How To Create a Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks Online & Desktop

A proforma invoice in QuickBooks is a document in which it offers the breakdown of products or services and it provides payment details to the client. In this article, we will explain to you what is proforma invoice in QuickBooks, its different types, their difference, and the steps to create them. Read the full article to know more about the details of the proforma invoices in QBO &QBD. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 to talk to our QuickBooks ProAdvisor team for any kind of assistance.

It is additionally referred to as associate estimate or quote, is actually a preliminary bill of sale. It outlines a seller’s intent to deliver merchandise or services to customers, for a selected worth. It isn’t a real bill, it is a statement according to which the seller has an intent to sell its goods or services to the potential buyer.

Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks

A proforma invoice sends to the customer ahead of the deal being finalized. It shows how much your goods or services will cost. Proforma invoices will also include the terms of sale such as payment and delivery details.

Proforma is basically a non-posting type form to a QuickBooks register. In Proforma Invoice QuickBooks Online (QBO), there is no separate Proforma form template. You can use the “Estimate” form template in QBO. Just create a new Estimate form and change its name to “Proforma Invoice” or you can also change its name to any other name.

Difference between an Invoice and a Pro-forma Invoice?

The proforma invoice in PDF is a document of involvement for the part of the seller to sell the said goods in the buyer’s agreement for a specific price, as noted above. In other words, the proforma invoice is recognized as a “confirmed purchase order” from the seller.

While invoiced or generally related to as commercial invoices, it is also a document that is used to enter accounts receivable to the seller and accounts due to the buyer. The contents of the invoice can also be comparable to a proforma invoice.

Benefits of Performa Invoice

The main goal of a proforma invoice is that it serves to consolidate export sales, which means that two persons are included in the transaction, who is the buyer and the seller agrees to the terms of the contract for the sales invoice.

Here are amazing additional points in which it is important to use a proforma invoice.

  • It monitors and reduces errors. 
  • Works as a legitimate, binding agreement.
  • It only covers all appropriate and useful knowledge about the export transaction.
  • The proforma invoice is globally trusted as an invoice form of sales document format in the export business.

Types of Performa Invoice

Proforma invoice for shipping

The proforma invoice can use to abide by goods that are shipping internationally. The use by customs agents to determine the value of the goods being a ship. Although the document is helpful, it’s not a completed document and therefore does not list any VAT or taxes.

Proforma invoices can be substituted by business invoices, although the latter is more preferred as it is a completed document. Both documents do not require at the same time, however.

Proforma invoice for customers

The second use for proforma invoices is as a dedication by a provider to his or her client to deliver goods or services. The proforma is regularly use by providers for new clients where the business relationship does not settle. In this utilization, the proforma is similar to a quotation or estimate.

There are three important things to keep in mind when creating and sending a proforma invoice:

  • It is not a true invoice. Issuing a proforma invoice does not mean that a customer has to make any payments on the products or services listed.
  • It’s not recorded for accounts receivable by the seller. Because it is not a true invoice, it is not registered as such.
  • It is not recorded as an account payable & Payroll by the customer since payment is not expected, meaning it is not marked as such.

Here you will be learning, how to create a proforma invoice in QuickBooks –

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Let’s start with it!

Steps to create a Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks

  • Go to the Gear icon in the top corner of your screen.
  • Select Custom Form Styles and create a New Style.
  • Now Estimate and select the “Content” tab.
  • In the Custom Form Styles page, select the drop-down beside Edit and click to Make default.
  • You can change your name Estimate to any other name you want.
  • Save the changes and then Exit.

Steps to Convert Proforma into an Invoice

If you are want to convert a proforma to an invoice, you should have the quality to pick which item will be provided in the invoice.

  • Choose to manage the sales marketing option in the quotes group
  • Double-click on the quotes that you desire to begin
  • Choose the invoice option
  • Select yes to verification Question

Learn How to Create and Send Multiple Invoices in QuickBooks

How to Create Multiple Invoices

QuickBooks Online Advanced permits you to create and send multiple invoices at the same time.

You can save time by sending the same invoice to multiple customers or you can work on multiple invoices at once in the same window and then can send all at one click.

Using these steps you can create multiple invoices-

  • Select Create Icon > Multiple Invoices.
  • Go to Add button (+) in the left to create a new invoice.
  • You can add multiple invoices, each row will be numbered by its own.
  • Choose any field to enter info.
  • If you want to delete or void an invoice, go to the Menu button (three vertical dots) for that invoice. Then select Delete invoice.

Duplicate an invoice:

  • Sometimes there comes a situation when you need to send the same invoice to multiple customers, then Select Duplicate invoice for multiple customers.
  • Now select the customers you want to send the invoice to.
  • Go to Next. Now invoice of each customer is visible in Multiple Invoices window.
  • When you are finished with adding and editing invoices, go to Save invoices.

Note: If you are duplicating, an invoice will duplicate all its lines. If you have set up any customer-specific terms or tax preferences, then try not to use Multiple Invoices.

How to add Company Logo to proforma invoice in QuickBooks

You can add your company logo to invoices so that your customers recognize your brand in QuickBooks Self employed app and website.

If there is a Web, follow the below steps-

  • Select Invoices in the left menu.
  • Now Select Create Invoice or Edit to change the existing invoice.
  • Go to Edit Work Info at the bottom of the screen.
  • Upload the file and click on Save.

If its an App, follow these steps-

  • Select Settings in the Main Menu.
  • Select “Your Work Info” and edit your Logo.
  • Select Pick a file.
  • Upload the file and Save it.

You can get some Limitations as-

The image you downloaded must be in .jpeg or .png format.

You can upload only one logo at a time and logo placement is fixed that is upper left.

How to Fix a Payment applied to wrong customer invoice

There can be a chance that you have received payment for the wrong invoice and now want to apply to the correct one. For this, you can create a Journal Entry or apply the payment to the correct invoice.

Below are the steps on how to Create a Journal Entry:

  • Go to Create Icon, select Journal Entry under Other.
  • In the first line, complete the following-
    • Account: Receivable account.
    • Credits: Payment amount that is to be transferred.
    • Name Name of the customer you are transferring payment from.
  • In the second line, the same as above in first-line except for the Name: Name of the customer you are transferring payment to.
  • Select Save and Close.  

How the payment is applied to the correct invoice: 

  • Select Create Icon > Receive Payment.
  • Select the name of the customer.
  • In the Credit section, verify Journal Entry and check the open balance amount properly.
  • Click on Save and Close

Now you are able to fix a payment applied to the wrong customer invoice.    

Wrapping up

Proforma is a non-posting type form to a QuickBooks Register. You can create a Proforma invoice in QuickBooks before the service or product is delivered to the customer. The proforma invoice in QuickBooks always does not make a necessary value. But used as an integral part of the sales process. While like other invoices and quotations, proforma in QuickBooks perform different tasks.  And can create easily with the help of templates.

Hopefully, all your doubts regarding How to create Proforma Invoice, to edit the wrong payment done, to add the logo in Pro forma Invoice QuickBooks all get cleared.

Still, if you have any queries, Dial our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 to get instant help from our QuickBooks Proadvisor Support team.