What is the Gear icon in QuickBooks?

Generally, the Gear icon is located in the upper right corner of QuickBooks. It contains many options and also it consists of Account and settings. In this article, we will see a brief overview of the gear icon in QuickBooks.

Where is gear icon located in QuickBooks:

First, Login to your QuickBooks. It will be present in the top right corner of the screen. It will be available next to the company file. The gear icon is also said to be “Setting” in the QuickBooks. It will be located between Create menu(+) and the Help button(?).

  • QuickBooks Online offers two icons “+” and gear icon.
  • Basically the “+” icon handles all the “Transactions”.
  • The Gear icon has all the “Setting” options.
  • The traditional menu has been modified by QuickBooks.

 The Four Main areas of the Gear icon:

Generally, the gear icon consists of four important benefits they are

  • Settings
  • Tools
  • Lists
  • Company.

We can see these things one-by-one in the section below.


  The customization options in QuickBooks allow you to customize the company information, fields, or templates. you can also change the required field of the transactions.


  It allows the users to reconcile with the bank and set up a budget. if suppose any mistake has been made, to solve this problem, the tool option can be a profitable solution.


It allows you to view the recurring transactions, products and services. There are multiple options on the gear icon to display the transactions list, where you can edit or change the missing data as needed.


This section will help to manage your users and your QuickBooks Online account

If the Gear icon disappears what steps do we need to take?

  • When you make some changes to QuickBooks online features, the gear icon disappears.
  • To solve this problem, you need to refresh the page by pressing the F5 key.
  • If suppose the problem is not yet solved follow the below section to fix the issue in the gear icon.

Steps to solve the Gear icon disappear problem:

The below steps help you to solve the gear icon disappearance problems.

  • Open a QuickBooks account using an incognito tab.
  • Check whether you can able to see the gear icon
  • Then open the browser and clear the cache.
  • This will help to solve browser -related problems.
  • If the problem doesn’t resolve, please contact QuickBooks Support team to solve the problem

More brief information to solve the problems:

To open the private browser follow the shortcuts ,Internet explorer–> ctrl+ shift+ P, Google chrome –>ctrl +shift +N, Safari–> command +shift +N, Mozilla Firefox–>ctrl +shift +p.

We can see  how to clear the data  by using incognito mode


  • Open the Safari browser in the incognito tab.
  • Go to History.
  • Click the clear history.
  • A screen with options will be displayed.
  • Select the date and time range to clear the data.

Google Chrome:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser in the incognito tab.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click More option.
  • Switch to the Clear Browsing Data tab.
  • Select the data that will be displayed on the screen.
  •  To delete the selected data .
  • Click Clear Data.

Internet Explorer:

  • Open the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select Privacy and Services.
  • Select clear browsing data.
  • Provide date and time range to clear the data.
  • Select the clear now .
  • Selected data will be deleted.
  • To delete the data permanently .
  • Select the Trash icon.


We hope the above article provides the overall information about the gear icon in QuickBooks.


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