non-alpha character is removed in the last name (no dash, space, etc) when creating a password.

Reset QuickBooks paystub password 

Learn how to reset the employee’s password to access for a pay stub. You and your employees can easily reset the QuickBooks paystub password. 

How to reset the password for an employee?

Here are the steps on how you can reset the password for employees to access pay stubs(

Note: and payroll account access login credentials are linked together. If your employee is already setup as a secondary user on your payroll account, this process will also reset their payroll account access password. 
  1. Choose the Employee tab.
  2. Then select Employee’s name.
  3. Select Edit in the Paychecks Record access.
  4. Click on Reset Password.

How does an employee reset their own password

The employee can also reset their password need to follow these given below steps:

  1. Employees need to go
  2. Then select Forget password and give answers for the questions for the security.
  3. Then the employee receives the temporary password.
Note: When the employee reaches the stage to enter the temporary password( it is case sensitive). The best option to enter the error-free password is to copy the password and paste it. You will receive the password through the mail and make sure there is no space before or after the password.  

Then to the next step

As I already told that employee receives a password through email, enter the password and follow the login instructions

I hope this article would have clear your all doubts related to Pay stubs in QuickBooks. But still, if you have any issue then you can find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor by dialing our toll-free number +1-855-441-4417

Pay stubs in QuickBooks

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For security reasons, QBO doesn’t allow email paystubs directly as an attachment. Paychecks sent automatically to the Intuit official site. An employee needs to sign in and get the paystubs anytime. And also get a notification for new paystubs.

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