How To Create A Sales Order In QuickBooks?

Want to Know how to create a sales order in QuickBooks? Then you have not to worry about it, we are here to give you the details of creating a sales order in QuickBooks. Reading the complete article will provide you the process to create a sales order in QuickBooks, and you will also learn the importance and benefits of creating a sales order. If you have any query related to it, or want more info. contact us on:+1-844-405-0904

To create a sales order means to generate a document or a  record with the details of purchase done by the buyers and lists the details of the sales done, this is known as a sales order. This sales order generally prepared by the seller is in relation to the sales done of the product and purchase done by the buyer, this document has details of the product, the quantity of purchase, buyers shipping address, product price, billing details, mode of payment and also the terms and conditions including any return policy. It also indicates that no further production efforts will be put into that particular product.

What is the importance and benefits of creating a sales order?

Sales order is very important to maintain the inventory and companies business accounting. After the purchase order, when the sales order has created the company or the supplier agrees to provide the product or the service corroding to the details mentioned in the sales order.

Purchasing department and the billing department refers to the sales order to check and verify the details before generating the invoice at the end by the company.

  • Sales order helps in minimizing the work time, by preparing sales to order the seller saves time and efforts as the same sales order can be used by other departments to verify the price, quantity, and other details of the purchase.
  • Sale order document improves the customer service by keeping a record of the customer’s information on the system and the seller has the information of the buyer quickly when needed to create a sales order
  • The product information is available on the system, and if a customer has any query with the purchased product sales order helps in letting the seller address customers quickly and efficiently.

Steps to create a sales order from start

Go with the below steps, if your business does not need sending estimates before generating the sales orders.

  • Open your QuickBooks, on the Home screen or the Customers menu, look for the Sales Orders or Create Sales Orders and click on it.
  • Next, go to the Customer: Job drop-down, click on the customer or customer job. If in case the customer or job is not showing on your list, then click on Add New.
  • Now, you need to enter the related information on the form (at the top) such as Date and S.O. No.
  • Go to the detail area, and click on the item.
    Note: While selecting or adding an item, the given description and amount are automatically populated depending on the description and unit cost listed when setting the item. You can easily remove or modify this while creating the Sales Orders.
  • This is an optional step. If you need to apply for a discount, then you have to create the discount item. To do this follow the below steps
    • First, go to the QuickBooks Lists menu, and click on the Item List.
    • Now, give a right-click on the screen and choose New.
    • Next, go to the New Item window, and click on the Type drop-down and click on the Discount.
    • Insert the Item Name/Number and a short description if you want.
    • Now, go to the Amount or % field, and insert the discount amount or percentage. If in case, your discount amounts differ, if you want to leave the Amount or % field empty then you can directly enter the amount on your sales forms.
    • Go to the Account drop-down, and click on the income account that you need to use to track discounts that you give to customers.
    • Next, click on the appropriate Tax Code for the item and click on OK.
  • Next, click on the Save & Close.

Creating a sales order from blank file 

  • Launch Quickbooks and click on the Customer Menu
  • Next, click on the Create Sales Order
  • Go to the drop-down and click on the Customer Job, in case you are not able to see the customer, then click on Add New
  • Now, fill in the all-important fields such as Date,  S.O.No.
  • Click on the items in the Details area
  • Next, go to Save and Close.

Create a sales order when estimate is provided

  • Open the Estimate Form file
  • Go to the top of the estimate form and select Create Sales Order 
  • Edit the information in the Sales Order form
  • Select Save and Close 

Frequently Asked Questions

A1. Once the purchase order is done then we can create a sales order

A2. A purchase order or PO referring to the details of the purchase you intend to buy from another vender can be easily prepared using QBO

A3. Product Price, quantity, customer’s details and shipping address and date of shipping should not be missed

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