How to use the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

Wizxpert again comes with a new article that will tell you a clear process to use the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online. You must need to know QuickBooks Online keeps track of your business activities in the audit log. If you are willing to check out who made changes in your books and what they did, you can check out at any time. Ready to learn, what the audit log can do, and how to use it to keep an audit trail, then just stay with us we will tell you the complete process. Want to learn more about audit log in, connect with our QuickBooks ProAdvisor on Toll-Free no. +1-844-405-0904

The Audit Log in QuickBooks Online will help you in viewing all the changes you have made in your company file. When you are ready to check your entries it will show you the top recent 200 entries or changes you have made to your company file(by default). If you want to see entries other than the top recent 200 entries, simply adjust the date range in the Audit Log. Now we will start the procedure to check out entries for particular operations.

Learn more about the Audit Log

QuickBooks Online will be very helpful in recording all your financial transactions in your charts of accounts setup. Also, it tracks user sign-ins, modifications to the settings. Similarly, Edits to customers and vendors, and employees. The following are recorded in the QuickBooks Audit log:

  • Date of any change/modifications to your books
  • Name of the users who have made the changes
  • Type of change or event
  • Name of any customer or vendor related to the changes made
  • Date and amount of any original transaction

Note: QuickBooks records signout at the time when you sign out. It doesn’t record sign out if you shut your browser, visit the different sites or QuickBooks automatically sign out due to inactivity(idle).

How to access the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

For accessing the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online you have to follow some simple steps:

  • Click the Gearbutton and then hit the “Audit Log” Link
  • In an alternate, Simply click on the “Reports” link in the Navigation Bar.
  • After that, hit the “All Reports” link in the page to the right
  • Under that, Click on the “Business Overview” option.
  • Then click the “Audit Log” reports title for the proper running of it

How to Filter the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

You are required to sign in as an administrator if you are willing to access the audit log. Ask your master admin if you are unable to sign in properly.

  • First of all, Visit their “Settings ⚙” and then choose “Audit Log”
  • After that, choose “Filter”
  • Then simply use the fields on the “Filter Panel” for choosing the appropriate User, Date, or Events filter to narrow the results.
  • Once you have entered the filtering criteria simply choose “Apply”, from the drop-down menu to filter the audit log.

How to clear all the applied filters

You have to follow an easy and simple step to clear all the applied filters.

  • Simply visit the “Clear Filter” or “View all” to the right of the “Filter” drop-down by clicking on it.

How to change the Columns and Rows in the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

For changing the Columns and Rows you have to perform a certain operation. These are:

  • You have to click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner of the Report.
  • After that, you have to check or uncheck the boxes under the “Columns” in the drop-down menu. It helps you in showing or hiding the columns from the report.
  • Simply Pick the “Rows” from the drop-down menu, it helps you in selecting the number of rows to show per page inside the Audit Log.

How to Print the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

For printing the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online, you have to follow some simple steps which are:

  • Click the “Print List” button, you will see in the upper right corner of the report to open a new page along with the friendly printer for viewing the audit log.
  • Your Web Browser “print” box also opens, it helps in easily printing the Audit Log Report.

Note: You must be noted that the “History” column does not print, as it is only as a placeholder for the “View” link.

How to view the changes to an Event in the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

To view the changes to an event in the Audit Log in the QuickBooks Online. Take a look at the following steps listed below:

  • First of all, you have to click the “View” link in the “History” column
  • If the “Audit History” page opens in front of you, then you have to click the right-facing arrow that appears at the left side of a line(it represents changes to the event).

Note: It is very important to be noted that all the events are not showing “Audit History”. Some events are only representing the individual changes made inside the list.

You are able to see the 150 records of the audit log at a time. For most transactions and events you have to choose the “View” in the History Column to open the audit history. This will help in knowing who has made changes and what they did in it. Always remember if you are having full access rights, you are eligible to view the audit history.

When you see something it will represent you as “incorrect edit”. These records when someone adopts some modifications already presented on your books, for instance when someone edits a complete reconciliation

Note: For audit and security reasons, you are unable to disable the audit log. Audit history will be dependent on:

  • Name of the user who made the changes
  • When changes or modifications were made
  • What are the changes done

How to view transaction changes in the Audit History

For viewing the transactions changes in the audit history, go through the following steps:

  • Simply open the transaction you are willing to investigate
  • After that choose “More”
  • Now choose “Audit history”, this will open the Audit Trial in front of you
  • For the expanded view, you have to choose “Show All” for side by side comparison, and then choose “Compare”.

How to Get help with the audit log

When you see a user but you are unable to identify it, don’t take stress on your mind because QuickBooks provides few specific situations for all their special users. You are not required to do anything with all of these, you can simply see them:

Online Banking Administration: 

It represents a change that will be connected to your bank accounts made automatically by your QuickBooks Online.

Support Representative:

It will represent all the changes that were made by a QuickBooks Online Support Consultant.

System Administration

It will represent you all the changes that were made by QuickBooks online automatically, This can be caused due to some reasons listed below:

  • Whenever you change a record, changes in one record will affect other records. Let’s take an example to offer you the right understanding: Suppose you edit payment and link it to the different invoices, you might see the System Administrator event for changes made to the original invoice.
  • You have connected third-party applications to QuickBooks. When a third party application sends data to QuickBooks or it introduces some newer changes to your existing data in QuickBooks, it appears as a System Administration event.
  • You have created a recurring transaction like a recurring expense. When QuickBooks adds an instance of the transaction to your books automatically, a System Administration Event will appear in the audit log.
  • You can also set up other events that will happen automatically even when you are not signed in. Look at the example, a System Administration will only appear when there is any update to the bank feeds

Import Administration

It will show you an automatic change related to the conversion of your data from QuickBooks Desktop Edition.

In Bottom Line

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