How To Amend or Correct a W2 Form In QuickBooks Desktop

Here is the article on how to amend or correct a W2 form. You will get all the successive details in a single reading of this article. We will tell you a complete procedure specifying what to do when you make a mistake on the W2 Form. Also, you can learn how to update the W2 form in which taxes are already filled with the government. If the issue is not resolved then, contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor through Toll-Free No.:+1-844-405-0904

Now come to the point rather than taking your very much time. For a corrected list of items on W-2C and W-3C with some particular guidelines and instructions. You can either go for the IRS General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3. Pick the steps one by one and in the right order, If you implement them as solutions then start with the first solution, if it doesn’t work then move to further solutions.

Why is the incorrect W-2 form need to be fixed in QuickBooks Payroll?

This W-2 form is utilized by employers while reporting the annual income with withheld money to the employees. Basically, fixing incorrect W-2 forms is required when an employee has any pre-tax deduction and has any fringe benefit. So if the employee has any of the given benefits then you have to check the W-2 form in detail:

  • 401 (K) deductions/Retirements deductions
  • Personal use of company car that is taxable or any fringe benefit
  • Health saving account
  • Group Term Life Insurance

Methods To Amend or Correct a W2 Form

Check out below the following methods to Amend or Correct a W2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop.

Framework 1: Your employees received incorrect W-2 forms, but you haven’t filed them yet.

You will learn what you have to do when the employees receive incorrect W-2 forms, but your company will haven’t filed the incorrect W-2 forms yet.

  • Process again all your W-2 and W-3 forms with their accurate amounts. You have to take care of filing the correct forms with the Government.
  • All the employees who have previously received an incorrect/wrong W-2 form are required to issue a new W-2 form. You have to check the employee copies of the corrected form and on the top of a particular copy just write “corrected”. 

Note: In case the Previous W-2 was correct, then you don’t need to issue a new W-2 form.

  • If the employee has not already filed the tax return, then they are required to file to use the new W-2 form and can be eligible to destroy the previous form.
  • If the employee already files a tax return with the wrong W-2 form, they need to file an amended return by using form 1040x and the corrected W-2 form. To get the complete details and process, reach out to the IRS site. 

Framework 2: Your employees received incorrect W-2 forms, and your company has already filed

Take a look at the points describing what you have to do when the employees receive incorrect W-2 forms, but your company already filed the incorrect W-2 forms with the government. What steps you have to perform in that situation, will discuss here:

You have prepared a W-2 form for a particular employee receiving an incorrect W-2c form. Also, you have to create a W-3c form accompanying the W-2 forms. We are highly recommended to fill both W-2c and W-3c forms with the government.

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop, and go to the Employees, and next click on the Payroll Center
  • Now, go to the “Payroll Center”, and look for the “File Forms” tab
  • Next, click on the “Annual Form W-2c/W-3c – Corrected Wage and Tax Statement”. When you click the form, then click on “Create Form
  • Click on the “Process W-2s” to choose all the employees or last name range
  • Next, click on the “Select Filing Period,” you need to confirm the exact period inserted.
  • Now, click on the “OK” option
  • Go to the Employees for Form W-2/W-3 option, and select the employees who are required to receive a W-2c form. Now, click on the Review/Edit
  • You might need to give the answer to fewer questions on the interview page:

Have you ever made the W-2 corrections in QuickBooks Desktop?

If your answer is “Yes”: You will see the current QuickBooks Desktop data in the “Correct Information” Column on the W-2c. Must review the specific W-2c worksheet, and manually enter the “Previously Reported” amount for the items that need to be corrected.

If your answer is “No”: This will show you the current QuickBooks Desktop data in the “Previously Reported” Column on the W-2c. Must review the specific W-2c worksheet, and manually enter the “Correct Information” amount for the items that need to be corrected.

  • Review the particular page just to choose “Next” whenever it is required.
  • On the page named Form W-2c Worksheet, inside the Employer’s name, check and verify the box specifying “Check if this is a W-2c (corrected W-2)” It is only when you make any changes to the W-2 for a particular employee.
  • Ensure that you have only filled those lines that require some corrections. Now start filling out the columns of both “previously reported” and “correct information”
  • Remove other lines that you have already corrected through right-click command on the amount or figure and choose “override”. Remove the figure on the particular line.
  • You will only be able to print the W-2 forms QuickBooks Desktop if both the columns for “Previous Information” and “corrected amounts” are filled.

For State Correction Information, if you are willing or required to make some corrections in lines 16 or 17. Ensure that you have properly filled the State and ID fields on both “previously reported” and “correct information”. Ready to fill up the actual amount in particular lines (16 or 17) requires a correction. In case, the other lines don’t require a correction (16 or 17), put a zero (0) on that line for both the “Previous reported” and “correct information”

For Local Correction Information, you can do the same procedure and get helpful results on lines 18, 19, and 20.

Issue the corrected w-2c

  • Issue a W-2 form for a particular employee who received an incorrect W2 form.
  • If an employee is unable to fix the tax return or due to some reasons, the employee has to file the W-2c form including the W-2 form. For reporting the corrections W-2c form to W-2 might not contain all the informative details for completing the tax form. 
  • If the employee has already filled out the W-2 form, the employee needs to file an amended return. It uses form 1040X and the new form W-2c form. To get these forms, simply go through the IRS website.
  • If a company has filled the incorrect W-2 forms to state or local agency, file W-2c forms with proper corrections forms as required by state and local agencies.


Why is payroll not taking taxes out of checks?

There are many reasons that payroll does not take taxes out of checks which are given below:

  • Incorrect tax setup
  • Incorrect employees information
  • Outdated software

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