Procedure to Set Up Messages in QuickBooks Online

In today article we will discuss the Procedure of Set Up Messages in QuickBooks Online.

First of all, we should know what is the importance of setting the message in QuickBooks Online. When we send sales or invoice report to our customer then it takes some time to create a personalized message. That message will appear on the sales and invoice receipt that you send to customers. The main intention of creating a personalized message is just that to show your customers how much you appreciate them and you can also give them additional information about payments.

We have let you know the importance of setting up the message in QuickBooks Online. Now we will let you know what is the procedure to set up the message in QuickBooks.

Follow the steps in order to complete the process. However, you can also take advantage of our QuickBooks technical support services. Dial 1-855-441-4417 to directly call a certified proadvisor who will help you with QB or any other accounting stuff.

Steps to set up messages:

  • First, you need to sign in your QuickBooks account then go to the Gear Icon>Account and Setting>Company Setting.
  • On the left side of the menu select sales option.
  • Click on the edit option to the right of the message.
  • In QuickBooks, you have the option to select the salutation and to select to whom you want to address.
  • Select sales form from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you can type the email message you would like your customer to receive.
  • Select the check-box if you want to copy all the emails to sent to customers.
  • After that click saves and then done.

Set Up The Email Service

The QuickBooks Desktop, you can set up your email to send invoices, reports, and other transactions through Webmail or Outlook. we show you how.

Set Up Outlook

first of all, you get started, check the QuickBooks Desktop System Requirements to make sure your Outlook is compatible with your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • make an Outlook email profile (if don’t have one.)
  • contact your internet service provider for the information.
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Incoming email address
    4. Incoming email server type
    5. Outgoing email server address
  • Set up Outlook. if you not seeing Outlook as an option in your QuickBooks Desktop, following the steps.
    1. In the QuickBooks Edit menu, choose preferences, and select send forms.
    2. click Outlook, and OK

Set Up The Secure Webmail

Before you get started

The newer version of QuickBooks Desktop, we can use the secure webmail for an easier and safe connection in your email provider. The different webmail, secure webmail works by linking your Intuit account to your webmail account. Once you linked, you don’t have to re-enter your password every time you send an email.

Different versions of QuickBooks Desktop for secure webmail
  • QuickBooks 2019: it is accessible for Gmail, Yahoo Email, Hotmail and Window Mail
  • QuickBooks 2018: Accessible for Gmail and Hotmail/Live users.
  • QuickBooks 2017R4 and older: Not a secure Webmail.
  • QuickBooks 2017R5 and newer: Accessible for Gmail user.

Update Message Global For Invoice, Sale Forms And Estimates

Here’s the way to set up or change the message globally for invoice & sales form or estimates:

  • Click the Gear icon on Toolbar.
  • Pick up Account settings in your company.
  • Select Sales from the left menu.
  • Select the Edit symbol in the Message area.
  • Select Save and Done.

I hope you find this article useful. If you have any query related to this or any other topic, you can call QuickBooks Online support Number +1-855-441-4417.

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