How To Change Vendor to Employee In QuickBooks Online or Vice-Versa

Wondering how to change the vendor to the employee in QuickBooks? It’s very simple. Kindly follow this article where we have shared steps on how to add, edit, and inactive an employee in QB. We’ve also discussed what issues occur while changing the name type and how to change the customer to the vendor in QuickBooks as well as a vendor to the employee in QuickBooks. Go through the full article and learn to change the vendor to the employee and vice-versa, stay with us, and keep learning. +1-844-405-0904

The question is how to change the vendor to an employee in QuickBooks? Well, QuickBooks Online doesn’t directly change a customer to a vendor or vice versa.

QuickBooks only supports changing the “ Other Names” of vendors, employees, or customers. If you want to change from vendor record to employee record or customer to vendor, you need to delete an original record or make it inactive. But transactions associated with a record need to be inactive. Because records with transactions can’t be deleted. Then you can create a new vendor or employee using all further information.

Note: There is no option in QuickBooks to change a name type from anything other than Other Names.

In QuickBooks Online you can only make it inactive there is no permanent delete button. This is only available in QuickBooks Desktop versions but not in QBO.

Steps to Change Vendor to Employee

Change vendor, customer, or employee name type

change vendor to employee in QuickBooks

Recently, there is no option is available in QuickBooks to change a name type to another named type other than another name.

For example:

  • Changing a customer to a vendor or employee
  • Changing a vendor to a customer or employee
  • Changing an employee to a vendor or customer

There are two options available if you want to change the name type.

Option 1: You need to delete the name and create it again under the proper name type. Remember that it only works if there are no transactions that exist for that particular name.

  1. Visit the Center (Customer Center, Vendor Center, or Employee Center) where the name exists.
  2. Then right-click on the name and choose Delete (Customer: Job/Vendor/Employee).

Option 2: Inactive the name and recreate it under the right name type. And this works when there are transactions associated with the name.

  1. Go to the Center (Customer Center, Vendor Center, or Employee Center) where the name exactly exists.
  2. And right-click on the name and choose to Make (Customer: Job/Vendor/Employee) inactive.

Note: Remember that other names can only be changed to a different name type (Customer, Vendor, or Employee), and after changes that name type can’t be any longer altered.

Issue while changing the name type to another customer, vendor, or employee

Sometimes when you try to enter the name or want to change the name you face an error.

It shows an error: “The name supplied already exists. Another customer, vendor, or employee is already using this name” these errors may cause due to:

  • When you try to import data from QuickBooks Desktop or while turning on the payroll after adding the employees in QuickBooks online.
  • Or sometimes the customer, vendor, or employee name you trying to add may already exist in QuickBooks Online.

Editing the duplicate or making it inactive

If you are facing an error continue, then there might be more than one duplicate in the customer list. You can select duplicate or do it inactive (if you don’t have a requirement).

  1. Choose Sales, Expenses, Workers, or Employees, as your choice and select Customers, Vendors, or Employees.
  2. Search for duplicate vendors, customers, and employees.
  3. Choose Edit.
  4. Add digits at the end of the name in the Display name as the field. (Note: If you don’t have the requirement of the profile, you can choose to make inactive. Making the existing name inactive also permits to add of the new, identical name).
  5. Choose Save.

Change the display name

Here are the steps that help you to change the display name:

  1. Sign up for your QuickBooks Online Company file.
  2. Choose Expenses, and click on Vendors.
  3. Choose the name of the duplicate vendor.
  4. Choose Edit (Note: Click on the Sales then select Customers this is to check the duplicates in your customer list.)
  5. Change the Display name as the format to “last, first”.
  6. And click on Save.

Steps to Change Employee to Vendor Other Useful Resources: Steps to Change Employee to vendor

You just need to create a New vendor. And enter the employee’s transactions as checks. And inactive employees.

Follow the steps to create checks:

Create checks in QuickBooks Online that help you to track your expenses, and also help you in organizing your checking account and bank statement reconciliation.

To create checks:

  1. Choose the Create icon.
  2. Select Check under Vendors.
  3. Select Payee from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose a Bank account where the money will withdraw.
  5. Fill out all the checks filed. Note: You receive the Memo field is optional. Enter text in the Memo field in the register, on print checks, or on the reports which include this check.
  6. Choose the Print or Preview option if you required printed checks.
  7. Choose Save and close or Save and new.

Now, you are ready to write a check in QuickBooks Online.

Note: If there are lots of checks to write, then it is easy to right to insert them from the Register, or download transactions directly from the bank.

After entering the employee’s transaction into the checks, now you need to inactive the employee.

Add, edit, or inactivate an employee

Follow the steps and you can easily be able to add, edit, or inactive the employees in QuickBooks Online without subscribing to payroll.

Add an Employee

  1. Choose Workers > Employees.
  2. Click on Add an employee.
  3. Insert the employee’s information.
  4. Click on the Save option.

Repeat these steps and add the number of employees you want to add.

Edit an employee’s information

  1. Select Employees under the Workers option.
  2. Go to Action and choose Edit.
  3. And edit information according to you.
  4. Then Save it.

Make an employee inactive

  1. Choose the Workers option and click on Employees.
  2. Go to the Action and choose the drop-down beside the Edit.
  3. Choose to Make inactive.

If you want to make employees active again then follow these points:

  1. Choose the Gear icon under Add an employee.
  2. Choose to Include inactive.
  3. Go for the Make active option.

Now, go through the steps to create a vendor:

How to Create a Vendor

  1. Select Expense in the left-hand menu, then click on Vendors.
  2. Click on the New vendor in the upper right corner.
  3. Set Vendor Information.
  4. Then click on Save.

How to change a customer to a vendor in QuickBooks

There is no delete button in the list. Only one option you can make the customers inactive. And you can only delete the customer by making it inactive. Inactive customers are not visible in the Customer Contact List report. 

While you are using the customer reports for the sales so make sure any inactive customer is not available in that report.

Follow the steps of how you can do this:

  1. Select Reports and then search for any sales in the customer report.
  2. Choose the Customize button.
  3. Select the Filter option.
  4. Go for a Customer box and choose the customer name that you want to include in that report.
  5. And click on Run report.

While changing a customer to a vendor or vice versa in QuickBooks it will change the automated process which you access with regard to organization or individual. And you find that these changes may involve losing data associated with it related to any person or company. So you can store this information using notes. Each of the users or vendors who are listed in QuickBooks has a notepad in which you can add, append, or edits the notes.

And if you face any issue related to QuickBooks dial QuickBooks Support Number +1-844-405-0904 to get Live Help & Support.

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