Create and Email an Invoice in Mobile – QuickBooks

Create and Email an Invoice in Mobile – QuickBooks

An invoice is a document that provides customers a detailed description. In this customers find the detail about the products or services and how much they cost.  In invoice, if customers do not pay you at the time of the sale then you need to keep track of what they owe you so that you can ensure you receive payment in the future.

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How to Create and Email an Invoice in Mobile

If you are on the road and you need to send your customer an invoice here is how to do it in QuickBooks on your phone. Create and Email an Invoice

  • Open the menu and tap invoices to start a new invoice
  • Select the customer from your customer list if this is a new customer tap the plus at the bottom of the screen

Note : You can add the customer from your contacts list or type in their name and details including payment terms and notes about what you did for them

  • Tap save to add them to the new invoice enter what you sold to themcreate and email an invoice
  • Tap save you can preview the invoice to see what your customer will see.create and email an invoice

You can customize the way your invoice looks in QuickBooks Online on the web. You can edit the invoice and you can create a note or attach an existing one. When you create a note you can even attach a photo to it. So if you are at the customer site and you did a beautiful job for them just snap a photo and attach it to the invoice. When you’re ready you can email the invoice to your customer.

  • Tap the circle to include the photo in the email
  • Add your customer’s email address and send
  • When your customer receives your email they’ll see the photo and invoice

 Create and Email an Invoice

You can also copy the invoice to create a new one that has the same items print the invoice to your wireless printer and delete the invoice that’s it. Now you turn create and send an invoice to your customer. If you need any help Contact QuickBooks Support Number “+1 855 441 4417”.

For more detail see this video


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