Intuit Field Service Management: Setup, Support & Integration With QB

Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM) is a web-based or online application. This is a service that enables you to fix the problems from the office or field by just connecting your device with the Internet. In other words, its schedule and dispatch, repair companies and installation.”IFSM simplifies business and allows you to control over a customer, cost, your people, and cash flow.” The Best part of IFSM is “When Intuit Field Service Management integrates with QuickBooks, it makes work seamlessly.” So, read the article to get all your queries resolved, and learn IFSM in detail. For more info contact us toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Intuit Field Service Management provides such features, in which you are able to manage and schedule almost everything. Such as jobs, employees, and inventory in the fields as well as clients. It can easily install and manage businesses efficiently. It has also a mobile app through which the services can be access from anywhere. This app is available for apple and android devices.

Intuit Field Service Management Integrates with QuickBooks which provide many services like-

Intuit Field Service Management provides
  • A smart Work Order Management
  • Inventory Integration
  • Timecard integration
  • Customer and Equipment service history
  • Efficient job scheduling
  • Real-time updates from the field
  • Create and Email invoices in Mobile, payment & signature capture
  • Mobile GPS for location tracking and mapping
  • Payroll and invoicing integration with QuickBooks.

Behind this, it is a very simple and powerful system because of cloud-based technology. Using this technique it becomes possible to access the required data as well as devices.

Before connecting your QuickBooks to Field Service Management you should remember these points:-

Determine which type of customer you are dealing in QuickBooks:

In FSM, it supports two types of customers i.e. residential or commercial. In FSM, the commercial customer has a field for the company and the residential customer doesn’t have any field. You have to make all changes before creating and importing them into FSM. Because after this you can’t correct the customer type.

Synchronization errors:

The sync will not be complete If there is an error that exists related to billing or ship address. It means that a customer can’t sync to FSM until you do not fix the record. Here you will receive the message about which record is not synced and why. After this, you can simply correct the record.

Multiple office locations:

you have to contact multiple work zones. The setup must complete correctly. Because you don’t have any other opportunity. You can also take help from the local expert to assist you.

Intuit Field Service Management from QuickBooks:

FSM fetches the information from the Quickbooks fields. These fields are “Bill To” which contains bill information and “Ship To” which contains service/ site address. Sometimes both the entries are the same. In this situation, you have to make entries in both fields. Suppose the Ship To field is left then there will not be any address in FSM for those customers.

Some common issues faced by customers are-

  • Login issue with Intuit Field Service Management
  • Installation issue with Corrigo integration client
  • Configuration
  • Customized training services
  • Timecard module and service agreement module ( purchase option modules)
  • Cancel IFSM subscription

Options based on pricing:

Options based on pricing

Main services of IFSM:

There are some main services of IFSM such as-

  • Multiple works are done in a few time-period: In IFSM, paperwork is replaced with paperless i.e. based on cloud technology. In this technique, you can simply access the data or devices from anywhere. The worker manages everything using their smartphones and tablet devices. Using this technique, the workers’ transfer or control data flow into your QB system. This leads to eliminating unwanted travel time plus travel costs, and paperwork.
  • Faster payment service: This can be done in a few steps such as Create invoice>Take COD> Process payments immediately>Then Sync in QB
  • Better payroll: You can record the workers time when they are working in the field. Due to this technician focus on the billable work instead of paperwork.
  • Expand business: At the time of service, agreements can be renewed or sold in the field. On the basis of location and skill of the technician, a Preventative maintenance work orders are auto-created and assigned. To make a slower time profitable, Proactively schedule and prepare preventative maintenance visits.
  • Invoice numbering: During sync setting, you should pay attention to the numbering of invoices and how will these appear in the QuickBooks Online.
  • At the time of configuration, if you choose this option “ when Invoice are copied use QBO numbering”. Then the invoice will be the next invoice in QBO.
  • If you choose the option “when Invoice is copied and use services management numbering” then Invoice sync from IFSM. But make sure that there is no different number format and any manually created invoices in QBO.
  • If an invoice number already exists in QuickBooks online i.e. identical to one syncing from IFSM. Then the invoice is overwritten by the new invoice.
  • The subscribers should pay attention to documentation while prior to migrating QuickBooks Desktop to QBO. because both the QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online have different database structure.

Follow these step to safe your QuickBooks data while prior to migrating QuickBooks desktop to QBO without any data loss.

  • Prepare and approve invoice in IFSM.

Open QB and run IFSM sync.

  • QB company/FSM file Clean-up

Make a new customer i.e. not exist in QBO inactive and if needed, update to active customer information.

  • Make inactive, all the Non-Inventory, service, and inventory i.e. listed on Item list in QBs.
  • To update the customer IFSM “Run the sync” and remove FSM items. If you have any problem you can concern with our experts.
  • Choose FSM setting select “Financial” and then price list under every category to make sure that no items left. You can manage the category as per your needs.
  • Before migrating, make the backup of your QB desktop files in QuickBooks.
  • Pay attention that, “Do Not” make any changes in FSM subscription or in QuickBooks company files until you successfully move.
  • Login into new QuickBooks account and follow steps to upload data to the QBO account.
  • When data upload successfully then log in back to IFSM and-

Click setting> company> integration> edit to change the integration from desktop to online.

Follow the prompts on the screen to connect IFSM with QB online account. Now Complete the “ FIRST TIME SYNC WITH QBO”. it will take less time as compare to DBD.

  • After completion, you can use both QBO and IFSM live.

Now, you can enjoy the QuickBooks online with IFSM for a better result.

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